Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Monday

That's what they call the day after the Superbowl, right? Ay yi yi, what a heartbreaker that turned out to be. Unless you were rooting for Seattle, of course. I realized last night, while sitting with my stomach clenched and my eyes turned away for much of the game, that I am not cut out to be the mother of a professional athlete. Pretty sure watching the Olympics will confirm that.

We were out of town this weekend, and arrived home mere minutes before the National Anthem was sung. Now that was a highlight. Renee Fleming was fabulous, and I absolutely loved the fly over.  I like when the anthem is sung as written, without a lot of curly cues, and runs and riffs, or whatever you call the nonsense so many celebs like to add to make it more about them, and less about our nation. I'm also a big fan of Bruno Mars, and his halftime show did not disappoint.

We spent the weekend with hubs sister and brother in law, and their two boys, which is always a lot of fun. My brother in law is a very talented musician, and they had a house concert so we trekked to Maryland to hear him play.

I had to drive the whole way there, because hubs was literally on the phone the entire four+ hours. Literally. Not exaggerating even a little. I kind of wanted to fling the phone out the window, but I resisted. He may have wanted to fling it out the window too.

We've made this trip many times, but for some reason there is one spot in the journey where we always look at each other and ask if we're on the right road? Is this right? Does this look familiar? Do we go through the city? Didn't we go around last time? Rest assured we were on the right road, but there is always a moment of panic as we scramble to figure it out. Usually a U-turn too, ahem. And hubs would probably say the panic is all me, but whatever, we made it.

Saturday we hung out, ran some errands in preparation for their party, dined at Chipoltle, and listened to the boys explain the finer points of Java script and computer coding. It is in moments like these I realize the gap in technology knowledge between our generations is gargantuan. I'm glad there are smart kids coming up to create the next wave of stuff we can't live without. Glad they can walk me through the steps to use it too!

Hubs brother1 and his wife arrived late afternoon Saturday, and we haven't seen them in a long while so it was nice to catch up in person. I didn't take many pictures, but did snap one of the hubs with his brother and sister. No matter how big the 'kids' get, mothers never tire of photos like this one. Hubs brother2 was on a work trip, so missed the music this time around. It was a lovely evening.

So it's snowing here.  
Just thought you should know.

I have a million things going on this week, including but not limited to, putting away my Snow Village. Don't judge! It's still technically winter, so I feel perfectly fine leaving it out longpast the holidays. I realized yesterday though, that it's suddenly February and spring will be here soon (HA!) so I guess it's time.  

Merry Christmas everyone! 


  1. I'm not sure if my comment went through...I'll try again. If the first one did go through, you can ignore/delete this one.

    As for black was indeed for this Bronco Fan...altho it was a bit comical too, such a fiasco.

    The family photo shares are super, the one in black on the left looks like a celeb of which I can't come up with the name off hand. It'll come to me way late, naturally.

    Enjoy the snow,....I'm gonna try and get a post published to share of all the greenery here. hehehehe

  2. I wasn't thrilled with the score of the ballgame either.
    If it makes you feel any better, I just put away all of my snowmen last Thursday :)

  3. Well even though we are not usually Seattle fans, they were who we were rooting for yesterday, though it sure wasn't much of a game, lol. I actually felt kind of bad for the Bronco's a few times, lol. Couldn't agree with you more on the National Anthem, she was just soo good, and the half time show was pretty good too. Glad you had a nice visit for your in-laws. Enjoy your day!

  4. We turned the game off. It really can't even be called a game. So disappointed. I really didn't care who won, but I expected a good game. How nice that you had a weekend away with family. The "kids" look like they are brothers and sister....a good thing!

  5. I will be watching the Olympics but I couldn't be the mother of an athlete either. There was a time when I couldn't even watch the ice skaters but I'm better now. Yes it was a sad game :( but Bruno Mars rocked! Sounds like you had a great weekend with family......

  6. Yes, that was a pretty miserable Super Bowl for us Peyton Manning fans. I sure hate to see that happen to someone so absolutely gifted and blessed and have to wonder what in the world happened here. I totally agree on the National Anthem observation. It is always appreciated when an artist sings the song as written and not embellished for their own sake.

    Oh well, we will move on the Olympics and enjoy all the sights and events. One of our church staff members will be there doing mission work while also attending some of the top events. Poor guy!

    The Hubs, brother and sis sure look a lot alike and I can definitely see the sister's traits carried over to your girls. Sounds like a great family time. Enjoy your busy week.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. ;) I also loved the National Anthem. Her dress/cape thing was fabulous on her.
    Your weekend sounds like fun. Your Hubs and siblings look nothing alike, eh? ;)
    I just took the snowmen heads off my table. It's all good.

  8. We did watch the game but it was sad to say the least. I enjoyed the ads the most. We missed the first snow storm, but this next one will hit us with more than a foot of the white stuff. Spring can't get here soon enough!! We still have our lighted tree and animated does out side - we cant get to them yet either it's just too cold for any human to be out there or it's covered in snow. We may have to wait till May to get to them!!!

  9. A home concert! What a neat idea! I enjoyed the photo of your hubby and his siblings. They have a definite family resemblance.

    As for the Super Bowl -- my goodness, what a disappointment that was!

  10. I keep my winter stuff out all winter! The tree comes down just before the Super Bowl and everything else Christmasy gets put away BUT the snow stuff and candles and even the outside lights stay put til after Valentine's Day (and even longer if I'm tired of it!)

  11. My mom just put away her Christmas decorations this weekend! ha. So sad.
    I live in the vicinity of Seattle, so there was definitely a lot of Seahawks fans in my area! :)

  12. There is a little church in southern Maine that some good friends go to that from time to time hosts concerts... There is always a moment when we re sure we took the wrong road or passed our turn on the way there... We were laughing the last time because it ALWAYS happens and we were sure it's just us... I read that part of your blog to him and he just shook his head and laughed!

  13. Have you seen this parody from Saturday Night Live? LOTS of curly cues there!!!