Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birds of the Air. And also the Deck.

Well it’s snowing here today. Shocking I know. You’ll be happy to hear I did not eat the bunco coffee cake. Of course the day isn’t over yet.

The snow today is beautiful...big fluffy flakes. We have a lot of woods on our property and they are just gorgeous all dressed in white.

My backyard has become just a teensy bit like that Hitchcock movie The Birds this winter. Seriously, it’s crazy out there. We have a bird feeder hanging off of our deck and at any given time there are between 12 and 15 birds on and around it. They are spilling seed all over the ground below which is a small mess but the ground is too frozen to even think about relocating the feeder at this point. And yes I know you're not supposed to move a bird feeder mid-winter once the birds have zoned in on it. Besides, I'm pretty sure they might divebomb whoever tried...they are serious about their food. It's been a long winter folks...even the birds would agree.

We have some bushes growing along the boulders further back on our property and they are also filled with birds.

Try not to be overwhelmed by my mad photo skilz….I have been trying all winter to get some good pictures because I've loved standing at my kitchen sink watching them play as they flit back and forth between the feeder and the bushes. I have tried taking pictures thru the window but there is a glare. I've tried quietly opening the sliding door to the deck but hello, I have a bird dog in the house and the birds are wise to that. I've even tried sneaking up on them by going out the front door and coming around the side of the house. Wherever did that expression bird brained come from anyway? These birds are smart.

Are we sick of blog posts about snow yet? Here's how I compartmentalize when Old Man Winter comes a calling...

Things not to think about on a snow day-

1. The bill from my snow plow service

2. The bill from the gas company

3. Psychological thrillers involving bird attacks.

4. The fun I'm missing out on because my plans for today were cancelled.

5. The coffee cake sitting in my refrigerator just begging to be eaten.

Things to think about on a snow day-

1. Spring. As sure as the world turns spring is coming.

2. The beauty of creation.

It might be messy. It might wreak havoc with our plans. But it is beautiful.

3. Matthew 6:26

4. The miracle of the internet.

5. The coffee cake sitting in my refrigerator just begging to be eaten.

Ok. I can see that my plan might still need a little work.


  1. Eat the cake for goodness sake! It's winter...spring and summer are a long way off! You need to build your strength to deal with the snow...I hear cake works wonders.

  2. Eat the coffee cake and then go for a walk through the snow. You'll work off the calories and then some trying to push through the drifts.

    And those of us in slightly warmer climates absolutely LOVE reading about the snow and seeing pictures of it. So you're doing us a service. For that you should also eat the coffee cake.

  3. Oh. I am having A DAY. If only I could come to your house kid free and eat that coffee cake and have a cup of coffee.

    If only, if only.

  4. I would agree eat the coffee cake with some warm coffee and perhaps toss a couple crumbs to the little ones waiting just outside your door! Beautiful pictures however of the snowy woods!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Beautiful snowy pictures, but I'm ready for the snow to be done!

  6. Eat some of that delicious coffee cake, for heavens sake! It won't hurt you. Sorry your plans were canceled. Your snow looks so pretty, but if you are like us, you are sick of it. I have had lots of birds at my feeder too. Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!