Friday, October 31, 2014

Freaky Friday Fragments

Happy Halloween! I saw an ad for Best Buy last night while watching The Biggest Loser, and while they didn't say ho-ho-ho or the ever popular 'happy holidays', there were Christmas lights twinkling, snow falling and the sound of bells in the background. On October 30th. They didn't even wait for Halloween.

Our local supermarket is also confused, and it seems they've kind of just waved the white flag on this whole holiday season. In a single aisle you can find Halloween candy on one side, Christmas lights and assorted decor on the facing side, and running down the middle are Thanksgiving napkins and turkey related paper goods.

One question-why???? I just do not understand why this is necessary in October. Christmas especially, but even Thanksgiving is late this year. We have a solid month to shop?? for Thanksgiving once Halloween ends, so why???

Hunting was a theme in this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. It's funny how strongly people feel about hunting. Most hunters I know are the most responsible of gun owners, and most eat what they kill. With all the talk of hormones and gobbledy-gook injected into our food, hunting is truly getting back to basics. You know where your meat comes from if you hunt.

Unless we're all going vegetarian, our meat is killed in some form or fashion, oftentimes much less humanely than by a hunter's bow or bullet. I think the 'gun debate' in our country has lost all perspective. I'm still waiting for a real discussion about the mental health crisis in our country which, if not at the root of our most recent tragedies, is certainly a factor in nearly all of them.

In happier news I had a facial yesterday. I need to have my skin looking ten years younger by January-ha! Is that possible? I'll let ya know.

I fi-na-lly got Daughter1's car booked with a mover. You're relieved I know. Getting a car from the East Coast to the West Coast within a very narrow window of time has been a teensy tiny bit stressful. But!...her belongings and her vehicle will be collected next week and on their way. I'm pretty sure I'll sleep easier once this portion of the 'wedding planning' is behind us.

Lastly, this video surfaced on YouTube and is making its way round social media. This occurred just up the road so to speak, not far from the mall where I shop, a couple of little towns over from where I live. Hubs and I saw something very similar in our backyard the first year we lived here. The bears reminded us of the way brothers sometimes wrestle. Experts consulted believe the two in the video were likely worked up about a girl-bear. Anyway, it's a pretty incredible snapshot of suburban NJ wildlife. Creation never ceases to amaze-

If you've got fragments from your week to share, hop over to Half Past Kissin' Time and add your link to the party. Enjoy your Friday everyone!

And Merry Christmas! Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much turkey!


  1. I didn't see this video and I live in this town! LOL

    1. I wondered if you'd seen this...right in your neck of the woods!

  2. That video is something. Going to share it on my page. Like your Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween and don't eat too much turkey! :)

  3. What an incredible video...looks like the videographer got a little nervous a couple of times or almost dropped the camera. I share your frustration with the Halloween/Christmas/Thanksgiving issues in the stores. I'm definitely not ready for Christmas and don't want to be tired of it when it does get here! Happy Halloween!

  4. While we shopped yesterday they had the halloween stuff on discount and were filling the shelves with Christmas. Our thanksgiving is over and retailers used to wait until the Santa Claus parade to start thinking about Christmas. Walmart will be open 24 hours a day until Christmas.

  5. Hard to believe that you all have bears nearby. No bears in my neck of the woods, although we had coyotes when we first moved in.

  6. I share your frustration about stores rushing the holidays! The worst part is, if you don't shop early, the best stuff is gone by the normal shopping time! What's a person to do?

    I've never thought of how much work it would be to move across country! At least you are a 'pro' at moving, so your daughter is in good hands :)

    I noticed the range of emotions concerning 'hunting', on The Hodgepodge, too. I guess some people don't think about where their meat comes from before it gets to the supermarket. We live in a poultry farming area, and seeing what I see every day makes me not want to eat much chicken :( The gun debate in America is very divided, as well! We live in the south, so you can be pretty certain where we stand on the gun issue :)

    The bear video was amazing! I can't imagine that going on in a neighborhood--and the bears didn't even pay any attention to the cars going by either! Wow.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I share your views on people being soo upset over guns, hunting, "junk" in their food, and on and on and ON the list goes...sigh. The bears are really something. Melody and I saw a mother and her cubs once calming walking down the street once when we were driving in the foothills. You'd think we discovered I don't know we became soo excited. lol Enjoy your week-end!

  8. I'm afraid that the 'why?' is the economy. Retailers are doing everything they can, including sales now, before the holidays, to help sales. Despite all the reassurances by the administration to the contrary, the economy is not good. Thinking of you with the coming wedding. So many mixed emotions, I'm sure.

  9. Yes it is crazy, they start earlier and earlier each year! I agree with you on the meat and our meat does get killed someway somehow. And that is true about all stuff it is not injected with. I just love seeing deer when we are on vacation in Mammoth Lakes, I just can't imagine shooting at it. My husband has a large collection of guns and enjoys his membership to the gun club. Yes gun owners and hunters are very responsible. I also agree on the mental health crisis which I too believe is at the bottom of most the tragic shootings. That is some incredible footage on the bears. Have a nice weekend.

  10. I agree with you about the marketing in stores. Before Christmas is over, there will be Valentine candy out on the shelves. Mark my words. It is ridiculous. Glad the car and belongings are on their way to the far northwest. January will be here before you (or any of us) know it. I agree with you about hunters and gun owners being the most responsible. Joe and I both have our concealed weapon licenses. I think every citizen should be trained in firearms and own at lease one weapon. We would be a safer society. Just my thinking.

  11. More bah-humbug and boo to all the holiday commercialism and really don't like it when Christmas and Halloween are side by side. Not a real fan of Halloween. Glad to hear you discuss the gun issue in such a sensible way, and especially the mental health crisis.
    That bear video was amazing! How scary to be out in the neighborhood and see a sight like that!

  12. You are so right about the mental health crisis.

  13. I watched that viral bear video just yesterday. In someways it related to the hunting topic. I have not hunted in many many years. My brother really got into it and I have enjoyed fresh pheasant and venison. Yes, hunters should only kill what they are going to eat. Unfortunately there are idiots everywhere. Overall though hunting supports nature conservation and wilderness. Good things. Thanks for sharing your position.

  14. Hubby's good friend caught a bear on his tree camera having a fit with his feeder for the deer. So, so unbelievable!

    Oh, I know you will be glad when the car and belongings are on their way. I know someone that just shipped a car and for her, it was not an easy feat, but she did finally get it done.

    Happy weekend!

  15. I had to go to the dreaded WalMart last weekend and asked why all their Christmas stuff was out alreay (October 25) and was told that it just takes them so long to get everything out on display. Really? Because it wasn't in there the weekend before when I had to run in to get something for the treasure box at school. Sigh. Glad all is going well with the big move.

  16. Very interesting bear fight. You don't see that every day!
    Good luck with the facial, as well as the car move! :)
    Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  17. Yep, the mall is already decorated here and the Christmas music is playing. We are keeping score/tabs on how many Christmas commercials we see on TV this weekend. I watched TV most of the day today because it was a cold rainy Saturday and the hubs went to work - the Hallmark Channel was nothing but Christmas movies! I could not believe it! I think the economy has been so bad the retail businesses have to get us into the spending season earlier and earlier. It works - I have already started feeling a little panicky and feeling like I am behind. Don't know how I would be planning a wedding too!