Thursday, October 20, 2022

Still Cruisin' The Coast

Trying to wrap up what might feel to you like our never-ending drive up the coast, but in reality was just nine days, start to finish. 

Day 7-Carmel to Half Moon Bay

When last we spoke I was putting myself back together after a spectacular fall. Spectacular in size and scope, not in grace and beauty, ahem. 

We made a stop in the local pharmacy for a pair of readers so I could read maps and signs and directions and it wasn't perfect but it was better than blurry. Fortunately I did have a prescription in my sunglasses, an old one, but it worked better than the readers. 

We had places to go and people to see so we hopped back in the convertible for the 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach.

For the record, I did not hop. I climbed in very very gingerly after hubs opened the door for me because getting in and out of the car was problematic. Something is definitely wrong with my elbow, but I'm going to kick back in my seat and savor the view and the ocean air and the sun on my face and worry about that tomorrow. 

Or three days from now but whatever. 

The course at Pebble Beach is so pretty and we spent some time in the gift shop before embarking on the 17-mile route. Hubs would have loved to play a round but settled for a hat and a tank of gas instead. 

Which was almost as much as a round at Pebble Beach.  

The 17-mile drive is worth every penny. There are marked stopping points along the way and I think we hit them all.. There were the ghost trees at Pescadero Point-

Hey look! 

I'm smiling, wonky arm and all. I won't be later today when hubs has to literally cut that jacket off of me, and I do notice my arm is a bit off kilter here, but still! I'm smiling.

We saw the lone cypress-

Seal Rock-

And Point Joe with all it's many Brandt's cormorants-

Further down the road we saw the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and pulled in to look around. You can't go inside anymore because a piece of the iron belt on the exterior fell off a few years ago. It's one of the tallest lighthouses in America and started guiding ships way back in 1872. 

Our destination, and the reason we traveled west to begin with, was Half Moon Bay for the wedding of our dear friend's daughter. We arrived mid-afternoon to hugs in the parking lot and fish and chips at the Chowder House next door. Side hugs because my arm and all...

sister of the bride

Let the festivities begin! 


  1. You must have been in so much pain yet you carried on!

  2. Wow, you are one strong girl. I keep thinking you had to be in pain.
    I am enjoying the trip. :-)

  3. I've just been catching up on all the posts about your trip. You are such a good record keeper and your pictures are stunning. And you're smiling when you must have been in a lot of pain!

  4. My elbow hurts just looking at you, Joyce! You are a trooper!! The scenery is amazing and the bride's sister is lovely!!

  5. So many beautiful places. I can't imagine doing all that with a broken elbow.

  6. You make me want to make that trip with Mark. I'm so glad that you did the drive. The pictures are perfect! Really sorry about your accident. How are you doing now?

  7. You are such a trooper! What beautiful photos.