Thursday, August 6, 2015

Drive On

We've been on the road, which might be the understatement of the century, and I have a lot to say. Really I just need somewhere to put my pictures and I'm still on my mom's computer so the editing is tricky. 

When I say we've been on the road, what I mean is we've driven roughly 3,000 miles in the past two weeks. Also, we're moving to South Carolina this weekend which is another 650, but pshht...we laugh at 650. 

And yes, we're finally moving into our apartment which I'm sure I'll blob about later, but for now let's head north to the land of Anne with an 'e' and moose as big as your car.

For the record, we did not see a single moose. Boo. With the number of signs posted we fully expected one to tear across the highway, but not a single creature crossed our path. 

I think this recap will need to be
fivetwo posts because we jammed a lot into those 2000+ miles up and back. Except I'm moving this weekend and blogging and moving do not play well together, so we'll see. 

We were invited to a wedding on Prince Edward Island, and I never miss a chance to see the land of Anne. Crossing the bridge onto PEI feels like driving into a storybook. Very special friends live on the island, and catching up with them in person is always a treat. Their daughter and our daughter1 navigated teenage life together in the UK, and we wanted to be there to share in her big day.

It's about 1000 miles up and another thousand back, but we made some stops along the way and turned it into a holiday. Maine is stunning. Seriously, one of the prettiest states in the whole of America. I love the coastline and the woodlands and the charming seaside towns. 

Oh, and also the lobster.   
Maineacs know how to make a proper lobster roll. 

We spent the first night in Freeport Maine, home to LL Bean who've got to be ranked number one in customer service around the world. Hubs dropped off his duck boots for resoling, duck boots he purchased 27 years ago and which still look fantastic. They'll resole the shoes and mail them to us in a few weeks, so easy peasy. Their flagship store is open 24/7, 365 days a year because I guess there are some crazy folks who absolutely must buy a kayak on Christmas Day. 

We had a wonderful dinner at the Jameson Tavern situated just behind Bean, and enjoyed our seafood al fresco with live music and a cool breeze.  I don't know that I'd want to winter in Maine, but summers here are absolute perfection. 

On Thursday we drove just under three hours from Freeport to one of my happy places-Bar Harbor. I am in love with this town and all it's natural beauty, charming shops, and wonderful seafood. 

We stayed in the Bar Harbor Inn which sits perched beside the rocky shoreline, and spent the day walking along the coast and in and out of shops.

We might also have eaten more lobster. ahem.

Bar Harbor was fogged in for a good part of the day, but still so so pretty. In case you're wondering, the moose atop that building is not real.

We got an early start on Friday, and while we hated to leave, we had another seven hours of driving ahead (plus you lose an hour when you cross the Canadian border) so it was back into the car and on to Prince Edward Island. Also one of my happy places. 

If you're a fan of the Anne books and have never been to PEI, rest assured this lovely island is all your childhood imagination ever dreamed it would be. 

The bride's parents were hosting a little event after their rehearsal and dinner, so hubs and I had a leisurely meal ourselves before heading over. 


Champagne and oysters at the Claddagh House on Sydney Street. Hubs makes friends wherever he goes, so naturally was invited behind the bar to shuck an oyster. After dinner we moved next door to meet up with our friends and their friends and of course the bride and groom.  

Daughter1 tried so hard to work out her schedule to be there, but just couldn't make it happen. I'm standing in with her high school besties. They're all grown up now, all three married and living about as far from one another as geography allows, but still close in heart. That's the bride on the right. The lighting was a little dim for a picture, but we were missing you Daughter1! 

Saturday morning hubs and I wandered around Charlottetown, in and out of shops, down by the waterfront, and up and down the tree-lined avenues near our hotel, The Great George.  

The wedding was held at one of the oldest churches on PEI, in a part of the island known as South Rustico. The weather was absolutely glorious, and the bride and groom adorable. 

Fathers of brides are pretty cute too. 
Just sayin'. 

Hors d'oeuvres were served here, with a gorgeous view and fresh oysters shucked on the patio by a very skilled oyster shucker. Dinner was served in a beautifully decorated room indoors, and was four courses of deliciousness. The mother of the bride has some serious foodie connections, and the chefs were top notch. Thankfully there was dancing after all that dining. 

I need to get moved y'all, and step out of vacation mode. 
For reals. 

I also need to wrap this up because we've been at my mom's for 56 days and it's now time to remember where I've stashed all those bags, bins, and boxes we arrived with way back in early June. I'd much rather talk about our holiday, but these suitcases won't pack themselves so it looks like there will be a part two after all. 

I'm a little overwhelmed by all there is to do in the next few days, but in the words of my favorite Anne...'It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.'

Even moving. 


  1. We should have met up, as we are vacationing in Maine at the moment at Camden, and we were in Bar Harbor last week as well. We may have passed you on the street and not even known it!

  2. Oh, I cannot imagine living to and fro as you have for the past couple of months. Know you will be so glad to get somewhat settled in your apt. I'm with you on Bar Harbor, we love it!!!! Looks like all your driving paid big dividends in a really good time.

    Our big move is this next Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. Wish it would all be behind me after the move but then it's preparing for an estate sale and the sale of this house. Ugh!

    Happy weekend!

  3. It seems you had a wonderful time and the wedding was lovely. Wishing you all good luck with the move this weekend!! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Safe travels!

  4. I have never been to Maine. I live here in land-locked Kansas. Reading this makes me want to go to Maine. And when I go I want to stay in the Bar Harbor Inn. What a beautiful place. I also haven't read the Anne books so I must look into that really soon. Good luck with the move!!

  5. Lovely to hear about your travels. Good luck with the move.

  6. I'm guessng we passed each other on the road. While you were traveling 1000 miles north, we drofe 1100 miles south from Canada! PEI is a stone's throw from us. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  7. Beautiful, Joyce! You might enjoy reading Faye's blog: have a summer home near there/P.E.I...Blessings

  8. I enjoyed part one of your travels. So glad you made it there and back safely.
    Good luck with your move!
    Kathy (of Reflections by Kathy)

  9. This is what your retirement looks like?!? Amazing travels. I loved Bar Harbor and wished we could have stayed at the Inn, but couldn't since we were on a cruise. Beautiful town. What a lovely place for a wedding. Anne is one of my favorites and to live in Prince Edward Island would be like a dream.

  10. Happy moving! (I hope you packed a Maine lobster in your bag for me...)

  11. How awesome that the boots can be resoled. I love L.L.Bean and would love to visit their store someday. Must put that on my bucket list! Also Bar Harbor looks so quaint. Looks like a wonderful wedding, so glad you were able to go and have such a great trip alone the way.

  12. I loved this "travel log" post! You are so right about summers in Maine. They can be spectacular. SWMBO and I also love Bar Harbor and vacationed there last year. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.