Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post Party Random

About a year ago I started participating in a weekly Random Dozen meme over at 2nd Cup of Coffee. I enjoyed it and found lots of wonderful blogs that way. This summer Linda decided she needed a little break from coming up with the questions on a weekly basis so I've been posting my own random dozen thoughts every Wednesday. In a lot of ways my life feels very random right now. My kids are not living at home, I'm not working outside the home, my days are my own. To everything there is a we go-

1. I feel like I'm coming up for air finally after all the weekend preparations, festivities and of course the laundry aftermath. Seven sets of bedding to be washed, towels for 13, and four bathrooms to clean...not my normal weekly to-do.

2. No need to waste your time on hold with someone in India when you have 'kids' around...

We'd only been sitting outside a few minutes when my brother whipped out his phone and requested some I.T. assistance from daughter2. Since hers is a permanent appendage he knew he had come to the right place.

3. See #2.

4. Daughter1 found some of her old journals when she was home and we laughed alot as she read them aloud. They were from the elementary/middle school years which means there was a lot of detail and a lot of 'drama'. And quite a few entries that ran along the lines of-

a. sister did something not nice to me
b. I told mom
c. mom made sister apologize but also said not to be a tattletale
d. fair!!

5. My husband recently calculated that he has spent 240 hours in the air since November. That is the equivalent of ten days. In mid-air. That does not include the hour ride to the airport and the hour ride from the airport or the many many hours spent in airport sitting. I think he should be really really cranky. He is not.

6. Surprisingly there is not a lot of negative to say about this week's episode of The Bachelorette. Somehow she seems to have ended up with nice guys who love their families. I have been avoiding reading magazine headlines and internet blurbs but my suspicion is she is not going to choose anyone to marry. She does not send off an "I'm ready to get married" vibe. She sends off more of an "I'm ready for my own show" vibe. She has been wearing some really cute clothes though...are they hers or is there a stylist? Just wondering if the wardrobe is one of the perks of the 'job'? I loved the pink dress with the roses across the top. And next week-Tahiti...ooh la la!

7. Speaking of weddings...I was reading the wedding announcements in the NY Times this weekend and I found it slightly odd that people included this item of information in their announcement, "The bridegrooms previous two marriages ended in divorce." Does anyone else find that odd or is it just me?

8. Someone please explain to me exactly when we went from talking Disney Princesses and American Girl Dolls to discussing insurance benefit options and 401k contributions? Or 4-0-onek as daughter1 likes to call it. Time marches on.

9. George Steinbrenner passed away yesterday. There has been a lot of news coverage here and he was apparently a complicated man, alternately loved and hated, admired and despised. Last night I heard the story of how years ago Steinbrenner caught then 16 year old Ray Negron spray painting graffiti on Yankee Stadium. Negron was thrown into a holding cell at the stadium (unruly fans take note) and minutes later Steinbrenner had him in a Yankees jersey working as a bat boy for the rest of the evening. In that moment Steinbrenner literally changed the course of Negron's life. Negron worked for the Yankees for almost 40 years as an advisor to Steinbrenner and penned a best selling children's book. He said himself were it not for George Steinbrenner he would most likely have gone the way of his two cousins who were with him on the spray painting escapade...both are now dead in drug related events. Even if you hate the Yankees which apparently a lot of people do, you have to admire that.

10. I saw this posted on Christi's blog recently and its fun...have you seen it? He is a talented kid...a talented kid who obviously has a lot of time on his hands but talented nonetheless. And why do the youtube videos load blogger so that only a third of the screen can be seen? There are 7 of can always go straight to youtube to see the full screen.

11. I'm going to accompany hubs on a business trip to Chicago in August. His brother, sister-in law and niece live there so we'll spend a weekend with them beforehand. part...we've got tickets to see Brooks and Dunn. Yay!

12. It's raining. That's good. It rained off and on yesterday too. I couldn't let you leave without a weather report now, could I?


  1. Time does march on...just a couple of nights ago, we accompanied our oldest daughter to watch her husband play softball. While sitting in the bleachers chatting about the past, she said, "I think I was a bit spoiled." I said, "YA THINK!!" and the three of us (lauren, her dad, and I) burst into laughter. She marched from spoiled into a new phase...soon "mommiehood" will be her world!

    As for cell phones as appendages...our kids never let them out of their site. We, too seek all I.T. assistance from seconds they have our phones fixed or have explained how we were misusing a feature..haha.

    Blessings and prayers,

  2. First of all, How did that kid accomplish that?!
    Secondly, adding in that this is your 3rd marriage and that you couldn't make the 1st two work in your wedding announcement?! WHO DOES THAT?!
    Lastly, it wouldn't have been the same without the weekly weather report. ; )

    P.S. Are you going to get to come to Georgia for your friend's birthday? You've got a place to stay! ; ) It won't be as quiet or as clean as a nice hotel but...

  3. I love your random thoughts, so many can relate. Your story about Steinbrenner was one I haven't heard before and it was so inspiring. I am aghast at the thought of a newspaper commenting on the bride or grooms previous marriages in their articles. What is up with that?

  4. usually the bride places the'd think that info would be more of a 'wake up' call for her.
    LOVE Chicago...

  5. Your husband travels all over the world, and he takes you when he goes to Chicago????

    Love the Yankees story!

  6. have a point Jill. Ha-he takes me lots of places actually...some of his more recent trips have not worked for me due to timing, flight availability and safety. On the bright side I hear Chicago is nice : )

    Rebekah-I will email you when we firm up plans...we're coming but it will be a far are you from Kennesaw?

  7. Mentioning divorces in a wedding announcement? hmmm...a little wierd if you ask me.
    When you come to Chicago if you want to take a drive to the country, we're about two hours west of there. I'd love to meet you!

  8. As always, I enjoyed your random post. I've been meaning to tell you how beautiful your mom's birthday cake was. I loved it!

    I'm a bit behind on comments, lots of drama in my family at the moment, unfortunately.

    Is your hubby sort of like George Cluney in the movie In the Air?(at least I think that's the title) I've never flown, and really don't care what I'm missing...LOL

    My kids are never without their "gadgets" either...meanwhile, I feel technology has quickly left me behind...I have trouble with the television remote these days!

    I stopped watching The Bachelorette after last week's episode. That girl just drove me crazy...too much like the party girl type. I agree, I don't think she has marriage on her mind at all.

    Okay, that's enough random comments for today. Have a great day!

  9. I like your own randomness - I think we are living parallel lives so I can relate totally. :)

    Oh my gosh, I have never seen an announcement where previous marriages/divorces have been mentioned. I have no words for that one. Ha

    I hope your Hubs gets to keep all those air miles he's racking up... and you get to use them more often in the future!

    I totally plan on visiting the shops in Georgetown! :)

  10. Looks like a really good time to me, hugs and blessing, Barbara

  11. Hi Joyce,

    Those were very enjoyable random readings. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit. I will look forward to reading more of your blog posts as well.

  12. It makes me tense to even think about getting a complicated cellphone. Our son and daughter-in-law have the Iphone4's, which do everything but cook your breakfast :-). I just don't want to be THAT connected.
    I'm glad to read that you and hubs were finally able to work something out so you can go to Chicago with him, Joyce! Sounds fun!!!
    I watch mere snippets of the Bachelorette and I have only one thing to say....Girl, do something with that hair!!! Good heavens!!! LOL
    I miss the random dozen and have thought of some questions that Linda could use, so maybe I'll send 'em to her,hm? :-)
    Really enjoyed reading your randomness, Joyce!

  13. I can see the Youtube clip fully, so I guess it´s not the same on everybody´s screen.
    Nr. 7 - weird!
    I´m so happy for you that you get to travel with your hubby for once. Should be a fun time!

  14. I am totes with Jill-that was my thought exactly. Throw a fit and demand you see Fiji by November.
    PS-Chicken Teriyaki and Baked Rice-in my oven as we speak
    PPS-I really enjoyed your comment today :)
    PPPS-I got a new internet service-let me know if you can still see my city on your stats!

  15. Brooks and Dunn?! Awesome! And it's nice to see a good George Steinbrenner story.

  16. That wedding announcement was tacky. That would never happen in the South.

    Because in the South we'd denounce the ex-wives publicly at the reception dinner.

  17. Uh, yeah, that is a little weird that they would mention divorce in their announcement.
    As for the youtube: you can change the size of it. Just change the numbers for width & height. I just have to play around with it a little until it all fits!

  18. I'm glad to know your kids like to come home AND that they are now laughing at teenaged drama. It gives me hope.

    #7 - that is very wrong!