Monday, October 20, 2014

October Goodness

The thermometer on my car read 37 degrees when I left for boot camp this morning. And it seems like almost overnight (no pun intended) the mornings are pitch black. It takes a little more umph to get up and out from under my toasty covers, but then I remember my m.o.b. dress and that pretty much does it.

Plus when you're up and out early you get to see this...

That's sunrise for those of you who sleep til 9.
Does anyone actually sleep til 9?

It was another beautiful fall weekend in our neck of the woods.

I love October.

When I let the pup out on Saturday morning it was gusty, and FYI-here's why they call it 'fall'.

I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems like it should be. Hubs will twitch from now until every last leaf is down. We have millions, and he doesn't like to see so much as a single one lying on the grass. A typical conversation when we pull in to the driveway after being out for a few hours goes something like this-

Hubs- 'Look at the mess on the yard!'
I spy three leaves and say, 'What mess???'
to which he replies, 'All those leaves, just look at all those leaves.'

Nature you mean?  If he had his way our lawn guys would do a fall clean up three times a week. Shh...don't tell hubs, but I love a windy day when the leaves swirl. Our back woods are positively dancing right now, and I try to soak it all in because in another month these trees will be bare. That's pretty in its own way, but cannot compare to a forest of October trees.

Hubs was traveling last week so we had a quiet evening at home Friday night.  It was just the right kind of weather for a fire out back...

...and maybe a marshmallow or two.  So glad I married a boy scout. 

For the record, I was a camp counselor and can build a pretty mean fire too, but no need when hubs is home. I think a love of fire is present at birth, part of a little boy's DNA they never quite outgrow.

We spent all day Saturday at the 94th running of the Far Hills Horse Race. It's a steeplechase and a really fun day. Judging from my hair you might think I was actually riding, but no...just a very breezy day.

We were in a corporate tent with a great viewing spot, beautiful decor, a delicious breakfast and lunch, and the added perk of our own restroom. Port-a-pottys are for the young, drunk, or desperate and we were none of those on Saturday.

The temperature dropped on Sunday and we watched a lot of football from the comfort of our cozy couch. Shout out to our favorite Tennessee VOL Peyton Manning, for throwing TD # 509, and breaking the NFL record held by Brett Favre. Whoohoo! We won't even mention here the current Volunteer team's performance on Saturday. ahem.

So, what happened in your little corner this weekend, and most importantly, are the trees showing off? Are you happy to live in a world with Octobers?


  1. I can't remember the last time I slept until 9. I am usually up by 6 am. Love the pictures of the colored leaves. Sounds like a nice weekend and a fun time at the races!

  2. I've never been to a horse race of any kind, so would love to do this. I'll put it on my bucket list. And, oh yes, I get to see the sunrise.

  3. Our trees are not beautiful like yours are this time of year. I have been known to sleep in until 9:00ish now and then, but it is rare. The sunrise photos are just breathtaking, and worth getting up to see, indeed.

  4. I too saw a beautiful sunrise today - I am like you I love the leaves twirling and falling from the trees. My husband could care less about leaves like your husband. LOL We have many in our yard!!! I don't think he even sees them.

  5. I do enjoy the sunrise. I am missing it lately as Tucker and I are out walking at 5:30 and I'm at school by 7:00 so, when the sun comes up, I am stuck inside. My lab has ZERO windows. I call it the cave. But on the weekends, I make sure to take our walks in time to enjoy the sunrise. So beautiful. I'm so glad you're doing your bootcamp. Maybe I will do something about myself by the time the next one marries. What I got done this weekend was power washing the house. Since we're not having your delightful temps. Though we are staying in the 70s during the day now. Hey, did you post the shower and I missed it???? I'm going to check now!

  6. I am up between 5 and 6 every day. Oh my goodness, I would feast very day on the scenery that you are surrounded with. And the sunrise!! Gorgeous. Our days have been very pleasant here, but would love to have temperatures below 50.
    I have been to one horse race in my life.

  7. And we enjoyed an outdoor Bluegrass Festival over the weekend, which was a fun day.

  8. Our trees are just beginning their show and dropping. I like the look of leaves all around too. Lucky for the Hubs, the new yard guy is all over it already! Yay, for yard guys!

  9. I haven't seen 9:00 o'clock in longer than I can remember. We are a bit behind you on fall. Tree are just beginning to change colors and a few leaves are falling. Our hubs sound so much alike. Tommy cannot stand anything out of order on our 2 1/2 acres and thankfully we will be reducing that substantially when we move into our new house. Have a great week!

  10. Of course I sleep past 9. That's why I rely on you to take pictures of the sunrises so I know they exist. Thanks! ;)

  11. I love October ... and I'd love it better if it didn't mean that winter was coming. Why oh why did we stay here in Illinois when we retired? Oh, I remember ... 4 little ones who completely stole my heart. ;-)

  12. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! We don't get as much of the leafy look here along the Front Range of Colorado as you do, but I love what we have. As for Peyton Manning, we are so happy he's on our team!!