Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'll tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want...

I want to finish the April A-Z blog challenge...Day 2-I'm on my way...

B is for Bethany Beach

Okay, so you might have been expecting a more exciting locale but it's only Day 2 of the challenge so don't be knocking Bethany Beach. We spent several family vacations here with friends and my girls will say those holidays were some of their favorites.

I already told the story of how we had to run from the law in this little beach town one memorable 4th of July so I won't retell that now but, if you need details you'll find them here.

We rented the same house in Bethany about a block from the beach four years in a row. It was in this little Delaware hamlet that hubs and his partner in crime (J) earned their nickname-The Pack Mules. Four girls and two mothers need an awful lot of gear hauled to and from the beach every day.

The guys had a routine- get up, make coffee to go cups, load the chairs, umbrellas, shovels, towels, blankets, coolers, fishing poles, tackle boxes, noodles, rafts, and buckets onto their backs (hence their nickname) and then walk one block to the beach to stake our claim. The beach tended to get crowded as the morning wore on and we didn't like to have people on top of us so the Pack Mules developed a strategy. They created ginormous and interesting sand sculptures every morning while they waited on the fish to bite. These sand sculptures were something to see so people gave them a wide berth and thus, did not crowd us. This one is a giant seahorse and scallop shell...

The girls enjoyed construction too. If they weren't in the water they were building houses.

Literally...this is Daughter1 relaxing on her sand couch after a hard day's dig. We used to joke that we were going to hire the kids to move mulch when we got back home because let me tell you, these girls moved some major sand.

Late afternoons were spent playing games, working jigsaw puzzles and napping-

At least once during the week the dads would take the daughters to the pier to check out the catch of the day. They loved it...

Some evenings we'd visit the boardwalks in nearby Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach where caramel corn, Dippin Dots, and arcade games were all part of the fun.

Other times we'd hang out on the beach, eat pizza, fly kites, fish, and pose as The Spice Girls...

circa 1998

The Spice Girls were big back in our Bethany Beach days. In fact, we may have a pose from every summer holiday spent in Bethany...

Several years after our last Bethany Beach vacation these same friends came to visit us in the UK. We all went to Belgium for a long weekend, and while it took a little coercion, we did manage to convince the girls to recreate the old days in the middle of Brussels's Grand Place. They went along with it because they were pretty sure no one they knew would be watching.

Whoever would have guessed I'd have a blog one day?

circa 2004

Brussels also starts with B so I think it's okay to include this picture here.
The girls now in their 20's may think otherwise.

I promise you that not all of my posts in the A-Z will be about little girl days.
But some of them will.
Nor will all the posts be this long.
But they might because let's face it-I'm wordy.

I didn't have a blog when my girls were young so I use my blog as a keepsake of sorts. I'm pretty sure summers at the beach are memories worth keeping.

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  1. Great story love the beach and the memories year to year! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. oh cute cute pictures from long ago. Don't you wish you could go "back" just for a day? I DO!

  3. Fun fact: The guy who invented Dippin' Dots, Curt Jones graduated from my high school (which is where I teach today)! So I am very well acquainted with them!

  4. I love reading these stories from the past ... and seeing the beach/ocean has made me really miss the beach. I can't wait to see what you'll write for "C".

  5. Love the picture of the girls holding their noses! The picture of your hubs and girlie is just too sweet.

  6. Love the pictures and the memories. Thanks for sharing your B with us!

  7. What amazing memories. You should plan a reunion trip!

  8. Those are some worthwhile memories, for sure! Loved this.
    Hope you get to a beach soon, because I know you are craving some summer.

  9. Really nice "B" post, enjoyed reading about your family's time at the beach. The pics are great too!

  10. What fantastic pictures! Your family is the unofficial Most Awesomest Sandcastle Sculpting Team Ever. Visiting through the A to Z Challenge!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  11. Great post and pics! It made me remember my summers at a beach house in high school. Everything seems so relaxed when you're on the sand!

  12. Definitely memories worth keeping. I do the same thing, since I didn't have a blog back then either. Not sure how the young moms do it! It's fun to follow along with you!

  13. I loved reading your memories--and the photographs are priceless! I can't wait to see what's next :)

  14. Looks like a great place! We've had a tough winter here in Chicago. I'm ready for blue skies and beaches! You have a beautiful family!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following you during this A-Z journey!

  15. Ahhh, beach anything and I'm hooked. Looks like your family has had a lot of fun and love at Bethany Beach. Great post!

    ~ that rebel, Olivia

  16. Amazing sand castles. I'm serious ,they're talented! And oh, how Bethany Beach brings back some good memories for me, too. So fun to hear you tell your family stories.

    I'm liking the challenge so far. The hard part is narrowing down the topics!

  17. what a beautiful walk down memory lane. love this!

  18. How many times can I tell you that I love your photos and the memories you share? I love to read about the fun places you travel. I love the sweet relationship that your family shares. I may not always comment; but I'm here...reading and enjoying every post. I'm not so good with finishing the challenges that I start on my blog. I'm cheering for you to finish yours! Thank you for sharing your memories and life with us. Blessings! Candace

  19. I feel the very same way about using the blog for a keepsake!
    For many years we vacationed with another family. Those trips and pictures are some of our kids fondest memories too.
    I am glad to be following your adventures on this A-Z challenge! Bring on C!

  20. I love all the pictures, and you have some amazing memories. Thanks for letting us all share ^_^

  21. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. As far as I'm concerned, you're not wordy at all. Family time at the beach makes everything beautiful!

  22. Oh, what precious memories! Looks like some fun times. Enjoyed the pics and the post! Brought a smile to my face.

  23. What a fun read Joyce! Thank you for stopping by my site! I hope to hear from you again! Keep up the great work! Happy Blogging~ Tori