Friday, March 26, 2010

In My Easter Bonnet

Okay, so I'm not actually going to be wearing a bonnet on Easter Sunday because I'm not Ma Ingalls but that song popped into my head and I needed to put it somewhere. How do you celebrate Easter in your house? I'm especially looking forward to Easter this year because I will be spending it with my girls and some extended family we haven't seen in a very long time. I haven't seen my girls since Christmas. My heart aches when I think about that fact. And this will be the first Easter we've all been together in a long long time. When my girls were in highschool they spent every Easter away from home on a service project with Young Life.

Those Easters were celebrated in Romania and Bulgaria far far from home but doing something wonderful for people they had never met.

When my oldest went off to college four years ago it didn't make sense to fly her to London for what amounted to a long weekend so she has spent the past few Easters with roommates in Memphis and with her grandparents in Tennessee and last year with my sister and her family in South Carolina.

When my girls were little I carried on with the traditions my mother established as we were growing up. First, there are the have to have a new dress for Easter. And it has to be something that makes you think Spring even though most years we end up with very chilly weather, and occasionally even snow.

We used to get some sort of hair accessory or hat for the day too. My girls loved wearing a hat on Easter. Remember when women all wore hats to church on Easter Sunday? Okay, maybe you're too young too remember that but they did.

Then there are the baskets...gotta have an Easter basket. We always set the baskets at their places on the kitchen table so they would see them first thing in the morning. The baskets are filled with peanut butter eggs for daughter2 and coconut eggs for daughter1, and jelly beans and usually a big chocolate rabbit too. There would also be a few little bits and bobs...when my kids were young it was bubbles and hair bows and sunglasses. Now it is Itunes cards, and nail polish, and jewelry. Yeah, get more expensive as they get older.

The eggs....we love to dye Easter eggs. It was a problem in England because all the eggs are brown so this is a tradition we look forward to starting back up this year.

Daughter2 has already asked if we'll be dyeing eggs this year. Of course we'll dye are never too old. Plus we'll be celebrating with some young cousins and they'll be excited about that I'm sure. We usually did the egg hunt after baskets were inspected but before church. And I think every year but one it has been inside. Pesky weather.

The food...I normally cook Easter lunch or I helped my mom cook. And its always a ham and of course deviled eggs. We choose the 'ugly' eggs to peel first for lunch. You know there are always a few bad color mixes which leave you with an ugly egg or two. We have asparagus and pineapple stuffing and something coconut for dessert...coconut cake is one of my absolute favorites. This year we will be with my in laws on the day and I think we may be going out to lunch which is also nice. I really don't care because did I tell you I'LL BE SEEING MY GIRLS WHO I HAVE NOT SEEN SINCE CHRISTMAS???? I know.

Church. I love church. I especially love it on Easter Sunday. Most people make a little effort to dress up and I have to say that is something I miss about church most weeks. I know church isn't about the clothes and I wouldn't want people staying away because they feel like they don't have the right thing to wear but sometimes I look around and think, wow, we've really gone to the other extreme. I love lilies on the know there will be lilies on Easter Sunday. And I love the hymns...I hope there are some hymns....Up from the Grave He Arose, At Calvary, and one of my very favorites,The Old Rugged Cross ...wonderful hymns with wonderful words.

And finally, the reason. Easter is perhaps my favorite day of the year. Easter is a day filled with hope. That word has been tossed around so much recently it makes my head spin. But real hope comes from the fact that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us, that he died on the cross and He rose from the dead. And that is worth celebrating every day.

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  1. Great post Joyce! I enjoyed spending Easter with the girls in Romania a few years ago! :)

  2. Pineapple stuffing...sounds really good! I really enjoy going to church on Easter, too; all the pretty spring clothes and the joy of Easter!

  3. AMEN!!

    Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. The Old Rugged Cross is a great song! It was one of my grandfather's favorites, so it always makes me think of him.

  5. Great memories. I'm looking forward to Easter because my son will be home, and I haven't seen him since New Year's! There will be Honeybaked ham, potato salad and baked beans and deviled eggs. I'm thinking some sort of cheesecake for dessert. The boys don't do Easter eggs anymore, and I don't get them new suits every year. But I'll be wearing something new--even if it's just a pair of new shoes!

  6. We always sing those old hymns at my Grandparent's church. I love old hymns. I am so excited that you will get to be with your girls over Easter this year, visiting family in Tennessee. As a child, we always had our new Easter dress and shoes and sometimes a hat. The Easter service is so beautiful. And I love the church filled with Easter lillies. What a wonderful time for us as Christians to be able to thank God for giving us the ultimate sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that He died for our sins, so that we might live forever in heaven. What a comfort!!! Your post was great. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. My heart ached for you when you mentioned not having seen your girls since Christmas. ((((hugs)))) Yay for Easter. :)

  8. I'm looking forward to Easter also, it's been a few years since we've been home for it. Although the daughter won't be home, we're going to try to re-establish some kind of normal tradition.

    Who am I kidding? I think it will not be until all the kiddies are out of college and everyone is on the same calendar that we can start new traditions. And we will! Even if I have to stomp my feet. :)

    Enjoy yours!

  9. i'm with ya...celebrating EVERY day!
    great post...
    so glad you're going to get to BE WITH YOUR GIRLS!!!!

  10. Deviled eggs! That is one Easter tradition I did manage to carry into my adult life. Ymmmm.

    You are so correct, Jesus is worth celebrating every day!

  11. Thanks for sharing your memories. I agree, never too old to color eggs!!

  12. Loved reading this, and the pictures were darling. Enjoy your time with your girls!!

  13. Such great pictures and memories.

  14. I remember the hats! I'm thinking of showing up at church on Easter with a new hat, but I think it would only be me and a few old ladies. ;)

  15. The blogosphear is just full to the brim with wonderful Easter memories today!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings and Happy Easter!


  16. What wonderful memories. Though in one sense we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday, it is so special to have the extra focus on Easter.

  17. Good things to remember. I will be creating memories next week when I help grandson Walker dye Easter eggs. Can't wait.

  18. I love your beautiful blog! I love how much you love the Lord and make parts of your blog about it! OH check out my blog; you will love it (I hope!) Anyway, we are sisters, and I love you!