Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanks but no thanks

So, what do you want for Christmas this year? Yesterday my mother in law phoned asking for some gift ideas pour moi. Again. Because she's asked before and I've only vaguely replied. I honestly don't have a real list this year. Hubs and I sometimes exchange Christmas gifts but some years we just fill our stockings and leave it at that. We have many projects that must be done we'd like to do around the house right now so if re-doing a Master bathroom shower counts as a gift then I guess that's on my list.

Anyway, I need to come up with a small item or two and I'm struggling. I saw this on Marla's blog today and thought I'd play along. Maybe it will be easier to say what I don't want and I'd love to know what's on your 'do not buy me' list this year too. If you're looking for a way to avoid Christmas shopping/baking/decorating today like I am then feel free to play along. Answer in the comments section here or on your facebook page or hop on over to the original post at Provocations.

What don't you want for Christmas? Fill in the blank (one answer per category)-

'Whatever you do don't buy me_______.'

1. CD (or artist): Justin Beiber...uh, no thanks.

2. Cologne/perfume: anything Gardenia...I think Gardenias are beautiful but their scent reminds me of funerals.

3. Book (or author): Nancy Pelosi

4. restaurant gift card: this is hard because I'm pretty much always up for eating out....McDonalds?

5. retail/mall gift card: Hot Topic...this is sooo not me. Did I need to tell you that?

6. Starbucks drink: caramel brulee frappacino...please do not ruin my favorite dessert by turning it into a frozen coffee drink. ick.

7. tool/gadget: the EZ Cracker...seriously, is it really that hard to crack an egg???

Okay, now answer this...'If someone were going to spend exactly $50 on me, more than anything else I want______.'

Here's the thing-if I knew the answer to that I could check 'call mother in law' off of my to-do list today. How 'bout Cute pjs, itunes gift card, ipad camera connector kit, a cute scarf, a fabulous cook book, Scrabble flash, new wellies.

There. Done. Whew. That strained my brain. I feel like I need a Christmas cookie or ten. Too bad actually baking the cookies is still on my to-do list.

Have a very merry day!


  1. My thoughts exactly on the EZ Cracker. Actually I'm pretty much on board with all of your "do not buy' list.

  2. Your funny!! I think I might play along with this. Its cute!!

  3. Great "Do not buy list"!! I don't want any of those things either! I am holding out for an ipad and a trip to New York City...I guess that's pretty much your birthday this year!!

  4. No justin bieber!

    ANd what's Scrabble flash? I love all things scrabble.

  5. This is so funny ... and I'm with you on most all of your "do not buy" list. ;-)

    DH & I are only giving each other small gifts this year. We have everything we need and most everything we want. I would LOVE a kitchen remodel for Christmas, but since our house is only 2 years old, I can't justify spending the $ for a new kitchen. ha!


  6. Or she could shop at my Etsy store for a lovely chunky hand knit cowl for you .... just sayin ;-) LOL
    We are just filling stockings this year too and not even exchanging gifts with my inlaws, they can never come up with anything they want either, so we're gonna concentrate on the important things, like spending time together.
    Have a super day.
    xxxhugs Denise

  7. When in doubt give an gift card!

  8. I've got lots of things I want, but to get down to the particular one I want, or the exact size or color, etc., I either have to describe the aisle/department/display etc., or the page, catalog number or do what I usually do--get it myself and then hand it to them and tell them to wrap it. : ) Maybe I'm a little too high maintenance?

  9. Oooh good one. I was going to do a Things I want Thursday but this might be a better idea. :)

    My In laws suggested just "tuck ins" this year and in doing so totally made my (year) day! :)

  10. This was a fun post! I'd never thought about things that I do not want before! I'm usually easy to please. However, I may do a post on this subject before Christmas...LOL I'm totally with you on the Justin Beiber CD's AND the Nancy Pelosi book--NOT for me either!

    You commented about my Christmas garland. Yes, it is fake gumballs. I have always used fake candy as my garland(wrapped hard candy on a string, gumdrops, candy slices, etc). My daughter used to try to steal and eat it when she was little--another good future story! Thanks for the ideas, Joyce--now go in the kitchen and bake some cookies! LOL

  11. To my Mother-in-law:

    Please do NOT buy me lingerie.

    Thank you.

  12. You have me laughing over the thought of you in Hot Topic and the egg cracker.
    So funny!

  13. The egg cracker is hilarious. Can't have too many of those! Not!

    This was a fun post. I might do it next week.

  14. What a cute post idea. Love your list! Agreed... No McD's or Justin Beiber, please. ;)

  15. Or don't buy me a Snuggie that's what my MIL got me last year! I like the items you like a cook book, wellies ....easy peasy!

  16. ... hmmm, now the EZ-cracker might be a big hit at my house! my kids are little and love making breakfast but occasionally serve 'crunchy' scrambled eggs!

    thanks for reposting my list! glad to see it getting so many miles!

  17. That EZ-Cracker made me laugh! I seriously doubt the shell would come off a hard cooked egg in TWO pieces!
    I think I will "borrow" this idea of a Do Not Buy list in a few days! (and give credit where credit is due...)

  18. The egg cracker is something I'd never seen before. Someone had too much time on their hands, obviously . . .

    Loved this post!

  19. I guess I'll have to return the Pelosi book I picked up for...

  20. Well I had to laugh at the first one, I bought his CD. My husband and I will not be doing gifts this year except for maybe a few token ones. We normally buy what we want and I would rather spend on the kids. Have a nice weekend Joyce.

  21. Great idea. I could add a therapeutic eye mask for headaches. My son decided this would be the perfect gift for me a couple of years ago.