Thursday, March 11, 2010

Been to Canaan

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When I saw this week's theme for Flashback Friday
a million songs ran through my head.
I love that a song can take you to a place in time so that no matter how many
years go by, whenever that song is played you are there.

As you know, because I talk about it ad nauseum, we moved back to
the states this past summer after six years in England.
We were actually under the impression we would be moving
back after five years but the date was continually pushed back.
We loved our life there so we weren't unhappy about staying,
just about the uncertainty of when and where we would be going next.

One afternoon, about a year before we moved, hubs and I were out driving in
the little's red and very cute and we had the top down and were blasting
our music because that's what we like to do.

Just ask our kids.

We listen to all kinds of music in our house but we
especially listen to a lot of 70's music.

Because it's the best.

Just sayin'.

It was one of those picture perfect, crystal clear, blue sky days.
They don't happen all that often in the UK but when
they do everyone does the happy dance.
My hubs worked in Oxford and we loved driving out that way on weekends too.

The drive from our house to Oxford?

You knew that word would reappear once I started
talking about England didn't you?
It is possibly my favorite drive anywhere in the world.
The wide open spaces, the green hills, the adorable little lambs,
mile after mile of bright yellow rapeseed in the spring...
and the sky...the sky is just so great big huge there.

Have you ever had a day where you feel like everything
is just right with the world? Where you are almost bursting
from an emotion that you cannot name?
Where contentment washes over you and makes
you feel like the luckiest person in the world?

This was such a day.

We came to our favorite part of the road...the place where you
come over a hill and are face to face with fields of green.
A song began playing.

My husband and I looked at each other and in that instant we knew.

We knew that no matter where in the world we found ourselves,
from that moment on we would
hear that song and think of the English countryside,
and the days and years we spent there,
and how in that place our children grew from child to adult,
and how memories were made every. single. day.

The song 'Been to Canaan' by Carole King
came out in 1972 but its a classic and is still played on the radio
from time to time. We have it in our ipod mix so it
pops up when we're not expecting it.

And when it does we look at each other and smile.

For a moment we're back on that country road
in a place far away,
not only in miles but in days and weeks and soon in years.

When that song plays
we are in the little MG with the top down
and the sun on our faces
and England at our feet.
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  1. Have I mentioned that you're my blogging hero? :D I love your smilebox! Those pictures are stunning. And, yes, 70's music is definitely the best. So many memories come back when I hear different songs! Thanks for sharing some of yours! :D

  2. Joyce, that was awesome!!! I loved the song and also the pictures. What a beautiful place! I know why you miss it so much. I love 70's music too. Brings back lots of high school and college memories. Hey, did you know that Carol King and James are touring together this year? That would be a great concert! Have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. A trip back home! You have some fabulous photos. Brought back great memories.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'll agree that 70's music is the best. Love the post and the picture of that day you painted!

  5. Joyce, I just loved this post. You took us back to that *spectacular* road, with the sun shinging and music blaring. Just perfect!

  6. Great story. The song went so well with the photos. Thanks so much for sharing your spectacular adventure. Have an awesome weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  7. Another great post Joyce! I smile when I read how passionate you get about England. Before I read your blog, I was never that interested in going there, but you make it sound so wonderful. I´m glad you and hubby can share such a great memory with that special song!

  8. What a wonderful memory you two share! I live vicariously through you! hehe
    I can see it that country road in my mind's eye, hear the song, feel the emotions ... your writing takes me there. Bravo!

  9. Thank you for a fun post to brighten my day. Not that I'm having a bad day, but it's just a nice post.

  10. i just love how a song brings on a moment, too... and if it is just such a beautiful one, all the better!

  11. This was great! We have some of the same pictures from our trip a few years ago. Now, the daughter is trying to decide whether or not to do her Fall quarter in London. Hmmm, I'm thinking . . . yes. :)

  12. I have to admit I've never heard that song! but I love seeing all your pics of 'home' and reading about your memories there. Happy Friday my friend.

  13. Carole King... the best! Thanks for the memories. That was an amazing post, you're pictures are beautiful, and with the song playing in the background, I could almost feel the wind blowing thru my hair. A beautiful picture you painted in my mind! Thanks for sharing your memories! And that is so cool that when you both hear that song it takes you back! What an experience! I get long-winded on comment sometimes too...lolol

    until next time... nel

  14. Everyone loved the "Sour Cream Apple Squares". I've posted the recipe on my Blog today. Enjoy!

  15. Love, love, love that slide show. Hopefully it will inspire me to finally put together a post about our trip to the UK. What beautiful pictures and a perfect song.

  16. Okay...I didn't have time this morning to what your slideshow but I just finished watching it this afternoon and I loved it! Good job! You are much more tech savvy that I knew. Perfect little vignette of that time in your lives.

  17. Joyce, I think this is an award-winning post. Tales from my Empty Nest is right! They'll be here in Atlanta in June at Chastain Amphitheatre ... we've already got our tickets! Come down and have dinner with us and go with us to the concert! ; )

  18. I have never heard that song *gasp*, but I loved this post. I could just see you and "the hubs" in the car driving and reflecting on all your memories.

    I loved the part where you mentioned your kids growing from children to adults. I am having a hard time with the fact that my kids are growing. My baby is going to be 2 in June. :( I don't want anymore kids, but I am sad that life is changing so fast.

    I will say that you are always encouraging to me and help me to look forward to the relationship that will come later with my children, like the one you have with your daughters.

    But sometimes I just want to hit the pause button.

  19. Oh, I love, love, love this. You're talking about The Feeling!!! And I felt like I was there too, in the English countryside (which I love :)

  20. And, I meant to say too, I LOVE Carole King. *happy sigh*

  21. Watching your video with those fantastic pictures brought tears to my eyes. It must have been awesome to live there. It seems like a whole different world. Loved this story and thank you for sharing it with me.

  22. I'm listening to it right now and have to agree... that's one of the best songs ever! And only Carol King can make me smile like that!

    (i've never made a smilebox, but now I'm seriously tempted to stay up all night and figure out how to do that!!)

  23. Joyce,

    What a trip down memory lane with you. Thanks for the beautiful drive!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  24. I love songs that take you back. Most of the songs on my Ipod are ones that take me back. Good times. :)

    (word verification was "Moses." How's that for ironic on a post about "Been to Canaan"?)

  25. awesome!
    But, how was your German desert?! That's what I really want to know!

  26. Joyce: I really enjoyed it! I might be about the only person who did not know the music...(shame!) but thanks for introducing me to it. However, the pictures are so brilliant! You chose so rightly and of course for me they hit 'home' (my new home-country!) I love England too; so thanks again for the show of emotions with the colours and images. Well done...again!

  27. Sounds like a wonderful memory!
    Makes me wish you'd taken a video of it!

  28. Awwww... such a lovely post, filled with great memories!

    You're right. It's the living in limbo that can be a challenge. ;)

  29. I love Carole King. Age-wise, I should be an 80s music lover, but with two older brothers who cut their teeth on 70s music, they insisted that I listen to their stuff, and as all little sisters do, I obliged.

    You should get Tapestry Revisited...It's a great tribute to Carole.

  30. That is a wonderful memory. The pictures are just beautiful and make me want to see more. You have a wonderful way of sharing England with us.

    I love doing the happy dance!!