Saturday, March 18, 2023

Press Play

Lots to catch up on but where to begin? We've had a (mostly) fun-filled, busy-busy-busy couple of weeks which have sadly ended with the stomach flu from h-e-double hockey sticks for most of us. 

Let's not start there. 

Let's pretend we're not still living on gatorade and soda crackers here and go back to the days of spring break with babies in the house. 

I think I'll make this two posts. 
Fourteen years of blogging have shown me succinct is not my jam.  

Gonna roll it back nearly two weeks in time, which is when both girls and all the grands landed at the lake house. Daughter1's father-in-law was celebrating a big birthday the following Saturday, and since her boys were on spring break she decided to make a holiday of it. Then she convinced her sister to drive over with her little guy, and since her hubs was traveling she agreed. 

This picture is everything they used to imagine grown up life would be when they were just little girls.  Having babies together. Their littles are just four months apart and I know will be great friends as they grow up together. 

Just like their mommas. 

Little man is crawling now which makes things a bit more interesting (watch the dog bowl!!) and little miss is just as sweet and precious as she can be. 

We all spent a lot of time hanging out on the floor which is what you do when there are babies in the house. Rest assured, we did manage to get out some too. 

Hubs took the big boys for a couple of fun outings because they don't like to let the grass grow under their feet LOL

The weather was mostly nice and they are always happy to play outdoors. 

We went out to lunch one day, and to the playground...

Hubs took just the older two boys to a nearby train museum...

...and to the fire station one day too. 

Firefighters are just the best. If they're not busy they welcome the kids, show them all the bells and whistles, and let them climb up in the truck. 

Very exciting stuff to a three year old especially. 

The mancub is all about a great lego build these days, so one morning he worked on his latest creation and Max accompanied me to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things I needed. It was special to have some time with just him and I think he enjoyed one on one time with Nana too. The mommas were happy to just stay home with the babies and each other. 

Also, loading four kids in the cars is not for the weak.  Just sayin'. 

We took lots of walks...

read lots of books-

And the mancub and I played a lot of one of our favorite card games-Crazy Eights. In fact I lost count of how many games, but it was a lot. 

Daughter2 left Saturday morning to make the trek home and then hubs and I went to pick up a u-haul we needed for the following week's trip to Tennessee. At noon we all headed into the nearby small big city to celebrate their other granddad's birthday. My son-in-law made it to town for the party and it was a really fun afternoon. 

The week was packed. 
With love, loud, laughter, life. 

This crew is my absolute favorite kind of fun. 


  1. OMG! Lots and lots of sweet memories made! The house is always sooooo quiet once they all leave but we are usually ready for quiet by that time anyway. :o))

  2. Loving all the fun memories and good family time you had. The grands are absolutely so adorable and getting so big.

  3. I just love this post so very much!! The kiddos are all beyond precious!

  4. What a sweet group of grands to enjoy. Glad you had this time together.

  5. What a lovely visit. The photos are all so precious and cute. Bubble guns are so much fun! I'm so happy you had this time with all of them.

  6. Oh man, I remember the days of walks and books. My kids are all past that now, though i have been doing one milers with my 9 year old daughter just so we can spend time together.

  7. Such a fun-filled, busy, active, loud, loving kind of week. My favorite!

  8. That just sounds like the perfect visit!! (well aside from how it apparently ended).