Thursday, October 22, 2009

48 Hours

Daughter2 arrived home last evening for two days...her university is on fall break because you know college kids have it oh so very rough and need a break in the fall before the break for Thanksgiving followed closely by the break for Christmas...oops...sidetrack.

Anyway I'm not complaining because I love having my girls home anytime. I cooked her favorite dinner last night (chicken divan) followed by a bowl of her favorite ice cream (Strawberry Cheesecake) and she wrapped up in her favorite furry pink blanket and miss sweetness laid on the couch with her head in my lap and mom, dad and daughter watched Miss Congeniality and all was right with the world.

This is how our morning has progressed...if you have babies who never sleep you might envy this....if you have college aged kids you might recognize this...

Me: Good morning Sunshine
(but what I'm really thinking is this...I've been up for hours, why is this child still asleep, apparently I did not make enough noise in the kitchen to roust her)

Daughter: hmmf
(but what she's really thinking is this...who is that talking so loudly and so much???)

Me: Are you getting up today?
(today??? as in day 1 of only 2 days you have to spend with me?? your mother who birthed you??)

Daughter: What are you doing?
(A-NNOY-ING...remind me why I wanted to come home for break again?)

Me: Just wondering if you're getting up
(ever?? at all?? are you going to sleep your whole visit away?? your whole entire two day visit??)

Daughter: I thought you were going to let me sleep in
(She's still talking...Why?)

Me: Well, it's 10:30, I thought that was sleeping in
(good grief...the day is practically half over, plus waking up is only step one in the process of getting out of the house...there's still the shower, the washing of the hair, the drying of the hair, the styling of the hair, dressing, checking your text/email/ will be 2 o'clock before we're out of here)

Daughter: 10:30 isn't sleeping in plus I'm sick
(wow, was my mother always this annoying? and why is she STILL talking?)

Me: okay, a little bit longer
(blog post baby...oh yeah)


  1. Having raised or almost completing raising 5 kids, I get this post in a big way. Our mornings and there seem to be in 2 different time zones...distantly apart.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Hope she got up before noon so you have at least a few hours with her before she leaves! It's all coming full-circle, isn't it? ; ) We keep saying we'll be glad when they sleep past 6:45 on Saturday. But I'm sure I'll feel the same way you do when we to the college years.

  3. I so get this. Our only revenge is to put it in a blog post! LOL

  4. This made me laugh and totally get it! Don't ya know NOON is sleeping in?!

    I have to wait for Thanksgiving to watch mine sleep. Haha

    Enjoy her while she's home (and awake) :)

  5. Oh my kids still in high school do this everyday there isn't any school. Now we just fair warn them if they aren't up, you get a note on where we are and when we are coming back.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Take it from me. Boys aren't any better. They'll sleep the day away.

  7. What a great post! You just put the conversation and then the thoughts so perfectly! Especially this part: "waking up is only step one in the process of getting out of the house.." AND we have a SON! Oh, but he is sooo high maintenance! But we love him anyway! Enjoy your time together!

  8. this was so fun....I smiled the whole way!

    My boys sometimes growl at me.....I can only imagine what they are really saying/thinking.

    Love this!

  9. I am so glad you were able to have some time with the daughter! Good times and memories for sure. And, yes, they sure love to sleep a lot at this age. This was so cute. =O)

  10. This is the scene at our house anytime one of mine comes home. I always plan so much and we never get to go and do half of it because they sleep in and move so slow once they get up. It is so frustrating.

    I do love snuggling up and doing nothing when they are home too. We have a big sectional sofa in our TV room upstairs that our whole family can fit on. I think tonight we are all watching a movie and eating pizza up there.

    I have all of mine home this weekend :). One is home for fall break and the other came home this afternoon because she has a stomach bug. (I don't think she'll want pizza!) I am hoping none of us get her virus. She is pretty miserable.

  11. I can sympathize. We have the same problem here. My youngest daughter is a night owl, so when I can, I stay up really late with her and we get a lot of visiting done then. She really comes alive in the evening. Tonight she called me from college and we talked until almost 2am. (Yikes, I better get to bed, it is almost 2:15am.) I know that despite the late sleeping, you have loved having your daughter at home. I can't believe that October is almost over and our kids will be home for Thanksgiving before we know it! Love & blessings from NC!