Saturday, February 20, 2010

We interrupt this weekend for a psa

I don't normally blog on the weekends but-

Yesterday I told a little story on my blog about our arrival/first day of school in the UK. Rebekah commented that she hoped my daughter would write a response so she could hear her perspective. And she did. And it's too sweet...go visit daughter1 and read what she wrote.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. i love the two perspectives on the same story :)
    i'm quite jealous!

  2. I read it as soon as I heard about it. It is great to hear her perspective as well, and she is an amazing girl for it. Both your daughters are actually.

  3. I loved reading Shannon's perspective. Loved both of your posts. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It actually feels like spring here. Was up near 60 at one point today. It sure feels great! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Thanks for giving her perspective as well. I told her she was lucky to have a mom like you. I also think you've been blessed with a daughter like her.

  5. Joyce, this is an amazing story... from both perspectives. I can see where your beautiful daughter gets her writing style. :)

  6. I enjoyed both perspectives.
    I'm sure your girls have memories of these travels they will treasure forever.
    Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I'm spending this rainy Sunday afternoon to get caught up.
    I always enjoy your blog so much!

  7. Aww, Joyce, she is a sweetheart indeed! Loved reading her "side" of the story. It is so evident that you and your husband have done a wonderful job of raising your daughters. :-)