Thursday, February 13, 2014

Variety is the Spice of Life

So what to blog about today....

Last weekend? This weekend? The snow? Valentine's Day? Assorted random 'stuff' I've thought about mentioning here when I had a minute? None of it? All of it?


Remember a while back when I said I'd been to a glass studio and I'd made a set of coasters? We had to leave our projects in the studio for firing, and we got them back this week-

I used Christmas colors in mine, and am happy with the end result. Now if I can just remember to pull them out in December, which is always the tricky part for me.

Last year Daughter1 gave me a really special Lenten calendar she'd ordered from Naptime Diaries-


I loved it so much I ordered their Advent calendar back in December too. This year Naptime Diaries is offering a journal for Lent, and I ordered mine last week. If you're interested you'll need to order by Feb 26th if you want to have it in hand from Day 1, but really it's something you could use anytime of year. I'll post a picture once mine arrives, or you can visit Naptime Diaries and see it now. Her graphics are always beautiful so I'm looking forward to seeing what she's done with the journal.

About last's so last weekend.  That's how it goes with blogging, always best to seize the moment, and if you miss it just carry on. I will say we saw Monuments Men at the theatre last Saturday, and enjoyed it very much. While the loss of great art and literature doesn't compare to the devastating loss of life that occurred, it's still incredible to think of all the paintings the world will never know, the sculptures never to be admired, the books never read, as a result of Hitler's rampage.

We also watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics, and since then have watched a fair amount of the event coverage. One thing I love about the games is that while we always root for our home country to do well, it seems we can also all get behind that athlete from anywhere who wins unexpectedly or performs in some amazing way.

My favorite so far is the Canadian freestyle skier named Alex Bilodeau, who says he's inspired every day by his brother Frederic. Frederic has Cerebral Palsy, and after winning gold Alex went straightaway to his brother to share the medal. Even though Canada's Prime Minister was standing beside him waiting to shake his hand, it was his brother who got the first hug.

What else? I should mention the snow. I mean SNOW! It's pretty y'all. I know some people hate me for saying that, and our gutters are scary full to overflowing with ridiculous ice that appears to be three feet thick, and my patio and the top of the driveway are still a skating rink, but y''s pretty.

We got over a foot last week, and it's been snowing all day today with the forecast saying it will continue overnight.  We're reaching that point in winter where we'll have to figure out with our snow plow guy where in the world he's going to put it all.  We'll likely have to block the garage bay that houses hubs little red car. Can't imagine we'll be out in that anytime soon (ha!), but even so those snow plowed mountains take forever and a day to melt.

Our mailbox is in a game of chicken with the county snow plow...

She hasn't thrown in the towel yet!

I think the firepit is still around too, but we may have to wait until Spring to confirm that one.

Yes I resorted to wearing my ski's a blizzard out there! 

Except I heard technically it's not because we don't have the required wind gusts to be considered a true blizzard. Oh we have wind, just not gusting through at blizzard speeds I guess. When you're getting hammered with more than two feet of snow, and trees are bending to near breaking, and you're forced to wear unattractive ski goggles just to check out the status of your own front yard, I'd say that qualifies as a blizzard.  

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and given the weather it looks like there will be plenty of time to spend with the one I love. I was also supposed to meet my gourmet group for lunch tomorrow, but that will likely be cancelled, which is why I am right now congratulating myself for signing up to bring the chocolate glazed chocolate tart.  Can't let that go to waste now, can we? 


  1. I can't wait to see The Monuments Men it looks very interesting. Love your coasters, really cute! I'm loving the Olympics and all of the athletes are amazing. Yes I like Alex to and his relationship with his brother.....very touching. I remember them in Vancouver. That is a lot of snow!!!! Stay safe and warm. Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Wow, that is a lot of snow. Brave you for trekking out in it for pictures.

  3. Wow, you are covered. We missed this storm, thank the lord! Have a nice, snowy valentine's :-)

  4. Oh wow..look at all that you know, we are in upstate/western NY..and it is still snowing..anyways..loved your post..Happy Valentines Day. Blessings

  5. Our snow is pretty much melted right now, except for those huge piles of shoveled and plowed snow but it is definitely not done for this winter.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day.

  6. Well, you're right. The snow IS pretty! It's also a bit overwhelming since there's so much of it!!!
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day :)

  7. Your coasters turned out cute!
    I am so glad to hear you liked Monuments Men! I have been waiting for months to see it but have not heard any good reviews.
    Loved the Alex Bilodeau and brother Frederic story! Have heard that some people don't like all the back stories but I love them!
    Last I heard from my friend Schmenky in Virginia, they had 20 inches and counting! Good thing you have the chocolate glazed chocolate tart, you will survive just fine!
    We dodged this last storm and have been very happy to drive on clear roads for the majority of the week. Feeling so frisky with the sunshine I even got the car washed!

  8. Love the coasters...really nice.

    Yes, the snow is beautiful, but I'd be happy not to have any more this winter. However, I'll be happy whichever way it goes. Might as well be, cause I have not control over it. haha

  9. Snow EVERYWHERE!!! it needs to stop!!!!! :)
    Those coasters are adorable!!!!

  10. We are getting snow today ... but it's nowhere close to a blizzard. Of course, it's not without some challenges as it was sleet before it changed to snow, so the roads aren't in perfect shape yet. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Good grief, never seen so much snow and you have such a delightful attitude about it. Makes me feel like a whimp. :o)

    Love, love your Christmas coasters! Good job!

    Hoping that snow begins to melt so you can have a fun weekend, not necessarily inside the house. Happy hearts day!

  12. Your coasters are beautiful, and my, look at all that snow! We've had more snow than normal in my part of the world this winter, but I'm glad it's not that much.

  13. Yes, I would say you have gotten snow! It id beautiful I saw "The Monuments Men" also. I did not know that part of our history so it was interesting to learn about it. Your coasters are pretty and very unique!

  14. I haven't seen the movie yet but it's on my list. I can't believe how much snow you guys haven't gotten in such a short period of time! I'm so sick of the snow....I really am looking forward to Spring! We are suppose to be thawing out next week! Yay! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

  15. Looks like that here in northwestern VA! We've had about 20" over the past 3 days. Whew! So thankful for the neighbor who plowed us out.