Friday, March 8, 2024

C'est La Vie

I wanted to blog this afternoon, but when I got home I accidentally on purpose turned on my Audible app so I could finish listening to my current read, Demon Copperhead, and holy cow! This book! Who has read it? Barbara Kingsolver's writing is superb. 

Also, that whole first paragraph was written yesterday, but whatever. Trying again today. Friday. TGIF. 

It's gray and rainy-ish here and we've had a busy morning, running errands, getting the dog a much needed and overdue trim, returning some clothes hubs ordered, making a drug store pick up, and then grabbing a few groceries I need for a dish I'm making tomorrow that I forgot to grab yesterday when I was in the very same grocery store. C'est la vie. 

Or at least c'est la vie when you're moi. 

Speaking of life, we've been livin' it, but not blogging about it. February is often that way. Actually 2024 so far has been that way, and when I look at our calendar I don't see things slowing down anytime soon. To bring us up to speed here I think I'm going to look at my phone pics and try to remember what we did last month. This month? Since last I truly blogged. 

Daffodils bloomed. 

They have a short sweet life so it seems worth mentioning. 

Hubs and I had a fun night out in the nearby small big city a couple of weeks ago. We had a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite eateries then spent the evening with David Foster and Katherine McPhee in a cozy venue which was so much fun. 

I don't know if you remember Katherine McPhee but she was a finalist on one of the earliest seasons of American Idol and she's adorable. She has an incredible voice and is now married to the producer David Foster who is her senior by several decades. So much talent between them. He's quite the charmer (she's his fifth wife) and he definitely knows it, but seeing him in a venue like this, where they combined music and conversation, you could see the charm. It was a really entertaining evening and we enjoyed it a lot. 

We've been tackling a few small projects around the house, mostly getting people here to tell us how much it will cost to do this or that, and just gonna say it's all a lot. No such thing as a truly small projet it seems.

C'est la vie. 

We need a dead tree removed which is one of my least favorite but most necessary things to spend money on. And as long as they're here taking out a dead tree we'll have them limb up some of the tall trees that need limbing up. That's what you do at the lake. Limb up to better see the water, while still having some nice tall trees for shade.

The boat guys (they likely have a title but are the 'boat guys' to me) finally came and got the boat today for a minor repair and oil change. Minor being a relative term of course, ahem. We have a little scratch that needs to be un-scratched and the time is right because summer is coming. Can you believe it??? 

I guess technically spring is up next, but summer's racing in too. We've been on the boat guys books for the past three weeks but every time they get us scheduled the skies open up and we have to re-schedule. They made it out today, but just barely. 

I've been wanting to add some wallpaper to one of the lower level bathrooms and when I pulled out the sample I ordered two years ago it didn't grab me like it did back then. 

I know!! Two years!! 

In my defense a lot of life has happened here in the past two years (three babies for starters), so some of our more minor 'want-to-do' projects were moved down a notch or two on the ever growing, never-ending 'still -to-do' list. 

C'est la vie. 

On the bright side, maybe I would have tired of that pattern if I'd gone ahead with it? I've ordered a completely different sample and am happier with the look. Now to hire someone to do the actual hanging because that is not my gift. I've actually gotten a couple of recommendations so hopefully this project gets done before I change my mind again. 

I've recently had several canvases made for the wall in my office that's been crying out for something to be hung there ever since we added the shiplap. Which was probably also a couple of years ago. 

C'est la vie. 

Just waiting on delivery of the last two canvases, which should be next week. Then hubs will get out his tape measure and his level and will rattle my nerves with his need for precisely precise precision, but he will get them hung. Perfectly. 

What else? We've played cards with the neighbors, celebrated a friend's birthday,  listened to live music in the local pub, I've bought birthday presents and Easter treats, mailed packages, selected and signed a lot of cards (a lot!!), cleaned out my pantry (the real deal... as in emptied it all out, wiped it all down, tossed the stale crackers, and started fresh). I made a big Costco run (is there any other kind?), had my yearly skin check at the dermatologist, face-timed, volunteered, mah jong-ed, bible studied, and I don't know what else. 

Things. Stuff. Details. 

We went and did and read and watched and talked and planned and helped and played and prayed and slept and ate and laughed and loved. 

C'est la vie.


  1. Okay.. I do remember Katherine McPhee and thought she was great. David Foster is a great performer but not a great husband. Three babies! We had our first grandchild last week! A little girl named Lucy! Life is just flying by. Have a great weekend, Joyce.

  2. You documented all the things well. It is so helpful for our brains to do so. Happy projects to you!

  3. I did not know David Foster and Katherine McPhee married, but somehow, hubby did. He never tells me these important things! lol Sounds like you guys have had a perfectly wonderful and busy time. Take care!

  4. Yes, the daffodils are lovely. Yes, I remember her. Sounds like a lovely evening. Yes, the tree is important to take down. The year is passing quickly. Glad you are getting the work done on the boat. Yes, you have had a lot of life going on, that's for sure! Yes, those canvas do need to be hung just right. You have been so busy. I am putting together James' Easter basket today. We did a big Costco run too. Almost $600 and I also did a 2 day shipping order of big stuff that was $175. We hadn't been there in awhile and needed all of our meats and of course several other things. Good for you accomplishing and doing so many things. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I love hearing about your life. As always it sounds busy but full of good things as well as the mundane (cleaning out pantries and shopping runs!)

  6. Life is for living withone thing or another happening at different times. I have never heard of wallpaper in a bathoom but then I had an aunt who had carpet in her bathroom which I thought was weird.

  7. For a short month (February) you managed to pack it full!

  8. I feel like I live at the grocery store; even with a list I never end up getting everything I need (because we inevitably run out of something someone didn't bother to let me know we were getting low on). It sounds like it's been a busy month; and a busy few years at that.

  9. Such a fun post - thanks for catching us up!! You are correct. There are no small projects anymore. Either the workmen have too many big jobs to tackle a small one or the price tag is far from small. Good luck!!