Monday, February 22, 2010

We went Waywayanda

Yesterday was so pretty...still lots of snow on the ground but the sun was shining and the sky was a bright clear blue. We drove over to a state park about 45 minutes from here known as Waywayanda. I love the name which essentially means the land of winding winding water. We lived in this corner of NJ about 20 years ago and when we were here before we used to take our girls to Waywayanda for picnics and to play on the playground and for walks around the lake.
Hello 1991.

We brought my in-laws here a few times too....Grandpa doesn't look much different today but Miss Sweetness went and grew up.

I'm not sure I ever saw much more than Waywayanda's beach back then because this child loved to dig in the sand and really, who could say no to this face?

We live a little further away now so a bit more of a drive but hey, we're empty nesters and we can do whatever we want. That's our motto. Technically not true but it kinda is.

Dixie wore her snow boots and was only a little bit embarrassed when we came upon some very sleek greyhounds who were roughing it in their bare paws. The lake is huge and it is frozen across.

At least I hope it is.

Thanks for the tip.
We saw some ice fishermen so we figured it was safe.

We didn't actually see them catch anything but they looked like they had fun with their toy auger.

Seriously. Thanks for the tip. We didn't see any bears today although Waywayanda is home to some of the best bear dens in NJ. We did see a horse. Not quite as impressive I know but Dixie loves horses and this one seemed to feel he'd found a kindred spirit.

His name is Primo and he is 25 years old. Did you know horses lived to be 25 and could still get out with a rider in the snow?

We also saw a few snowmobilers and some cross country skiers as we walked...definitely a day for being outdoors. We even stumbled across a little local history.

This enormous furnace was built in 1846 and was used to produce iron which was then used to make train wheels. There was also a flour mill on this site and later a butter and cheese factory. Too bad the cheese factory is gone. NJ gets a bad rap (thank you Jersey Shore, The Sopranos, and the view from the turnpike) but there is a lot of history packed into every corner of the Garden State.

Lots of beauty too.

And we don't have little girls at home to take to the park these days
but we do have this girl.

It helps.


  1. What a place for beautiful scenes and beautiful memories. And tell Daisy her snowboots look very chic.

  2. I just got back from two weeks home in the UK, I love reading about your stay there.
    It was lovely and sunny here yesterday and 72 degrees! Much better than the cold in England. Here's wishing you a beautiful Monday.
    Hugs Denise

  3. I often forget that going for outside adventures in the winter can be fun.

  4. Looks like a fun day. Glad you and T are enjoying yourselves!

  5. Oh what fun. It looks absolutely beautiful, God's handiwork at it's best! I love those one day road trips.

    until next time... nel

  6. Joyce,

    This looks like so much fun and quite the comparison between the two seasons. Love the ice fishing although not like I've seen but still looks like fun!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    By the way, if you get a chance stop by my blog for a wonderful two book giveaway!

  7. Joyce,

    I loved your comment back at my blog. That was awesome!

    I am enjoying seeing photos of you, hubby, and Dixie in my home state. It sure does get a bad rap, and you and I both know that's it's a wonderful place in so many ways.

    Your Dixie is beautiful and I love the coat & headband you were wearing. It looks like you all had a great time.

  8. Looks like a great road trip. Thanks for the pictures.

  9. Looks like a great day and your dog is beautiful.

  10. You guys always have the most fun adventures! That lake was so beautiful all frozen over. I have never seen anyone ice fishing. Dixie is such a pretty dog. I know she enjoyed the trip, getting to explore new territory. Loved the old pictures of the girls. Love & blessings from NC!

  11. What a great day!! I just love her boots, she must want to walk all day. Thanks for sharing all of those pictures, especially the "older" ones.


  12. Now that's just my kind of day, too, Joyce, and though Ed works part-time (he's retired), we still occasionally have days when we just take off and see where the road will take us. Those are such fun times.
    Loved the pictures of the girls when they were so little. My, how the years do fly,hm? Thanks for sharing your day and memories!