Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

So life is plodding along in that way it does every February, and I like it.  I know lots of you reading here are saying enough winter already, but I love the changing seasons. Snow days help me appreciate the warmth and coziness of home, and they also provide unscheduled time to think and write.

Course hibernation does not good blog fodder make, so I thought to myself, why not dig out a Thursday Throwback photo?  Here's why not-

My 'throwbacks' are ridiculous.

Pretty sure this was taken with a Disc camera. Kids, the term Disc had nothing to do with digital cameras or computers. It was the early 80's and our computers needed their own classroom...sometimes even their own building. The camera was called a Disc camera because the film was actually a flat disc as opposed to a spool. The picture quality was terrible, but I don't suppose I needed to tell you that-ha!

This particular photograph was taken back when I was still super disciplined about writing on the backs of every.single.picture. I carefully identified people by first and last name, including my own self, because no future great -great-great grandchild of mine was going to have to wonder, 'who in the world are these people?'

No idea who the guy in the background is. I do know he's a stranger, because if he weren't I would have put his name on back. See how that works?

Besides identifying the people in the picture I also normally wrote the occasion or location, and on the back of this one it says -'First Fun Snow Day', December 1982. Let's discuss.

Me and the hubs.
Except the hubs was not the hubs then, he was just the boyfriend.
And he had a mustache.

1982, remember?
Guys had mustaches.

Hubs and I had been dating and/or married over 15 years before I saw him without a mustache. We were at my parents house for Christmas the year he shaved it off, and when he strolled downstairs into their living room with a bare upper lip, both little daughters promptly burst into hysterical tears. True story.

Back to 1982, and my 'first fun snow day'. I feel certain I did not mean first fun snow day of my life, but rather first fun snow day of the year.

We were sledding.
On cardboard.

In 1982 college students did not posses expensive snow boards. Dorms were filled with milk crates turned bookcase, and bedding from home that did not necessarily match your roommate's bedding from home, and phones on the wall that you shared with literally everyone else living on your hall.

I think in this picture we're at the golf course, but I can't say for certain because I didn't write it down. The golf course was where college kids went sledding, and normally we took trays from the dining hall, but for some reason this day we're sledding on cardboard. I know this because I found a picture of friends who were with us, and they're sitting on the 'sleds'.

We're still friends by the way...they got married a month after we did, and they're also still married. When we see these friends I sometimes feel like the 22 year old girl in this photo. I think that's part of the beauty of college friends. They help you remember how the person you were helped make you the person you are.

Let's talk about my hair, because I'm sure my hair is the reason I opted to be cold as opposed to wearing a hat.  Did you notice hubs is wearing a down vest?

Hey kids, don't get rid of your down vests, because come 2044 the one you've got on today will be in style again too. 

Yesterday hubs and I literally slid down the driveway so I could get the mail, and he could move the snow the street plow had thrown up to block us in. I guess it must have been something like our 'hundreth fun snow day'.  And those kids in that picture up there?

They had no idea.


  1. What a fun trip down memory lane! Thanks for taking us along! Oh, those 80s!!

  2. Fun to look back and remember, isn't it? Hubby and I had our first "snow day" in 1973...4 months before we were married. We seldom get snow here in GA, but that Feb we got 17 inches...most ever! We built a snowman and made snow angels...a rare treat. Last week,we got a couple of inches...made me think of that Feb almost 41 years ago!

  3. I have known my husband since about 1980. The only time I have seen him without a mustache was briefly in 1982 when he had to shave it off because he was part of the opening ceremonies for EPCOT. True story. I looked at him and said, "You look like your dad, grow it back." He's had a goatee for the last 16 or so years. I have no idea what it's like to kiss him without facial hair. (TMI?)

  4. That is SO funny about the moustache!
    I have only seen Honey without his a couple of times in the 32 years I have known him. He does NOT look like my husband without it, it's weird!
    I like the throwbacks, it's good to remember!

  5. Joyce, I just LOVE reading your blog and typically stay in the background....but couldnt resist commenting on this one. It was the picture of you and and your husband that did it! I am not sure how long you were dating at this point...but the way you arms are wrapped around him, brought me back to young that feeling that being together was never long enough or close enough. That all you wanted to do was experience everything with THIS one person. Truly this is really a special picture, and I am glad you have all the details on the back of it- so someday when it is uncovered by your fruits of the family tree....they'll see it too. Thanks for sharing- it has aroused wistful memories for me, of a special time in life.

  6. I would not have put a hat on either! Your hair looks great with wings :) I love the ski jacket too. I laughed when I remembered how short they were and how everything hit right at the waist. Such fun memories!

  7. Ah, if only we knew back then what we know now. ha! My hubby had a mustache when we met (1981) and would still have one today if I hadn't pushed him to shave it off. Whew - much better!

  8. I love digging out old photographs and remembering how young and naive we were back then :)
    Ed grew a mustache while he was overseas (a handlebar one, no less!), and it was the ugliest thing I've ever seen. He'd roll the ends of it up and I'd just about die...

  9. I remember disc cameras - I had one, wonderful grainy quality of the pictures.

  10. I remember disc cameras. I think our first vacation as a couple were taken on one. I'll have to dig those photos out and compare the quality. We really thought we were high tech too.

  11. I love everything about that picture and this post! I can't believe I've never seen this picture before.
    p.s. You're hair looks fantastic, I wouldn't have worn a hat either.

  12. Sweet memories! You guys were so adorable!

  13. Always fun seeing pictures from the past and yes mustaches were definitely in! People use to laugh at me because I bought a date stamp and would put the date on the back of all of our pictures.

  14. Wayne and I have been married for nearly 19 years and although I have seen pictures of him without a mustache, he's had one ever since I've known him.

  15. That was fun! Such a cute couple you were. Love the story about the mustache. I'm with you on not wearing a hat - it was always scary when I had to take the thing off.

  16. Oh, love the mustache story. Hubby has had one for probably 35 years and he did shave it off once when the kids were little and they told him his face was crooked without it. It was hysterical! He immediately grew it back and has had one ever since.

    Enjoyed your Throwback Thursday entry!!!

  17. I love tbt....these are great! My hubby has a beard I can barely remember him without even though it was off and on in the last 25 years.....I had a disc camera loved it....I wish digital came about earlier all my early on pictures are fading! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. When I saw "throwback Thursday" and then saw your "boyfriend" looking like he couldn't stand up without you, I thought he looks like he "threw back" one too many! Mouth hanging open...haha.

    Enjoyed the memories of milk crate bookcases and nothing matching your roommate's bedding and sharing one phone in the hall. Aaah. I remember having to stand in line with quarters to use the pay phone or call collect to my BF.

    Thanks for a good laugh and fun pictures.

  19. Love it! Thanks for pulling out your pictures and your memories and sharing them with us. The older we get, the more precious they become.

  20. I remember crying the first time my dad shaved his beard and mustache. He doesn't look like my Daddy without them.

  21. Disc cameras……ha…..haven't thought about those in a good while! Yes, February is not a good blogging month! I sat down tonight and had nothing!