Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Your Stereotypical Random

Before I get to the random let me take just a moment to whine and tell you that halfway thru American Idol last night our satellite signal disappeared. Major snowstorm. Again. Heavy wet beautiful snow. But American Idol...whaaa!!! Okay moving on to this weeks your answers with Linda and company over at 2nd Cup of Coffee. Here are mine-

1. Have you ever fired a gun or shot a bow and arrow?

Yes. Archery at summer camp and I fired a gun in the UK (also in a camp setting). I have never fired a gun in the US but a very common ‘stereotype’ we ran into while living abroad was that all Americans have guns. Interesting.

2. Do you know where your childhood best friends are?

You mean besides facebook? Actually I do know where a lot of them are. Thank you facebook.

3. Do you usually arrive early, late, or on time?

I’m on time. I equate being chronically late with breaking the rules and y’all know how I feel about that.

4. Are you more of a New York or California type?

I’m not sure what this means. Let’s talk for a minute about stereotypes…

Do we mean California as in I love sunshine and warm weather

and I’m a laid back surfer girl?

Or California as in Gucci, Botox, bling, and par-tay?

And when we say New York do we mean fast talking, fast walking,

decisive, Vogue wearing, publishing house executive types?

Or do we mean big Italian family, give you the shirt off

their back, love the city kind of New Yorker?

Or are we just talking weather?

I can’t pick.

I like city. I like country.

I like mountains. I like oceans.

There is all of this and more on both sides of the country.

Does anyone else feel that I over think my answers?

5. Do you have a special ring tone?

No. I don’t really get this.

6. What is your favorite type of chip?

Walker’s Thai Sweet Chili Chips. I’ve never seen them in the US but I stock up when I go to the UK. They are slightly similar to a bbq potato chip but oh so much better.

7. Best comedy you've ever seen is ....

movie? tv show? stand up? Hmmm… I’ll go with my usual ‘can’t decide’ type of answer.

I think the Carol Burnett show was one of the funniest things on tv ever.

I can look at Steve Martin and laugh.

I love the old Saturday Night Live sketches…the Medieval Barber, Two Wild and Crazy Guys, the samurai deli, the SNL commercial take offs.

I think Brian Regan’s stand up routines are hysterical.

and movies?

Legally Blonde and Father of the Bride. And I still laugh out loud at Elf, The Christmas Story and Home Alone.

8. Have you ever cut your own hair? To quote Dr. Phil, "How'd that work for ya?"

As Randy Jackson would say a thousand million times no….the paid professionals have trouble getting it exactly right…no way would I try it myself.

9. If you were going to have an extreme makeover, would you rather it be about your house or your personal self?

My personal self. I don’t care to elaborate. You’re welcome.

10. Are you allergic to anything?

Ragweed and cats.

11. Why is it so hard to change?

We’re human. We’re creatures of habit. We like what we like.

Did anyone else have a Brady Bunch flashback when they read this question?

12. One last question dedicated to February love: CS Lewis said, "To love is to be vulnerable." Please share one example of that assertion or share any thought you'd like to about this topic.

Uh… I’m a mother. ‘Nuff said.


  1. Joyce, I loved your answers! Carol Burnette was hysterical and that Brady song has been going through my head ever since I read the question. #9 and #12 made me laugh--great answer on that last one!

  2. Hey Joyce, Great answers. I loved your response to NY or CA. The older SNLs were hysterical. And those Thai Sweet Chili Chips sound amazing. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  3. #4. I'm with you here! Needs more explanation.

    And please tell me you didn't just make us watch a Brady Bunch clip...Oh! Well, I guess I had the option of not clicking the Play button...

  4. Does anyone else feel that I over think my answers?

    I had to laugh at this...I do this to the Daily Dozen Random everytime...good thing I usually have already posted a blog for the day before reading the Randoms. ;) I love your thoughts on Cali versus NY, true!

    And here's hoping for a quick end to winter for both of us. I love snow, but enough is enough! ;)

  5. Lots of stereo-type questions in this one. Interesting how Europeans think all Americans have guns.

    Great answers!

  6. No way! Did you just take up half a post on one random question?! Haha! I love the way you think. Such great randomness happenin' here.

    SNL skits? Love them. Have you ever seen the one with David Spade on the airplane saying bye to everyone. Bye..... bye now, buh bye. Which part didn't you understand? The buh or the bye. Buh bye!! Too funny.

    Oh, and I would whine, too, if my American Idol got cut off. The thing about being in England is that we get it a day later so I have to be careful what I read on Yahoo or what I might hear on the radio.

    The signage on my post was from York at the Clifford Tower. How funny was that. Shawn was all over that being a great post photo.

  7. Sha na na na na na nanana Sha na na na na! Can you tell that I love that you put a Brady Bunch video in your random dozen?

    I loved your answer about New York of California, I thought what you said but didn't take the time to type it, which is in part due to the fact that my brain was still on overload from watching LOST. We also watched the first hour of American Idol and recorded the second half. The girls aren't impressing me (save for one or two).

  8. Oh thanks for putting that Brady song in my head. Love it! :) And I love your over thinking about NY and CA. Too funny! LOVE Carol Burnett humor!

  9. I can tell you how to get your signal back, is to find out where your dish is...and get a broom and sweep the snow off. We had to do this a bunch of times when we lost signal and it works like a charm!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Hi, I definaltely agree with your choices of humor. I'd almost forgotten those old SNL skits--so funny back then. Carol Burnett was my choice, too--wait! Are we telling our ages??? LOL

  11. Nr. 4 was hysterical! Had me laughing out loud. Loved your answers, but Nr. 12 was perfect! So right on!!

  12. I LOVE your response to the CA and NY question. I had a hard time with that one too. Sorry the signal went out last night on AI. I didn't even watch, so now I'm sitting here HOPING my son recorded it on our DVR!

    Glad I stopped by. Enjoyed your answers...and NO you do not overthink! ;-)

  13. Catching up - Great post, wonder twin. I LOVED archery - Took it as a youngster at boarding school and was a decent shot. Now, I tremble at the thought of giving my children ammunition, and they're older than I was when I did it.

    And I was JUST thinking about the old SNL commercials. Those were the good old days.

    I'm so glad we had this time together:)

  14. I thought for SURE no one else would think of poor Peter Brady, but it was the FRIST think I thought of...again you can tell I am dealing with middle school boys in chorus with a range of about 5 notes!!

    Great answers love #4 especially. I can relate.


  15. What a post...
    I always over think questions and ask myself...What is REALLY being asked??? Great answer to NY vs LA.
    Carol B always kept me in stitches as did her guests. Steve Martain is way funny.
    Brady Bunch...oh my. Gregs shirt, bless his heart.
    My cell phone goes, are ya ready...ring. Really, it does.

    OH, in case you didn't see my note...come on over for tea anytime you wish...the door is always open. I'm excited about finding Tea Rooms in my new area and Jill lives near cool is that?

  16. over think your answers,'re ecclectic and enjoying many things :)

    Walker’s Thai Sweet Chili Chips...sounds great...I love sweet peppers

    Go, Carol Burnett (i'm pulling my ear :) haha

    Two Wild and Crazy Guys, so w/ ya

  17. Steve Martin...that brings back memories lol. Have you ever seen that movie "The Jerk"? I think that was one of the first things I ever saw with him in it!

  18. Oh I love Carol Burnett too. She's is the funniest. Ahhh that Brady Bunch clip sure brought back the memories.

    Great answers.

  19. Enjoyed your answers! Ahhh Carol Burnett loved that show... Judy Carnes was always the one I liked on there... I know silly! And I had forgotten all about the Brady Bunch song. How funny!

    until next time... nel

  20. Loved your answers. You and I are so much alike in so many ways. I know you are sick of the snow. I'm sure it is beautiful, but as Adelaide says,"enough is enough". It has snowed at college all week where she is too. She is so ready for spring break. Have a great weekend. I guess you all will be hibernated in. Love & blessings from NC!

  21. I always love reading your answers, Joyce and I have to be careful that I don't think too hard or over-analyze the questions or I'd never even do them!! I have to kind of just say the first thing that comes to me, though some of my answers have been a tad lengthy!
    I loved your answer to #12! halleluyer.
    Oh, and I loooooove Elf! It is my favorite Christmas movie of all time though I think at the end, where Santa and his sleigh get hung-up in Central Park gets a bit lengthy and tiring. :-)
    And, lastly, loved your answer to #5 about the ringtones. Whatever happened to just having A ringtone. One. Normal. Ringtone. :-)