Friday, October 16, 2009

Raindrops on Roses

My husband said last night that he noticed I had a little breakdown on my blog yesterday. I disagreed but he said it read that way. I really just wanted to put some thoughts on paper, er, the screen. I'm certainly not feeling sorry for myself and I hope that's not how it came across...I'm just experiencing something and want to write about it. I thought I might balance out yesterdays post by participating in todays Friday Faves hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. You can link your own Friday Fave list here.

Okay, here we go...

1. The colors of autumn. I know I sound like a broken record but I honestly cannot remember a more beautiful fall. My back yard and the woods all around our little town are golden and fiery and, to steal the comment a friend left on my fb picture yesterday, (hi Molli!)...'Applause to the Creator!'

2. In a funny turn of events the weather went a little bit wacky yesterday and that too was beautiful. Yes I live in NJ and yes it is October and yes it did indeed snow yesterday. It is far, far, far (can I emphasize that enough?) too early for snow but there is nothing quite like seeing those first flakes fall.

3. My brother and sister in law are coming to visit this weekend. They only live about two hours south of here but looking at their calendar just might make your head explode. In the spirit of 'five faves' here are five of my favorite things about my brother....

  • 1. He is nice. Seriously. He is the easiest person in the world to get along with and I don't know a single person who doesn't like my brother.
  • 2. He is funny.
  • 3. He is five years older than I am so I always looked up to him as a little girl. He used to play ping pong with me after dinner and every now and then he'd let me win by playing with his right hand (he's a lefty).
  • 4. Once when he was babysitting my younger sister and I we might have started a fire in the kitchen (it was small, yet terrifying) and he might not have told our parents the whole story for a few years.
  • 5. He always got stuck sitting next to me on rides at the amusement park. No small thing as motion is not my friend. Like I said, he's nice.

4. Yesterday my friend booked me on the train from London to France with her for a weekend in December. I think that speaks for itself.

5. I've saved the best for last....on Wednesday this sweet thing will be stepping off the plane in NJ for two days at home with her mama.
Jumping for joy here...Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your autumn colors are so dramatic. Just beautiful...then...what a shock to see the next photos. Oye! It is too early for winter. That is so sweet about your kind older brother. Oh it is so cool that you live so close to England. I know that big ocean is in the way but the fact that you can just fly on over without lots of jet lag is really cool. Enjoy your daughter!!

  2. I actually enjoyed your post, too yesterday because I know that was an honest feeling and we all go through that stage, just rambling about life...The pictures are beautiful! That's great to hear about your nice brother visiting and your daughter...Have a wonderful time and weekend and God bless you...

  3. I also love the colors of fall. And that's a lot of great favorites!

    Your post yesterday did not seem either whining or like a breakdown. Just honesty.

  4. Those colors are amazing! I can't believe snow is already falling in parts of the country. Here we go...

    Enjoy the weekend with your brother and his family. May many new and fond memories be made! And to then be followed up by your daughter coming home. Ah... enjoy!

    Happy Friday!

  5. I certainly would not call yesterday's post a melt down. Men just don't understand women.

  6. Joyce! Don't stop sharing the gorgeous scenes of your autumn :-) I like your appreciation of your brother. ('tis me, nikkipolani, but the open ID thing doesn't work)

  7. Hi Joyce! Thanks for visiting my blog today - I always love new visitors! Your pictures of the fall colors - and the snow - are beautiful! And I can't imagine how great it will be to have your daughter home - it's always nice to have the family together!
    And just a note - I didn't think your post from yesterday was whiny either... I think in this world where everyone wants to talk about themselves, sometimes our blogs are the best way to get what we're really thinking off our chests! I think that may be why I started a blog... I work in ministry and hear everyone elses dreams and fears all day long - I thought it would be nice to write down my own!
    Keep writing! You have a lovely blog!

  8. I so miss the fall colors -- we have them out West but they're just not as vibrant as they are in the East.

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter!! Mine's coming home in late February!

  9. Loved your fall pictures!

    A train ride with a friend from London to France? What a blessing!

    Great photo of your daughter. I hope you have a wonderful time together when she visits.

  10. I love that picture of the snow on the trees still in their fall array...what great juxtaposition!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend and week are coming up for you. I'm glad to hear it!

  11. I love this...I feel so many similiar feelings of your five favorites....How many times have I posted the fall colors in the last weeks?
    Travelling...we spent five weeks in Europe..Awesome!
    Your daughter coming home. Yea, I just spent time hiking with mine in Whistler..
    Love those gals..they are so special. Have a great week.

  12. Spending time with daughters. The best gift!

    Wow, snow! We had rain on Wednesday and now it is over 95 today, with hot hot hot Santa Ana winds blowing away any thought or hope of moisture. Enjoy your cool days!

    Oh to be in London!

  13. Snow? It IS way too early for that! We are just cold a rainy here, so I guess seeing snow would at least be prettier. Our leaves are still green here, but I know the autumn colors are coming soon. We have about four wooded acres behind us and I love to go walking when the leaves are at their peak. I am so glad that your daughter will be home for a few days. A short but sweet visit is better than nothing. Enjoy! Headed for Disney tomorrow.... the alarm goes off at 5 AM. :(

  14. What gorgeous autumn colors. We have some but not full-out like that yet.

    I can't imagine snow in October! Of course, here we only get snow once, maybe twice a year.

    Enjoy your upcoming visits!

  15. I love all your pictures...especially the fall folliage...Just out blog hopping on tonight...really should be working... Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog and leave your favorite Christmas song...and enter a great giveaway. Also, a birthday letter to my daughter on my main blog...

  16. I can imagine you're jumping for joy because your daughter is coming home!
    I loved reading this post, and the Fall colors where you are take my breath away!
    Have another great week Joyce!

  17. We live in PA, I heard they got that CRAZY snow in NJ and upstate PA! What a dramatic contrast between your beautiful fall picture and the SNOW!

    Enjoy time with your daughter!!!! :) Sounds great!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note. I love your list, complete with your pictures. I read your story and what an interesting life you have had! I did not think your post sounded like whining-I saw it as an interesting honest accessment of adapting to any change point in your life! So thanks for sharing. No move is easy and one on such a major scale most be very unsettling. I trust you will continue to regain your "spiritual equilibrim" as you adjust to a whole new way of living-back in the States an in a nest that is full of memories but empty of children. I have a similar nest! Blessings.

  19. If I didn't put my back out the other day I'd jump for joy with you. Know in my heart I'm jumping with you as I know what's it's like to have a daughter come home to visit. Enjoy every moment with her!

    I agree and say "applause to the Creator". Those trees are gorgeous. And your snow pictures? I thought you were taking pictures around my house. LOL. That's what we had last week. Below freezing temps and today? It's in the '60's. Go figure.

  20. Hi Joyce,
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I love your first picture - the colors are truly gorgeous. And yes I agree - Applause the Creator!!
    Have a great time with your daughter - you must be excited.

    You asked a question, here is your answers:
    I'm originally from a small island called Papua New Guinea. this is our 3rd stop - we moved from California US to Thailand and we love it here.

  21. Ahh, fall. The trees are just now starting to turn here, and if it's anything close to your picture, I'll be very happy.

    Enjoy your week!

  22. So nice to meet you. Beautiful family.

    Loved your pictures.