Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday Fragments

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Half-Past Kissin' Time

Also, because I conveniently have a list of five frags I'm going to go ahead and link up with Five on Friday too.

We're having the house power washed today. Hubs tried to get me to walk around the perimeter with him so he could show me specific areas I should then show them, but a) not my thing and b) quite often it is no hablo ingles and c) did I tell you it's not my thing? Here's hoping they do a good job. It will not be the job hubs would do if he were doing it himself, but hopefully it will be close.

My neighborhood book club read The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay this month. I really liked this one, the author's voice and the way the story unfolded. In fact, we all liked this one. The language is sometimes raw, but so is the storyline.

Daughter1's wedding invitations arrived from the printer this week which made us both supremely happy, and a teensy bit giddy. There's nothing quite like seeing it all officially in writing!

Hubs and I are going to see Gary Puckett perform this weekend. Raise your hand if you're old enough to know who that is. For those who do not, Gary Puckett sang lead in a band called Gary Puckett and the Union Gap back in the late 60's. I was but a child myself back then, but had a teenage sister who listened to their records.

Raise your hand if you remember records-ha!

Anyway, GP and the Union Gap sang songs that were catchy, the kind you couldn't help but sing along. Our girls when they were small loved one in particular called Young Girl, which has what might be some of the most inappropriate lyrics of the day. The thing is, you didn't think too deeply about it all back then, at least we didn't. In some ways the world was once a more innocent place.

Trust. We have something going on here at the moment that has me thinking about that word as it relates to faith. Not going into our own particulars, but I imagine most people reading here have something in their lives they are trusting God for. Because when we hear the word, that's how we most often frame it-can I trust God? Coincidentally or providentially or not at all by accident or happenstance, the very day our particular circumstance arose I read this in my Bible Study homework (Beth Moore in Children of the Day)...

'We say 'trust God' yet we agonize privately over whether He can be trusted. The Bible repeatedly suggest however, that God tests us to see whether or not we can be trusted. Maybe His point of view is something like this: "Child, you can trust Me;  I cannot do you wrong. The question is can I trust you? I have work to accomplish on this planet during your time here. I have riches of the Spirit to be stewarded. I'm testing your heart, and my deisre is to find it trustworthy.' 

Does that resonate with anyone else today?

And then finally there's this-

This amazing burst of color I see every time I open my front door.

And yes I do know that's six things not five, but that last bit was a tad too heavy note to end on. Happy weekend all!


  1. Well . . . sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity for growth going on. ;) How's that for a positive spin? I'll pray for you friend.

  2. I love that color!!!! Fall color is the #1 criteria for selecting a tree for me. We had 2 new trees planted a couple of years ago so I'm hoping for some gorgeous color in our back yard!

    I am waaaaay behind on that Beth Moore Bible study and definitely need to get back to the grind on it! It's a good one and the first few weeks really, really spoke to me.

  3. What a gorgeous tree...Wow!

    We're doing Children of the Day too. Good stuff. Yes, God is most certainly trustworthy and I just pray He finds me that way too.

    I remember Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. I really didn't listen to that kind of music often, but I remember them. I was just a kid too. lol

    Have a great weekend Joyce.

  4. Well first off, YAY on the invitations arriving. That DOES make it seem so official, huh? And that would be a yes on Gary Pucket, lol. I thoroughly enjoyed him. And it's funny how we sang out the words to young girl and it never really struck me at all how inappropriate they were. Different times for sure. I love the little bit of Beth you shared. How she speaks to my heart! I just ordered another study from her. Anxious to get started. And oh my goodness, what a gorgeous tree. I'd love having that to see every day. Not many Fall colors around here. Enjoy your week-end!

  5. Oh man, I can so relate to 'I'll show you what I'm thinking and you tell the guy...' Ugh.
    And sadly, I we also have some extended family things going on right now that are screaming 'trust in Him.' Let's just say, my prayer tower is over crowded. ;)

  6. I remember Gary Pucket only because my parents listened to him and the band. I know what records are! There was a 45 speed for the smaller ones and 33 for the albums!

  7. Good luck with the power washing :)

    Yes, I'm a long-time fan of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, and not long ago I was really listening to those lyrics, too--maybe for the first time HA!
    I've been listening to a lot of hits of the 60's, and noticing a lot of inappropriate lyrics that I never paid attention to when I was younger...

    That tree is gorgeous! It screams FALL!

    Have a great weekend, it'll be Monday before you know it.

  8. My hand is up I remember Gary Puckett. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Love that burning bush outside your door! Glad God doesn't make decisions based on our trustworthiness. His expectations of our performance are not high. He knows our frame, that we are but dust. So glad he sees us through the blood of Jesus.

    What fun to look at the wedding invitations. Exciting!!

  10. Oh, my goodness, I knew every song that GP and the Union Gap sang and I know it will be a great concert.

    And, yes, trust, hummm, can be so tough at times!

    Wishing you a fun weekend!

  11. That bush is so pretty by your home. Yeah for the invitations coming in. I don't really remember Gary Puckett but I hope you guys had a fun time.

  12. Yes I remember the Union Gap. Records - the vinyl LP made a come back. That's a wondering bush to have for the fall.

  13. Wow! I have never seen a tree turn that orange all at once. That is beautiful. And yes, I absolutely remember records.

  14. Well, I am raising my hand. Hope you enjoyed the concert! I'm trying to catch up on blogs I missed while we were away. I am also catching up on mail and magazines....and I just have ask if you read Gardens & Guns, because there is a huge article about trash fish.... I laughed out loud when I read it, and just had to ask!! As to your comment on trusting God, and being trusted....that's a tough one, for sure, and we are tested by it, indeed. How fun that the invitations arrived (and have no mistakes!).

  15. I remember Gary Puckett and the Union Gap! Oh MY, those words were a little kweepy!!
    Trust is an everyday kind of thing, isn't it? Praying for perseverance.
    That's a purty tree! I have a few around here that I love to look at at every change. The favored trees.