Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nurturing the Hodgepodge

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge Hodgepodgers!  If you've answered this week's questions add your link to the end of my post. Then go say hi to some of the others who also joined the party today. Here are my answers-

1.What is something you'll never forget about the age you are right now?

Relating to my daughters as young adults. I love their wit, their sense of independence, their huge hearts, and their confidence. There's something completely amazing about watching those tiny creatures you've raised take on the grown up world.  

2. What's a household chore you've never done? How have you managed that???

Changed the filter in the furnace.  
Is it the furnace that has a filter?  
I think so.

I haven't consciously avoided this job, it's just not one that ever crosses my radar.  

I don't wash the cars either (unless we're talking drive it through a professional car wash). This is a job hubs prefers to do himself because apparently my idea of a perfectly clean car doesn't match his idea of a perfectly clean car. 

I'm okay with that. 

3. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture? Explain.

Ah, the age old question of nature vs. nurture. Here's what I think-

I think its sometimes one, sometimes the other, but most of the time its a combination of the two. I'm sure we all know of children who've gone off the rails in spite of their loving parents and a warm nurturing home life. We can also find plenty of children who've thrived in spite of horrendous circumstances and a significant lack of nurturing. 

I think most children can be trained and nurtured into well adjusted adults, and its a parent's job to do the best they can to make that happen. I've never read any studies on this, but I'd imagine that most (not all, but most) seriously troubled adults were not born that way, nor can they blame their troubles entirely on a lack of nurturing.  

I'll leave it at that, because this answer could quickly become an essay.  

4. Friday (February 28th) is 'Something on a Stick Day'...funny because Zoanna at A Penchant for Pens recently sent me a question for the Hodgepodge relating to this topic.  What's your favorite food eaten on a stick?

A perfectly toasted marshmallow, preferably eaten beside the campfire upon which it was roasted.  A starry sky overhead only makes it better. 

5. Which of your five senses do you treasure most, and why?

It's hard to imagine being without any of the five, but I'll say the one I treasure most is sight. I'm a very visual person, and the idea of never seeing my children's faces, the ocean, the view from a mountaintop...I think that would be so hard.  

6. What's the best music, theatre, or sporting venue you've been to? What made it great?

I've been in a lot of wonderful venues but probably the best would be The Coliseum in Verona. What made it great? 

Uh, Italy.  
Also friends-

Italian opera

and the intoxicating magic of Italian night air.  

7. It's the last week of the five words or less bid adieu to your February.

Loved your big beautiful snowfalls!

p.s.-Note to self, next time I ask something like this make it 10 words or less. Five is not nearly enough!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I received a really nice surprise in the mail last week. Susan, who blogs over at Stew Mama Says, had emailed asking for my address. She said she'd seen something she had to buy for me...that when she saw it she thought of me, my brand, my blog, and my word for this year. That's a lot to squeeze into a gift, so I was really curious.  

The big box arrived on Friday and here's what was inside-

Another big box.  Fun!!
Inside that box was this-

A small globe. 
In my blog colors. 

With my verse written around it.
And a word closely linked to my word for this year on the other side of the world.  

Well, yes I guess she did have to buy it! 

You know, when I started my blog back in 2009 I never imagined that one day someone I'd never met in person would see something that so perfectly fits where I am right now, that they would somehow recognize that, and then would go to the trouble of buying, packing and mailing it to me. As a bonus, the box arrived on a day when I needed a little help remembering these words, so thank you for that Susan! 


  1. What a thoughtful gift!! I just LOVE that globe! It does fit you!

    BTW, I will admit to a bit of jealousy with all of your travels you've been able to do! I read a series of books, Mark of the Lion, that made me fall in love with the history of the Church (well, as a Christian, I should love it), but specifically, the history as it relates to Italy. The Coliseum is the setting for part of one book in the series. I would LOVE to see it in person!!!!

  2. <3 YOUR GIFT! SO SWEET! ...I said 'change the furnace filters, too!, hahahah!

  3. Well, how great is that globe gift! A very thoughtful thing. Bless you, Susan. It's funny how many times a week I think of other bloggers because of something I see. Your answers are so similar to mine this week. The clean car? You would think my "clean" is an antonym to my hubby's "clean" and I rather enjoy going through the slosher washer for 10 bucks.

  4. What a wonderful gift! I love your meme and look forward to participating every Wednesday.

  5. LOVE the globe!! That's neat. As for your answers, I think we both agree about the 5 senses. And I liked reading your thoughts on the age [#1]...that was VERY endearing. Made me smile.

  6. #1: Agree! What a great globe! And how thoughtful of her to buy it and send it to you!

  7. Susan sure nailed it with that globe! I think we can all agree that it's the perfect gift for you! I can only imagine how great of an experience it was to be at The Coliseum in Italy! Lucky you! Funny, but I don't mind washing cars in the summertime. Any excuse for me to get outside and I'm IN!

  8. Any picture reminiscent of spring or summer is one that I am drawn to at the moment. Your picture of a perfectly cooked marshmallow made me long for summer nights!

  9. We agreed on #1…and I too have been to see a performance in the Coliseum in Verona. I was on an orchestra trip with my daughters (part of the SCYO), as a chaperone - but I got to play my flute too. We saw "Carmen" there… but we were all so tired from the whirl-wind trip I think many of the young people napped during it.

  10. Loved your gift you received. Great questions and answers today. Blessings

  11. I agree with you on the nature vs nurture thing and I can understand why you picked the Coliseum.

    What a beautiful gift!!

  12. That is such a thoughtful and wonderful surprise you received in the mail. Susan did nail it with that one! I enjoyed your answers, Joyce! Looks like you had a great time with friends, in Italy! Fun!

  13. Oh my gosh.. that globe? That is so beautiful.. in so many ways!!!

  14. What a beautiful gift that globe is for you! I got chills and choked up when I saw it. There sure are some really thoughtful, caring bloggers out there.
    I had trouble putting my answers into words this week but I was nodding along as I read yours :)

  15. Happy Wednesday! Great answers....I agree with your #3 I think about how my own husband was raised and wonder how he ended up so different than his parents (thankfully) nature and possible outside influences is the only's a tricky questions for sure. Love love love the globe!

  16. haha on us both not having changing a filter. I could of course, but why? And it is the same with the cars over here though I do run them through car washes, lol Oh and to be such a place for a concert, NOPE can't beat that. And what a perfect gift! I love that too. That you feel you know someone soo well who you have never met. Enjoyed this as always. Have a good day!

  17. I love your surprise gift! I'm sure you'll treasure it always.
    It IS satisfying watching our children grow into the people we always hoped and dreamed they'd be. It's the next-best reward for growing older. Grandchildren are the best reward :)
    Thanks for continuing to come up with great questions each week.

  18. Great answer with the furnace filter. My husband doesn't do cars or windows, never has!!! Honest to God I got chills and tears in my eyes when I saw the gift you received. Absolutely perfect and so thoughtful!

  19. What a beautiful globe! Susan was so sweet to think of you and get it for you! Your little Hodgepodge blog has really turned into a neat little community - I really do look forward to "catching up" with everyone each week... how good is our God to provide friendships in the most unlikely of places!

  20. Love the gift it was perfect for you and all the travling you do.

  21. What a beautiful globe.

    I quite enjoyed your answers from this week. I would absolutely love to spend some time in Italy! Such memories for you. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  22. There's a wild card in the Nature-Nurture debate and that is "free will." Much of what happens to us is a consequence of our choices which are affected by our nature and how we were nurtured (trained). Re: The car washing thing. Cars are generally a man's domain. I can clean the kitchen operating room standards, at least to my mind, but SWMBO always comes after me, finds something amiss to her mind and does some touch up. I suspect it's the same psychology with respect to Hubs and car cleanliness. Good questions this week.

  23. What a wonderful gift!
    Oh, and I forgot about marshmallows.......we do toast them more often than I eat anything else on a stick.
    Mama Bear

  24. That was very kind of Susan. It is strange how you can get to know a person via blogging and never actually meet! I saw something similar on Pinterest that I plan on doing. Thanks, as usual, for the fun questions. Have a fabulous day!

  25. Oh, a "happie" in the mail is just the best and oh, so appropriate for you.

    And, I haven't had a roasted marshmallow in years and years. I need to do something about it because it sounds so yummy.

    I'd love to meet up with you and Kim in NYC -- too much fun!

  26. Italy? Oh yes! And, what a thoughtful gifter and nice gift.

  27. She was right! That was perfect for you! My #3 would have turned into a dissertation. LOL I cut it way short. WAY. Hope your girls are well!

  28. How fun is that! Perfect gift for you! I missed the hodgepodge this week, we were visiting with Stan's cousins in Branson. Fun times. Hopefully next week!

  29. Loved the globe and your photos from Italy. Wow.

  30. what a nice and thoughtful gift--very cool!

  31. I have the same globe... It is from the direct sales company (Blessings Unlimited/Mary & Martha) I work for! It does seem perfect for you! Also, I miss marshmallows... I think I am joining the ranks of those who are over winter! I am ready to fire up the fire pit!