Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gotta laugh to keep from cryin'

It's been a heavy week courtesy of the US Congress so I thought I'd have some fun with an American Idol recap....does anyone still watch this show besides me? Oh, and just fyi I've had two cups of coffee tonite so look out.

Okay, first things first...what in the world is up with Kara and Simon this season? Has anyone else noticed that she's practically in his lap every week? And she's all flirty and giggly? I can't be the only person who has noticed, can I? Is anyone still watching this show? My hubs must always comment on the fact that Ryan's clothes are a size too small. He's right.

The theme this week is a good one...Billboard #1's-yes! So many great songs to choose from but how much do you want to bet they let me down in the choosing? The 'mentor' is another story altogether-Miley Cyrus. Seriously? I am so not a fan. At all. She's going to give advice on pitch? Maybe I'm showing my age but ick. Hubs is really not a fan and I'm hoping he's not going to talk about the fact that she's a mentor all thru tonite's program.

On to the singing...first up is Lee Dewyze-I like him alot. He's one of my favorites and he's singing The Letter by The Box Tops and I love this song. He changed it up in a good way. He looks much more comfortable this week and he sounds great. The judges like it for the most part. Simon says it didn't show off his recording voice but he sang it well.

Hubs leaves the room to get ready for a conference call. Crazy time zones require crazy timing for conference calls.

Next up is Paige Miles-she's wearing scary high heels and is hoping not to fall. One more thing to worry about. Love the earrings and she is such a pretty girl but she is singing Against All Odds. Why? Why why why? Here we go with the bad song choice. And I have zero pitch but oh my oh my oh my. Really really bad. In fact, hubs came out of his office to see what the noise was. Not good. Judges agree and Kara says maybe the worst vocals of the season. Ouch. But true.

Tim Urban is up next. Singing Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Tim has nice blue eyes. Akkk-he just did a slide across the stage. On purpose. Kinda like he was reaching for home plate. That will go over well with the judges I'm sure. Very highschool musical for me but he seems like a nice kid.

I missed the judges remarks about Tim because daughter2 phoned. She likes to begin her conversations by saying things like, 'I have something to tell you.' I find myself bracing for some sort of impact. I expect drama but I get funny 99% of the time with her. She is way more entertaining than A. I., especially this season. Anybody else think this season is kind of dull? I ask Daughter2 if she likes Miley and she is also not a fan. Nice to know it's not my age. It's just Miley.

Aaron Kelly belts out some Aerosmith while suffering from tonsillitis...Don't Wanna Miss A Thing. He does a great job even with his throat issues. I like it. I wasn't expecting to but I liked it. And I have to say he takes all the 'kid' remarks well. Ellen joked about him being in third grade. Some teenage boys wouldn't find that funny.

Crystal Bowersox is on stage now. She looks pretty tonite-the hair, the dress...it's definitely working plus she's singing Me and Bobby McGee. Finally a great song choice! I love the Janis Joplin version and the Kris Kristofferson version both. And I love Crystal's version too. The judges all love her and Simon said she sang it as well as Pink. Crystal is my favorite.

Mike Lynche-When A Man Loves a Woman. I liked it. He's the kind of guy you just have to look at and you smile. Lots of warmth. The judges were so so...he sang it well but they thought it was predictable. And he tried too hard. Or as Simon says, "It's like you wanted one scoop of ice cream and got eleven." Yeah. Like that.

Andrew Garcia-poor Andrew. Miley convinces him to leave the guitar off stage. He's singing I Heard it Thru the Grapevine. No. Not working. I want him to do well but no. This was not his night. Again. If Paige hadn't sung completely off key and Tim hadn't done the crazy slide across the stage I'd say Andrew would be going home. I think he's safe only because Paige was so obviously bad tonite.

Katie Stevens-she's adorable. Singing Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry. I love her voice. Love the outfit and the song choice for her. She sounds good. I enjoyed it and am liking her more from week to week. Absolutely beautiful voice.

Sorry, Daughter2 phoned again so I missed some of the judging here. I'm guessing Randy said it wasn't her best performance? Just a guess. It's his phrase du jour.

Casey James is up next. He's singing Power of Love made famous by Huey Lewis. Again with the song choice? Of all the songs he could pick this is what he chooses? He sounds fine and he's a cutie so is absolutely safe but I didn't love this. It was just eh.

Didi Benami-You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt. Hubs cracked himself up saying 'she's no good' throughout the song. I like Didi and didn't think it was that bad but the judges didn't like it. And Simon totally stole hubs line.

Siobhan Magnus is the final performer of the night. She has a gorgeous face...not sure about her hair tonite but I like the outfit. She for sure has the pipes and isn't as 'quirky' this week. I guess the scream is going to be a weekly thing. I'm pretty much over that. The judges love her and call her fearless but Simon points out that not everyone will love that. We can always count on Simon to keep it real.

My favorites tonite-Crystal and Lee

Going Home-it best be Paige.

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  1. Are you kidding? I NEVER miss American Idol, it's my favorite show ever ;) I totally agree about Kara, actually she's getting on my nerves ALOT, I think I'd prefer Paula back... or maybe not. Both of them can go, I Love Ellen :) Great recap, we like Lee and Big Mike is my fav to win, I can't fault him.

  2. Haven't seen it yet! But, you totally need to get a DVR!! We have one, and we can pause it if someone calls or if a child needs a drink of water or if a child is being naughty or if a child is crying or if a child has to potty or if a child is scared . . .
    We use our pause button a lot.

    Simon and Kara and super duper flirty.
    And it is super duper creepy.

  3. Ok...I was gone all day with some BLOGGY friends! I have this show on dvr and STILL read your ENTIRE post?! Yes, I am a true blonde. However, I could've written this very post w/o even watching the show. Yawn. I only hang on cause the kids are (kinda) watching it and well Crystal is cool. Like her. Katie...not a fan. Siobhan is interesting and usually very quirky, but I like her...her, not her scream. ; )

    Yes, she is totally refilling Paula's shoes! Do I like this, not so much. Sissy and I chatted about the whole sitting in Simons lap 2 weeks ago...then they actually mentioned it! lol
    (I think your hubby is a smart man...on all accounts.) OH, the whole conf call time thing...sometimes my hubby is on those at 1 am. Crazy!

    Miley was the mentor and not just a guest artist?!? You've gotta be joking? Now to admit that I kinda like her, but she's not a mentor. Sissy wants to see her new movie and it seems decent, so we will go see it. So many movies aren't decent for young teens these days.

    Love how Simon keeps it real...doubt I watch next season in his absence.

  4. I did not watch tonight but I recorded it. I will have to go back and try to watch it. I'm like you, I always get interrupted a million times while I am trying to watch. I'm not the biggest fan of Miley either. I guess it is our age for sure. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I am not an American Idol watcher so I will just have to focus on other things. But thanks for trying. :)

  6. I haven't got into AI this season. Miley Cyrus? Are you serious? I think we're in deep trouble if the entertainment world thinks she's a mentor! Her voice just grates on my nerves something awful! Maybe that's why a few of them didn't do well?

  7. Thanks for catching me up on AI. I only watched it once this season and was so bored, I stopped then. My only comment is that if anything I do is ever compared to Pink, I will not be taking it as a compliment, unless she and I both make a kick-ass souffles.

  8. I vented my view of our Congress at my blog but as for American Idol, I confess I haven't been very inspired by the show this season. No one has really stood out for me this time.

  9. At the end of the show when they put up the numbers to call, my husband said, "You call Paige's number all you get is crickets. Chirp chirp chirp." LOL!!! I laughed for half an hour!

  10. It's as if you wrote a post on my thoughts. ;) This season is not like seasons past but possibly a good distraction nonetheless from politics, yes? ;)

  11. I didn't catch A.I., but I feel like I watched it. You should be a professional reviewer! I can't imagine the show could go on without Simon next season.

    You know, with every post I feel like you take us into your life for a short time. You're a great writer!

  12. I'm so not into A.I. this season, or any of the other shows I was watching. Too much homework to concentrate on. Want to graduate in May. Wanna help? lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  13. Didn't catch the show last night; was going to watch it on DVR tonight, but I liked your recap and might just fast forward to Crystal and call it done!

    Yeah, I think Kara is trying to up the ratings or something. I caught her saying recently that she thought she saved her job by revealing her bikini last year. Wow! If you don't have credible content, then just show a little skin. I like some of her comments, but someone must be pushing the drama.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. We used to watch AI religiously to the point of we made sure nothing else was ever scheduled for the nights it was on and we wouldn't even answer the phone during those times. But last year it really didn't do it for us for some reason and we haven't watched it once this year yet. Honestly, we haven't been around much on Tuesday nights either to turn it on. I hope to tune in at some point and see who is who but the way the calendar looks it may not be until later on. I really can't imagine the show will be the same without Simon next year either.

  15. You are not alone, I watch it and make the Hubs sit through it if he's home. I agree on all counts on all contestants!
    My daughter always starts her phone calls with a So.... which has me holding my breath and just like your's, 99% of the time it's just catch up stuff, no drama. Ha You'd think we'd learn.

  16. I do love to watch AI at least at this point in the contest. I so agree with you about Miley being a "mentor". She just smiled and gave everyone a hug.
    I like the way Paige looks - probably very sweet girl, but find something else. She can't sing on tune.
    Crystal has it in the bag in my opinion.

  17. Love your recap! I missed the show last night (can't decide whether to sigh or gasp) maybe both? I can't seem to find it online either, unless I want to take the time to fill out some dumb survey. Loved reading yours, and am following your lovely blog now :)

  18. Crystal did do a great job. Judges didn't like many and I agree. Yes, she has been in his lap for a few weeks now, always leaning on each other. And Simon has been pretty nice!

  19. Excellent AI post. I agree with you completely. Thanks for coming by my post and explaining to me what "chalk and cheese" means. Love that line.

    Also, you daughters are so pretty. Love the phone call interruptions. Sweet.

  20. I just popped over from the Lumberjacks Wife and have spent the last hour reading a bunch of your posts... I call out daughters "The Girlies" too... It is very nice to meet you.