Monday, October 27, 2014

All Over the Map. Per Usual.

Why did I schedule a dental appointment for first thing Monday morning after a weekend away? Ugh. But done so that's something.

So here's what last week looked like. Get up in the dark of night Wednesday to drop hubs at Newark Airport for his trip to South Dakota. I know. Who goes to South Dakota? No offense South Dakotans, but it's just not a place most East Coasters ever get to see.

Unless they pheasant hunt.
We'll get back to that.

I left the airport and drove another hour and a half down to my mom's house in South Jersey, arriving just in time for breakfast. Like I said...early. My mom had a lot on her calendar Wednesday so the pup and I went for a walk, napped, and read while she was out. Thursday I drove another 2 1/2 hours down to DC to my daughters, stopping en route to pick up her car key from the detailer so that once I picked her up from the Metro we could then get back in rush hour traffic and collect her actual car. Keep up people! After we got the car we decided to have a leisurely dinner and allow some of the commuters time to get off the road. Not sure that ever happens around the Beltway, but by 8 PM it was some better.

Daughter1 went to work on Friday and I got busy packing up her share of the townhouse. In my head I had imagined this job being fairly quick and painless. Ha! Midway through the day I had to go to Home Depot and get a few more supplies. Have mercy!!, the traffic y'all. No wonder our politicians are all cranky. Home Depot is about 3 miles from my girl's house, but everybody's going somewhere, all at the same time, all the time it seems. I file these thoughts onto the 'reasons to be happy Daughter1 is moving out of DC' list I keep in my head. It's a short list, but the fact that she will leave all this traffic behind makes me a little bit happy. I know people talk about Seattle traffic, but a) she's not moving to Seattle, so won't be driving in it every day, and b) in terms of traffic DC trumps the state with a similar name by a mile.

Did you come here to read about traffic?

Even though there was a lot to get done, I had a nice time with my girl. Chatting, planning, working our way through a bag of Cow Tales. In our defense it was a small bag. She still has more packing to do, but we made a big huge dent in the process this past weekend. I'll be trekking back to DC next week to accompany her to her final dress fitting in the store, finish up the last bits of packing, and then bringing her home to NJ. Whoohoo! So excited to have her sleeping in her bed upstairs for a solid week before she flies to SC and then out to Washington State, and then back to SC, and then back to NJ with her sister for Christmas.

We won't think too hard about airplanes and Ebola.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota...hubs and some buds had a manly man's weekend pheasant hunting in the wilds of The Mount Rushmore State. He did not see Mount Rushmore, but he did come home with some beautiful birds.

If you're squeamish about such things don't look-

And don't open my freezer which is full of birds.

With a wing still on, which kind of skeeves me out so I'm avoiding the freezer too. Apparently one wing has to be left on for travel in case you're inspected. They need to know you only took males as it's illegal to take the hens.

And yes we plan to eat them, but I don't think I'll manage the whole 'under glass' thing. Remember in the old cartoons they were always serving pheasant under glass? Did I just date myself? Ours will likely be marinated in something and perhaps wrapped in bacon because we've heard they can be dry, and bacon makes everything deliciously moist. If you have a recipe you love send it my way.

Hubs had a wonderful time, and was overdue for some R & R. Of course he made friends with all the hunting dogs and no he did not wear flip flops in the field. He said I'd have loved taking pictures out there, so maybe one of these days.

With a side trip to Mt. Rushmore though, because if I'm going all the way to South Dakota I'm going to see the faces carved into a granite mountainside.


  1. My husband was raised in South Dakota, so is familiar with hunting birds, and I've eaten pheasant every way possible.

  2. My dad was a hunter and we had all kinds of game for dinner when I was growing up. He always wanted me to learn to shoot and go with him, but there was no way I could shoot at a bunny (or any sweet animal!). Thankfully, my little brother was only three years behind me, and he didn't mind hunting....

    What a schedule you and D1 are keeping up with. Whew!! Counting the days....and it seems like you have everything under control and moving along smoothly. Good planning and organization, indeed!

  3. My husband grew up in So. Dakota, so he knows all about pheasant hunting and would no doubt be jealous of your husbands adventures. And oh my were you ever busy. Time is whipping by soo fast. Glad you've got her home for a week. Enjoy!

  4. Oh, my, you are more than busy my friend and I can't help but wonder if you won't be doing the same thing all over again with daughter #2 shortly afterwards. Maybe you will get a little rest inbetween. :0)) And, know you feel like I always did when our daughter and family lived far away, thankful that I had the ways and means to make it work. I would have been an unhappy Momma with an unhappy daughter if not. Enjoy sharing this journey with you.

  5. No.Lie. about going all the way out to SD & seeing Mt. Rushmore! I'm sure it's a beautiful state, though!
    I need a nap after reading about your weekend. And just thinking about DC traffic. Crazy.

  6. My dad went pheasant hunting waaaay back in the day (back when the cartoons showed pheasant being served under glass - I know I dated myself there - ha!). I don't remember how my mom served the pheasant (NOT under glass - ha!), but I liked it.

    I'd like to visit SD - to see Mt. Rushmore ... and then head to the rest of the National Parks in the NW quadrant of the US. I'm not sure if that will ever happen, but I can dream.

    Good luck on that busy, busy schedule over the next couple of months. ;-)

  7. Indiana is greatly enjoying hunting season here in Michigan, and is planning a trip for next week to hunt with the new son-in-law. apparently there's nothing like bonding over deer hunting. : ) I'm not sure it's legal to visit South Dakota and not see Mt Rushmore.

  8. Sounds like you were very busy but how wonderful that you got to see your mom and spend time helping your daughter pack. I think these next two months are going to fly by way too fast! Enjoy the ride......