Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Lite

I'm not going to bother and explain again!!  how my blog has become a series of lists, Hodgepodges,and fragments lately. I choose instead to embrace the busy, full-heart season of life we are living and record what I can. Friday Fragments work for me right now. When emotions are big and sloppy, and running a little bit helter skelter, I think blogging about the curiosities, wonders, and minutiae of life is easier and somewhat therapeutic.

I'm blogging from my IPad, which I find incredibly frustrating. I'm not having a lot of luck (skill??) getting the button here today, but if you want to join the party you're invited here, Half Past Kissin' Time, to share your own random. 

So this is happening...

Don't be jealous...I'm at my Daughter1's house helping her pack.
I cannot look her roommate in the eye. 

These friends, y'all. 

So so special. 

We're also addressing wedding invitations this weekend, invitations custom designed with much tender loving care, by the bride herself. They are absolutely beautiful. Pretend there's a picture inserted here because no, I'm not posting a picture here. Sometime after the big day, which incidentally is less than 80 days away but who's counting???, I'll post lots of pictures and too many details, but for now we're keeping mum. 

Like I said up there...let's talk stuff and nonsense instead of friendships that run deep and baby girls in white dresses moving cross country. 

I feel like I should know what Apple Pay is all about but true confession, I really don't. I've been getting emails from various businesses like my bank and Paneras saying it's here! We accept it!, but I haven't bothered reading up on what it actually is. Perhaps I should.

Essential oils. Something else I feel like I should know about but don't. They've been mentioned in several different blog posts I've read recently, and I'm more or less clueless. Other than to know they have something to do with our health. And they're oils. And apparently essential. I'm interested in knowing more about this one. 

And lastly, because those boxes are not going to pack themselves... A friend sent me this link to a VW ad filmed in a Hong Kong theatre. The theatre asked patrons to leave their cell phones ON when they entered the movie. Using that, Volkswagen made a pretty powerful if only people would think about it when they're behind the wheel. 


  1. wow, that is a powerful ad. I don't understand essential oils either.

  2. So you're helping daughter pack? I hope you enjoy the time spent together--even if it is during packing or addressing invitations :) Less than 80 days... the time is quickly approaching, isn't it?

    I've seen talk about Apple Pay and Essential Oils, but have no clue what either is all about. At this point in my life, do I even care? Not really!

    I'll tell you to have a great weekend, but I already know you will :)

  3. "the curiosities, wonders, and minutiae of life" - perfect fit for a blog post.
    Wow that is great ad with an important message. I'll be sharing that one.

  4. Ahhhh the boxes/moves never end, do they?
    I don't know anything about essential oils either. And why are they essential? Essential, to what? Let us know if/when you find out.
    Apple Pay seems like it would not be the safest way to do business. Is that my age? Hmm.
    Dying, and I mean DYING to see the wedding invites. I'll wait. {sigh}
    Great ad, I hope/wonder if my people have seen it.
    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  5. Joyce, why is that "fragments" seems appropriate for one of your posts? Oh my, the many different directions your life is taking you right now is mind boggling to say the least. I visited Daughter1's blog the other day regarding her moving out and away from these dear friends. How difficult this must be and how blessed she is to have such a bond with a giving Mom to help her through this.

  6. There is a law in Canada that says only hands free devices can be used however drivers haven't got the message yet. Good ad. We need more displays like that. Enjoy your wedding planning!

  7. I've been seeing the Apple Pay too and reading bits on essential oils too. I'm interested in finding out more on both, but who has time right now! lol

  8. Oh, wow, so much going on in your life and all exciting but also exhausting. You will not know how tired you really are until after the wedding and then you will likely crash. I can hardly wait to see pics of EVERYTHING. Happy and productive weekend!

  9. I've helped my kids move many times as well, but when I move, they all seem to be living away from me and aren't there to help! How does that work???

  10. I totally understand the fragments and the compartmentalizing and whatnot. You are so right to enjoy the moment whenever possible. I haven't commented, but I'm so thrilled for you and Daughter 1's engagement and all the fun. Enjoy!

  11. I remember that busy season all too well. We got it into our heads we could DIY a lot of Katy's wedding decor and such... I blame the evil/wonderful pinterest! Next wedding we will let other people do their jobs and try to do less ourselves!
    I don't get the essential oil thing either... A friend recently started selling some and since she has purchased from me I feel I shold look into it but I wouldn't know where to start.

  12. I think there will be always be something essential that means we need to buy it and buy lots of it. It's not going to be cheap, either. Other generations had tonics, lotions, fragrances, and other things that were essential, too, i think. Be wary!

  13. All I know about essential oils is that I use lavender for odor and relaxation- I put it in my organic shampoo and my organic laundry detergent. I also use tea tree oil in my shampoo as it is a lice preventative. And, teaching in an elementary school...LOL Other than that it's all about castor oil and coconut oil which I use in place of lotions. DD1 made her own wedding invitations. They were lovely! These less than 80 days are going to fly by! And there is no way you can post too much about the wedding! So many of us are looking forward to every word and picture! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. So much going on in your life but it sounds like all fun things! I saw that video on Facebook and I think it is amazing. I am so tired of people using their phones while driving.......

  15. A great advertisement. Wow. I don't even answer my phone in the car, and I have a blue tooth speaker. Nothing is that important!

    I enjoyed your post today!