Thursday, February 18, 2010

I know I'm not the only one...

Income taxes? Blech. I’ve been working on our online organizer which must be submitted to the accounting firm by Monday or else! Quite honestly I think I’d rather give the ski jump a try than answer one more question about how many days of the year were spent in the UK and how many in the US and how many in Timbuktu and were we working/vacationing/in transit/on a designated work holiday/weekend/ oh and color code it by country thank you blah blah blah.

Once we moved to the UK we had to bring in the professionals because I love words not numbers but also if you could see the book that our final paperwork turns out to be you’d understand. We also have to file taxes in the UK except their tax year is different than our tax year (naturally) so yay! we get tax fun pretty much year round. And the whole half a year in one country and half a year in another country complicates matters. I know you’re thinking how can it possibly be more complicated but trust me, it can.

American Idol? Get on with the singing already. It feels like it has been yakkety yak yak yakking this time around. Enough with the talking pu-leez!

Curling? Huh?

Women’s alpine skiing? Yikes! I couldn’t watch when the Swiss girl bounced across the slope. The reports today said she suffered just a little dizziness but other than that she was okay. This is why you don’t see 40 something year old women on the ski team. If I bounced across the slope like that I’d be the color of an eggplant. Which is aubergine. I love that word.

The Bachelor? Stop the madness. Like watching a train wreck. Or an alpine skier on an icy slope in Vancouver.

DTR? Daughter 2 and I were just on the phone and she casually dropped this into the conversation and continued right on with her story. I had to tell her to back up for a quick vocabulary lesson. Any guesses? Define the relationship. You know...Are we friends? Are we boyfriend/girlfriend? Some days I'm glad I'm my age. She told me I could use it if I wanted although she could not in her wildest dreams imagine what circumstances would require me uttering DTR. Guess she forgot I had a blog. Technically I think her dad and I have already d'd our r by getting married. I think you can see why my kids tell me not to use their lingo. And also not to use the word 'lingo'.

Graduation Announcements? Crazy! Daughter1 needs to place her order today. She is graduating. She's graduating. She is graduating. Maybe, just maybe, if I say it many many times the words will not feel so strange on my tongue. Or in my heart.

Spring? Thirty days away. At least that's what the calendar says. Bring on the daffodils!


  1. Joyce,

    I completely agree with you on everything you've listed here. Those reality shows need to stop milking all that time and just get to why they are so popular anyway. I agree with you regarding the skier, it was too painful to watch. I can't believe she just upped and walked away. Wonder how she is feeling this morning?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I am ready for spring too. Today was a bit warmer and it was amazing how nice it was to be outside for a change. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50's. A heat wave!!! Isn't it exciting that you have a graduation coming up! That will be here before you know it. And then comes the fun of looking for a job. I'm with you, I wonder why I get sucked into the Bachelor and Bachelorette each year. I love them, but there is always so much drama. I am anxious to see who Jake picks. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Wow! Are you glad to get all of that out of your system? We had a real pain with taxes two different years when we lived in two different countries in the same 12 months. I don't envy you!

    I can't understand kids' vocabulary either. I've DTR'd all the relationships I need to, thank you very much!

  4. Yes my teenage son makes up his own text talk...he is way too funny. You have a graduating daughter?!?!?!?!? Wow. I think curling would be the only sport I could physically do, but mentally, I am lost.


  5. DTR... thought it was short for I am really out of the loop. Wow, I really feel old sometimes. Taxes, I hate income taxes. I need to start getting our stuff together. Once I get started I am all about it, it's just the getting started. You know that procrastination thing lol.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    until next time... nel

  6. I couldn't have said it all any better myself, Joyce, though I don't watch The Bachelor.
    I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through with your taxes. Oh my!
    I don't get curling either. Hello. *yawn*
    Loved the DTR and your little quip about it! :-)
    Bring on spring! I am so ready for it but have heard that we may be getting 8-12 more inches of snow next week. Argh!

  7. All great topics. Taxes? Blech is right... especially in your case. I can't imagine. American Idol? Don't get me started. Some of the judges decisions clearly told me they were not thinking straight when making all 24 final cuts. Curling? Exactly. I missed the alpine skiing. The Bachelor? Oi. DTR? Hmmm... something tells me I need to stay on top of this language. It's around the corner for me. Graduation? I can't imagine the feelings you must be having. (((((hugs))))) Spring? I'm neutral.

  8. Ha! I guess I am not the only one with American Idol issues! :)