Sunday, July 19, 2009

Time waits for no man (or Mother)

Yes I do have approximately 67 boxes still to be opened and unpacked. And yes, I did just spend the past month and a half moaning ever so slightly about my shipment and its many misadventures and delays. And yes I may have written a few too many posts about how anxious I was to be unpacked and settled into my new home.

Yet I am, at this very moment, sitting with my girlies in South Carolina several hundred miles from my belongings. And that fact is not making me the slightest bit crazy. In fact, it's all good.

My husband didn't make the trip with me...someone's gotta hold down the fort after all (and by hold down the fort I mean go to work everyday). But I have spent the summer (and school year) away from my children and I can only go so long before I need me some face time. Of course when we were making my travel plans husband and I had envisioned our shipment arriving weeks earlier than it actually did which was just two days before I was to leave town. And we imagined that at this point in time all of our furniture would be sitting perfectly in place, all of the pictures would be carefully hung, and all of the linens would be neatly folded on the shelves of our closets while I shopped and talked and enjoyed the sweet smiles of my daughters for a week. The reality is slightly different. Not the sweet part, just the neat part.

We originally chose this week because I have a college sorority reunion to attend next weekend and it's not too far from where my girls live. Combining the trips really did seem like a good idea back in June. And you know what? It is. Because those 67 unpacked boxes will still be there waiting for me when I return home. And the pictures can still be hung and the linens put away... but my girls are growing up and that waits for no one...not even a mother caught mid-move, mid-summer, mid-life.


  1. I agree with you. I have spent my whole time this summer enjoying my daughter being home and have put all my activities on hold. I had a million things to do today after being out of town for the past week, but she wanted to go to the pool and spend the afternoon after church. I went over there like I had nothing to do. I cherish all my time with my girls. It won't be long and my youngest will be back at college in the fall. My oldest daughter is married and lives in another city. Like you said, those boxes will be there when you get home. My house may not be in perfect order either, but who cares. I have had some wonderful times with my daughter(s) this summer. Life is too short to worry over the small stuff. Right? Enjoy your week with your girls and have fun with your college friends too, next weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. You really have your Priorities in the right order Joyce.
    You lived without those things in the boxes for a while and they will wait for you ,for sure.
    Time enough when you have cold weather or something to keep you in to work on them.
    Enjoy your time with the girls .

  3. Have fun with your girls, and especially have fun at your reunion. Girl time is good time.

  4. That's exactly right, Joyce.
    I know you're going to enjoy your girls.
    Y'all have fun!

  5. Those boxes aren't going anywhere. Just enjoy your time. ;)

  6. I hope you had fun with your daughters. Summer is going by too fast to worry about those boxes. We just had orientation for my middle daughter. I can't believe I will have two in college in just a few weeks. :(

  7. Perfectly understandable to want to be with your beautiful girlies instead of unpacking boxes at breakneck speed. Somewhat alliterative, but not really. lol

    I loved that very last line in your post. You are so clever, Joyce. Enjoy your beauties!