Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little nepotism, a lot of random

It's Wednesday which means it's time for the weekly random dozen you have come to count on. Right?

Here we go...

1. I feel much more like an official blogger now. Daughter1 designed an original header for me which I think is really cute. I like a simple page background so we looked around to find something that would coordinate with the header. When I asked daughter1 if she thought this one was too yellow she said, 'No, yellow is kind of your color.' I asked if she meant on my blog and she said 'No, in life'. She's a keeper that one!

2. If you are interested in a blog header of your very own visit her blog Sincerely Shannon and let her know. She has done a few now for friends and will have pricing information up shortly.

3. I suppose I could call daughter1 by her given name since, if you read #2, it isn't much of a secret. Nah. I've grown accustomed to calling her Daughter1.

4. Hubs had a ridiculously early flight this morning and a button broke off his shirt sleeve just as he was getting ready to walk out the door. His ride was waiting in the drive so he stood breathing down my neck as I attempted to a. find a pair of scissors that were small enough and sharp enough to remove the remains of the old button b. thread a needle without using my reading glasses c. give up and thread a needle while wearing my glasses and d. finally sew on the button. All without coffee. That was pleasant.

5. We have finally gotten some sweet relief this week from the humidity and that pesky thing they call the heat index. It's nice to walk outside and not feel like you've just stepped into a pizza oven. Not that it's cool, it's just that temperature is relative.

6. I did not watch The Bachelorette this week. It was that strange episode they always have just before the finals where the contestants who were booted off come back on and talk about each other. Daughter2 and I were curious about the people who sit in the studio audience for this one. And listening to a group of men whine and 'tell all' is icky.

7. I finally took all my kitchen knives to be sharpened and wow! They are sharp! My husband says its only a matter of time now before we are at the ER reattaching one of my fingers or stitching up my hand. I blame it on genetics. The women in my family are not known for their prowess with a knife.

8. The bear. Monday morning my neighbor phoned to let me know a bear cub was at the end of our driveway. I missed him. This was his second visit (that we know of) in less than a week. We were away on Saturday and the same neighbors said they saw him stand on his hind legs with his front paws resting on the pillar that holds our driveway lights. He then proceeded to look around and sort of survey his domain. He seems to come out of hiding on the days we have our rubbish picked up which is why we never put ours out until the morning of and always bring the empty can immediately back inside. I'm slightly tempted to leave it and see if he shows. One question though...where oh where is mama bear? That would be good to know before I trek all the way to the curb unarmed. And by unarmed I of course mean without my camera.

9. I've got a couple of fun little short breaks planned in the next couple of weeks so I may be in and out of the blogosphere for a few days. That's all I'm sayin' about that.

10. Except to say that one of my short breaks will include seeing these guys...

What's your favorite Brooks and Dunn song?

11. I think the Garden State Parkway is one of the absolute worst roads in the universe to travel...always bumper to bumper, always cars zigging and zagging from lane to lane, always under construction, always at least one minor fender bender that backs up traffic for hours, almost always at least one major fender bender that backs up traffic for days and, best of all, you get to pay frequent tolls for the privilege of traversing this highway.

12. I have a job interview at 3 o'clock today. Or a discussion. Or something.

Thought I'd end with a cliff hanger...Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the new header. Daughter1 did a great job. Be careful if you try to capture that bear on "film." I love mini-vacations. Excursions. Short jonts. A job interview? That's exciting. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Oh. I want to mention. I'm having a giveaway. Be sure to stop by and enter. Blessings, SusanD

  3. No wonder you're up blogging so early! Between the button and an interview later I'm sure you're adrenaline is pumping. ; ) Can't wait to hear more about the new opportunity - on Friday?! Have a safe trip!

  4. Red Dirt Road. Best Brooks and Dunn song ever. Good luck with your job interview. Discussion. Something.

  5. I love your new blog design! Your daughter is very talented. I hope you can catch the bear on camera... but be careful. I just read about Jack Hanna having to defend himself against a Momma Bear and her cubs. I can't believe all the wild life you get to experience though not sure what your puppy thinks about that. :) I super love how you refer to "rubbish".... our friends JUST moved to London last weekend. So, I'm anxious to know when their southern accents will intertwine with and English accent. I pray that your 3:00 meeting goes great!!!

  6. My Random Thoughts

    Your Daughter is very talented and the header is perfect for you! Keep calling her Daughter11 and we will pretend we don't know her name.

    Good Luck on your "discussion, opportunity."

    Yes, the GSP is a horrible road!!

    Stay away from the bear cub. Mommy isn't far away and you know how far us Mamma bears would go to protect our young:)

    Have fun on your mini vacations.

  7. I also love the header...that daughter 1 is very talented. Good luck with your "something" today!! We too have freeways here in CA that I cringe, take Valium, and duct tape my mouth when traversing. No fun!! Have a fun time at the concert.

  8. Love the new header. Sounds like you have some fun days planned :)

  9. Love the new header awesome job ladies! Baby bears are popping up everywhere, siting near Buffalo last week too! Good luck on your interview or discussion either way you will rock it!

  10. Enjoy that Brooks & Dunn concert--I hate to see them retire. I'll sure miss their music.

  11. Hi Daughter1's Mom! Just wanted you to know that I so enjoy reading your blog and I love your new header! Daughter1 has quite a talent. Glad we're blog friends now! :)

  12. Love the new header, too! It is so you, Joyce! :-)
    My brother lives about 12 miles from us and his neighbor had a BIG black bear come down through their yard on its way to the river which is across from their house. The game warden estimated it weighed 300lbs.!! I hope it stays in their neck of the woods! Yikes!
    I keep putting off having my knives sharpened just because of what you mentioned! The last time I had them sharpened, which was a loooong time ago, I cut my fingers to bits! What to do, what to do...
    I looove cliff-hangers and I'm looking forward to hearing the next episode of yours! :-)

  13. Oooh, love the new header!
    Oh my gosh...a job?! That's a cliffhanger, for sure!

  14. LOVE the header, and my goodness you are full of surprises and secrets today!!!

  15. A job?! That sounds exiting! Can´t wait to hear more.
    But first you enjoy your "time off" from time off. :)
    Shannon did a great job on your header! Good for her!

  16. Great header. Your daughter did a wonderful job!

    Can't wait to hear how the interview/discussion went.

  17. Can't wait to hear more about the job interview. Your new blog look is great. Shannon does a wonderful job!

  18. That is a cliff hanger for sure! I do love your header and your blog looks awesome. Yellow is my favorite color. Be careful of the bear, nothing good about a bear in your neighborhood.

  19. Love the new header.
    Love that you said "rubbish" instead of garbage!
    Love that you thought about where mama bear is when baby bear is at the end of your driveway!
    DON'T love that you left us with the teaser about the interview! Can't wait to find out about it!

  20. Great new header! Nice job Shannon!
    Red Dirt Road is my favorite of Brooks & Dunn. I was disappointed to here they were splitting up. Enjoy your concert! and good luck with the interview, or discussion or something. :)

  21. Your new header is perfect! I just may have to contact daughter #1 myself!

    Unarmed meaning without your camera...too cute and so something we bloggers would say!

    Can't wait for the cliffhanger news!

  22. Hi Joyce, I went over to see daughter 1's blog and will have her contact me..LOVE your header and I have all kinds of ideas running through my head for one for me. Dogs, travel, sewing..I can see it now, lol.
    That GSParkway is a nightmare, I saw it first hand when I was in your lovely state a couple weeks ago.. thought we had bad traffic in SoCal.nope..Everywere we went the other side of the road was stopped. We lucked out on our journeys. And HUMID oh my Lordy..I was sweating in places I didn't know could sweat haha. Loved it there but will come back nt in the summer!
    take care

  23. A bear in the driveway?! How exciting!! I hope the little guy finds a safe place to hide from the humans in the area.

    And a job interview...hmmm? What could that be about?? I hope that it turns out just the way you want it to be!

  24. Love the header! Brooks & Dunn - toss up between My Maria and That Aint no Way to Go. I am off to see Tim McGraw next week.

  25. Neon Moon is my favorite B&D song. It's the first song that my boyfriend who turned out to be my husband and I danced to.