Monday, March 15, 2010

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops

No, I did not just quote a Barney song in my post title. We never watched Barney when my girls were little.
Can you tell I'm trying another Not Me Monday post today?
I think they are fun to write although they confuse some of you readers out
there....the idea is to post about something that really happened but write as if it didn't.
Read along and pretend you'll understand.

We did not have a low key weekend here and it certainly has not rained every single solitary second since Friday afternoon. My husband did not go up and down the basement steps at least 847 times to be sure the walls and floor were staying dry.

Speaking of the hubs...he did not arrive home from Belgium on Friday bearing gifts. He knew I would never want a beautiful tapestry to hang on my stairwell.

Or two smaller wall hangings.

And he can never talk anyone into anything so there is no way the sales lady would have just given him two embroidered pillow tops.

And he did not go to Belgium at least once a month for the six years we lived in England yet wait until we lived on this side of the pond to actually buy a tapestry. We always plan ahead and do what is easiest.

My husband knows I don't have a sweet tooth so it would not occur to him to bring home a box of Belgian chocolates.

And of course we would definitely not break into the chocolates over the weekend because we will be with our girls for Easter and naturally they would want us to share.

And we did not once think back to last Easter when we enjoyed a sunny and
wonderful weekend in Brussels, Brugges, and Ghent.
We would never say we wish we were sitting on the square soaking up the
sunshine and a plate of moules -frites in Brussels.

A weekend of torrential rains in NJ is oh so much better.

We for sure did not go out to dinner in the middle of a monsoon Saturday night. Who does that? We did not run into a detour because the road was flooded and I would never have taken us the long way round because I have an excellent sense of direction and never need to rely on my GPS to get us anywhere. And because we've been married for 25 years hubs would not be surprised by this. He would never question my logic in planning a route. He was the driver so of course he would consult the map before we left the house.

We didn't go to a German restaurant and eat some delicious sauerbraten. And I had not been thinking all day about what wonderful German dessert I would order and then be too full to order dessert at all. I did not try pickled herring and I did not love it. And we did not once mention how the restaurant reminded us of a favorite place in Munich.

(Munich, 2004)

You know we never ever talk about life in Europe.
We are so not like a broken record.

On Sunday we did not have to wait around for Loews to deliver some shelves for the basement because the non-stop rain did not motivate us to finally get all the boxes off the floor down there. And you know when I say us I am not talking about me. Seriously.

And I did not wake up to another gray and rainy day today.
And I am not going to feel grateful because the snow piled six feet high on the edge of the driveway is now down to a measly two foot pile.
And all this rain means spring will not be beautiful and green.
And I am not an optimist.


  1. Funny post, and adorable pictures. Oh my gosh, the tapestries are gorgeous! DON'T have a great Monday!! (just kidding of course) ;-)
    Have a fantastic one!

  2. You are much better at the Not Me! posts than I! I had readers giving me suggestions on how to make it less confusing!

    You definitely take the prize for having a super exciting life!

    I will see Europe through your eyes as I sip my coffee in my jammies, my boys are racing cars all around me, and I need to get off the computer and get in the shower. Or we will be late for school.
    But I want to go to Europe! :)

  3. I love Not Me Monday! I am certainly not hoping that the weather dries up and warms up for you and I am so surprised to hear you went out in a storm and that you did some Europe reminiscing while you were out.

    There's my Not Me contribution!

  4. Just the other night Mr. CPQ was just telling me about the fries he had in Brussels and he said they were the best in the world. I think he needs to take me there to prove it.

    Sorry about the rain, but yay that the snow is melting?

  5. That is so funny! I have to take out all of the 'nots' so I can tell what really happened! What a sweetie your "hubs" is! I can see him talking to the ladies and getting those free pillows! The tapestries (and chocolates!) are gorgeous!

  6. oh my goodness HOW FUNNY!! when my husband and I talk about traveling (tho we havent gone anywhere yet) we always say England is the first stop.. we're huge Dr Who fans.. I hope we make it there one day.. I think we will.. well I hope u have a great day and thanks for stopping by..

  7. What a fun post. Give your hubby a pat on the back he did really good! Those are beautiful. And the pillows, wow. And of course the chocolates.
    It has rained all weekend here too, but I don't think we are getting as much as you guys, I seen on the news where there was some flooding going on. Oh well have a wonderful week.

    until next time... nel

  8. wow!!! What excellent goodies!!!! Fantastic!!

  9. Oh such awesome beautiful tasty gifts. :)Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  10. hey there! Just popping back over to answer your question - we're about halfway through the process and are estimated to fly over to Africa in the fall. So we're almost there! :) Thank you so much for checking out the coffee - it's really yummy!! :)

  11. I hope your week won't be any better than your weekend! This was fun and confusing, but I think I got it all!

  12. What great gifts your hubby brought home! And I love it when you share some memories from your travels in Europe. You do a great job of making us feel like we've been there. You're title made me feel at home, too. I was kind of glad when my kids grew out of the Barney stage.

  13. Such great, thoughtful gifts! I don't remember what you said after the chocolate pic. (hold on) Had to re-read. ;) I love it when you write about your travels. Such wonderful, adventurous memories.

  14. My dad used to travel quite a bit and would bring us waffles from Belgium.

    I would kill for one of those right now.
    Well, maybe just maim.

    Nope. Kill. I'm very hungry.

  15. I love so many things about this post! The way you travel... the way you like chocolate... the way you like German food... so many things!

    Oh, it's been pouring here (MA) since Friday as well. I'm over it.

  16. Great post. And I assume you are not jealous that he got to go to Belgium and you got to stay home.

  17. Great post and beautiful chocolate! Your husband is a keeper! Have a great week.

  18. Loved this post, Joyce! How clever! :-) I have to keep reminding myself, as I read it, that what you say you DIDN'T do, though, you actually DID do! LOL Fun reading!