Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania

Unless you're from this area I'm guessing you had no idea there were waterfalls known as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania. And if you've been to the real deal and then you visit these you might be scratching your head a little. Nevertheless these falls are beautiful too. I don't know if it's just me and the fact that I haven't experienced a fall in the Northeastern part of the US in several years or if this year truly is more spectacular than most when it comes to color but honestly, the changing leaves this year leave me almost speechless. Almost.

Hubs and I loaded up the dog Saturday morning and drove to Bushkill Falls which is located just under an hour from here in the Pocono Mountains. There are eight falls and you reach them by doing a whole lot of climbing up and down steps built into the mountainside...kinda like nature's stairmaster. Seriously...

a whole lotta steps.

Hubs had a slight advantage because he held the dog's lead and she basically hoists you up the steps without you having to expend too much of your own energy. Course she will also hoist you down the steps which is why he holds the lead instead of me, aka Miss Grace. Besides the main falls there are great trails thru the woods that you can explore which lead to some of the smaller falls. We saw them all and so did our pup. Dixie never wants to miss a thing.

And, as is always the case, any outdoor adventure with my husband means I will have a knot in my stomach at some point. We see rushing water behind a fence...I think 'oooh pretty'.

Husband thinks...'oooh...fence...must climb over it and stand on the very slippery moss covered rocks and yes, the dog needs to come too so I'm slightly more precariously balanced over the waterfall that plummets just below my feet'.

He is no sooner back on dry land than we see more water...I think, 'great' (because I know him)......he thinks 'must hop from slick mossy rock to slick mossy rock to stand in the middle of the stream and must take the dog too just to keep it interesting'.

We loved the top trails because a. there weren't any water hazards and b. there weren't many people up there so Dixie could run free thru the woods for a bit. The views from the top trails were especially lovely...the Delaware Valley all dressed for fall.

We hated to leave...

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without an ice cream treat...

even our supermodel says so.


  1. Hey Joyce, The fall leaf colors and waterfalls are gorgeous. Such a beautiful area. It's easy to see why you didn't want to leave. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Joyce,

    What a true treasure lies within hiking distance to all of you. Thank you for sharing these great times with all of us so we could share along.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. How gorgeous! Our color hasn't quite shown up yet down here but we're waiting with baited breath. What with all the rain and all it should be spectacular this year. Glad you had a safe trip! ; )

  4. Wow, how beautiful!! Great photos, too.

  5. What fantastic scenery! I love autumn and I really miss it. We just don't get that much of a season change here in Florida. We're struggling through another ninety degree week!

  6. What a beautiful place! My 2 sisters and their hubby's and I went to New England--Maine, N.H., Vermont a couple weeks ago. It was already beautiful then. Maybe it's my age--I have so much enjoyed the colors this fall. Donna

  7. would love to live near a place like this! wonderful pictures, joyce!

  8. Beautiful pictures, waterfalls and autumn leaves and all! I just want to thank you for visiting my site yesterday from sister Kat's. I appreciate it. God bless you and looking forward to coming here again.

  9. Beautiful scenery! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all of this, Joyce! It is breathtaking!

  10. these are also beautiful pictures! to answer your question, i was in New York in May. i would love to go for Christmas with the whole family, last time was just us girls. hopefully i will have that opportunity! have fun at Radio City! sounds amazing.

  11. Well you're right... not quite the mighty Niagara but almost as pretty! What a gorgeous sight and with all those Fall colors too - looks like you had yourself a wonderful time!