Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the letter F

F is for Chelsea

Yes that makes perfect sense.
I'm talking about the Chelsea Flower Show.

Listen, this A-Z thing is a lot of work.
Besides remembering which letter of the alphabet we're on, and then actually writing the post, I'm also sorting and scanning a bajillion pictures. And I know its only Day 7 but I'm pretty sure I've already used more than my alloted number of words.

On to the letter of the day which is F.
Which stands for The Chelsea Flower Show.
Keep up folks!

I thought if I chose to blog about a Flower Show the post might just write itself.
You know... Look! Flowers!

My blog brain is tired.

circa May 2007

The show is held in London for five days every May on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and is one of the
premiere garden events in the world.
I attended with friends which just happens to be another great f word.

I really hope that last sentence doesn't bring out creepy stalkers in my google search engine.

When I look at that picture and see those faces I think about how we've scattered to the four corners since that to Asia, one to the US West Coast, me to the US East coast and one who has made two moves somewhere in between.

The world feels so big some

Besides all the purty flowers there were an awful lot of people at the show.
You have to buy tickets in advance and I think it always sells out which means they can't squeeze one more soul into this space.
It was also H-O-T so we may have needed to break for a glass of Pimms.

I haven't seen these three girls in a couple of years but they peek at my blog from time to time. Won't they be hopefully pleasantly surprised to discover they're famous?

I'm supposed to be talking about the Chelsea Flower Show aren't I?
Most of the show is actual gardens created by some very talented gardeners.
Visitors walk around and admire the beauty and creativity on display and come away with fabulous ideas for their gardens at home.

This photograph was taken in front of one of the indoor displays.
Something was precious but thanks to my stellar photography skills I am not sure now what that might have been.
Time spent at the flower show with friends perhaps?

That's special.
And a memory.
And is indeed precious.

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  1. The challenge is indeed a lot of work. I started to post for F "Forget This!" Contemplating giving it usp for things I really would rather spend time posting. We'll see. I also hate to quit.

  2. wow! those pictures are AMAZING! I want to go!

    I'm going to be in England next week! Cambridge the 11-14, and then London 16-19 (Dublin in between!). Any suggestions, oh wise woman of the UK travels? :)

  3. How beautiful! Both the flowers and the time spent with good friends!

  4. Great to see that you still have happy memories of you stay in the UK. Also fantastic to see those faces again, I can remember them too!
    Flowers...uhm, what a beautiful God's gifts for all to see, and indeed see the expertise of some great gardeners at the Chelsea Flower Show!
    Also I congratulate you in your attempt to pass on some of the "culture" of UK onto your massive following of your American friends. Finally great pictures to illustrate your homework with the letter F...
    Thanks for the memory lane!
    Well done, Joyce!

  5. Does it say, WATER is precious? That would be funny if written on the sand with desert plants around like that...hahaha! I'm really enjoying your letter challenge...and all your pictures!!'s time well spent from my end of things!

  6. Gorgeous! I can only imagine the smells inside with all the amazing flowers! Have a wonderful day!

  7. so beautiful...and the flowers are too!

  8. As I was looking at those beautiful pictures I kep wondering who did all the weeding! See where my mind is? Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and now if we can get rid of the snow in our yard (yes we still have some) I'm going to rake this weekend because it's suppose in the high 60's!

  9. Pimms! Flowers! It's springtime in London right now, and I may have to break out the Pimms today! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories! I was tempted to join this challenge, but then who am I kidding? : )

  11. Goodness and mercy those gardens are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your pics.

  12. Wow, that seems so long ago. I am proud to say I have attended the "mother of all flower shows".
    How well do I remember the heat that day and how lovely the Pimms tasted.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Joyce.

  13. I know what you mean about this challenge. It's a real challenge!!! I'm so glad we get at least one day a week off.

    It looks like you guys were having a lot of fun ~ but what is Pimms???