Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates

My husband planned to go into work late this morning since we were waiting to have a refrigerator delivered and he would need to connect the water before they jammed it into place.  Turns out it couldn't be jammed and had to go back to the shop for a slightly smaller replacement which, surprise surprise, has to be ordered.   Just  a tiny blip in the radar that is life these days.   We both said last night that based on how 'smoothly' things have gone so far we were pretty certain the frig wouldn't fit when delivered.

Anyway, not a total waste of time because hubs did manage to get our new computer up and running in the house without a single service person of any size shape or variety having to come out three times to make it happen.  In fact I'm typing this post on my brand new Mac.  Which I don't really know how to use.  Kinda like my new phone.  And the sat nav.  And the tv remote.  I keep saying I'm going to read the manuals and I have all kinds of time to do just that but I don't.  I like to say I'm learning by doing.  

While waiting on the frig delivery we spotted two big wild turkeys in our back garden.  (Don't worry-they were alive and well when they walked up into the woods).  The dog never even blinked.  Hell0!... aren't you a bird dog???  She's far too busy trying to figure out how to get into the front garden and catch her some groundhog.  We think we've got her temporarily outsmarted though.  The fence went up yesterday.  Well, almost.  It was supposed to be finished yesterday but had to be finished today because they ran into a small problem with a huge boulder that required a special tool to break it up.

I'm suddenly struck by the randomness of this post.   I think I may have mentioned (at least 157 times) that I'm spending my days sitting in a house with no furniture waiting on repair/service/installation people.  And that this is day 42, not that I'm counting or anything. And I have to say that spending your time this way doesn't really inspire creative thought.   I do know though, that this is a season and one day soon life will return to normal.  Have I also mentioned that I don't have a clue what the phrase  'normal life' will actually mean for me here? I think maybe you're going to have to stay tuned to find out. 


  1. Sounds as if you have a great attitude, though. Glad the computer is up and running with no hitches. That does make life better.

  2. Hi Joyce! I am so sorry. When "normal" gets taken, it just feels overwhelming. I sure hope and pray that you can get things settled sooner than later. Refrigerators and fences (for sweet dogs) are very important. PS ~ My husband is trying to convince me a Mac would be a great investment.... keep us posted as to how you like it!

  3. I have a feeling one day y'all will laugh about all of this. I'm sure it's not too funny right now. Bless your hearts!

    I got my Mac several months back and really need to go to the Apple store for some very minor lessons. I mainly use it for e-mail and blogging and looking up stuff on the internet. Just recently my friend's daughter (who also has a Mac) came over to show me how to scan pictures and organize my hundreds of pictures. I have even made slide shows on DVD on here....with music. It's so easy and I'm hooked now. I made my mom & sister a dvd of our Chicago trip and it has 339 pictures!!! With music.

    I do hope things settle down very soon for you.

    And, Happy Birthday to your mother today!

    Have a good one!


  4. Joyce,

    Hi! It sounds like there is a lot of hurry-up-and-wait going on around there. I'm sorry the fridge didn't fit and now a new one needs to be ordered.

    We got a Mac when we moved here about a year ago. It's great in many ways like Valerie said. All of the thousands of photos we have on ours has slowed our computer down, but I think we just need to put them on an external hard drive.

    When do we get to see pictures? Can't wait to see.

    I'll send you the recipe for the cake I made plus another recipe for a coconut cake that is scrumptious.

  5. Thanks for dropping in - and I'm sure you DO understand about distances between family/friends, etc.

    So much to learn about the "seasons" of life...They DO pass. But sometimes we seem stuck in them, don't we?

    Hope to connect again soon.

  6. So glad someone else thinks like me...all over the place. We got a Mac last year and it does take some getting used to and do go the Mac store for as many lessons as you can. THere is so much to learn that is different than the hp. I like both in many ways.

    Hope your furniture, etc comes soon so you can get back to some kind of normal. Welcome back to the US...right??


  7. It feels like I've missed way more than a week's worth of posts! Just played catch-up on your moving adventures. ;)

    I have to say that reading the posts in reverse order was kinda encouraging. "Hey! She didn't even have a computer at that point! Wow, things are falling into place!"

    It's great to share your repatriation experience. Thanks for all the random posts!

  8. Boy do I feel for you! We are having the exterior of the house painted and every where I turn there is a face in a window. I just feel like I have no privacy. Drives me nuts. But ! You just have to deal with it on occasion.