Thursday, August 4, 2016

Feeling All The Feels

So much has been happening here that trying to condense it into something readable feels a little overwhelming. Still I'm gonna give it the old college try. Where did that expression come from anyway? I googled the phrase and it goes back to Babe Ruth or maybe even further to the evangelist Billy Sunday, but that's got nothing to do with what's been happening here so let's carry on...

Daughter1 has been here visiting since a week ago Wednesday, and then her hubs was able to join us several days later. He is conveniently attending a medical conference in the Palmetto State which allowed him a couple of days to see his family too. So very glad we live near his parents and don't also have that layer of complication to work around.

The distance is hard. In a funny way I think I feel it more when she's home than when she's actually on the other side of the country. Somehow the nearness of her, the happy knowledge that she's sleeping in the other room, sitting beside me at the pool, baking cookies in my kitchen, it all makes me long for more.

If you have children who live far from you I know you understand. You anticipate these visits to the nth degree, but you're also acutely aware of how quickly you'll be sending them on their way once more, and it takes an act of will not to let that overshadow the time you do get to spend together. We do our best.

Arrival day Daughter2 went with me to the airport to collect her sister, we had a leisurely lunch in town, then hit the Teacher Store because the start of a new school year waits for no man mother-daughter-sister reunion.

The three of us have a deep and abiding love for paper products and school supplies so we were happy to help Daughter2 find some fun things for her new classroom. She's moved to a different grade this year, which essentially means completely re-doing classroom plans, organization, library, everything.

We met up with hubs later in the day for a fab dinner downtown.
Made me ridiculously happy.

Him too.

We spent Thursday at the lake because suddenly there are a million and ten things happening with the house, and we needed to make some decisions on big giant boulder placement, drainage, and paint colors.  I know! Can you believe it???

We also had to sort out garage doors, check out the trim and ceiling progress, and then meet the landscape designer to figure out a plan to lay down some grass and concrete in place of the mud pit we've got going on. Rain y'all.

In between all that we swam and hung out on the dock.

We took a late day boat ride and Daddy let her drive (name that singer) which only made the day sweeter.

She has always loved the water.

I feel like these sunsets are made especially for me right now.
God knows I need pretty sunsets.

Friday morning we walked around the lake at Daughter1 and 2's alma mater.

Weren't we just moving her in to this dorm?

We stopped by the in-laws to say hello and pick up some eggplant, but really that was just an excuse to see these girls-

Ha! They are super cute! Also a tiny kitten appeared out of nowhere and I can't be certain my daughter didn't put him in her suitcase when she left there today.

We baked cookies because kitchen time with a daughter ranks high on my list of favorite things. Peanut butter cookies rank high on my son-in-law's list of favorite things so I like to have some in the house when he's here. He wasn't actually here yet, but we also took a dozen with us to have for dessert at my sister and brother-in-law's house that night.

Cousin time and southern BBQ make for a picture perfect Friday night.

The next couple of days were spent at the lake and they were splendid. Yesterday Daughter2 went to work in her classroom and Daughter1 went furniture shopping with me.

Hubs and Daughter2 met us for lunch then he went back to work and we followed her to school to check room progress.

There are some lucky, lucky kindergartners meeting their teacher for the first time next week.

We all went to dinner together last night at a favorite local spot, and let me just state again for the record how happy I am we're living in the same geography as the in-laws. We have a nice time together and it was fun sitting around a great big table sharing a meal and our kids.

The Mr. and Mrs. left for the conference today, and only a few
hundredtears were shed. I'm almost recovered from the goodbyes and the see you soons and the can't wait til next times. Almost. 

But hey, how about that sunset?


  1. Just when you recover (sort of) from her leaving you have to write this post and get me all worked up again. Too quick. Miss you girl. XOXOOX

  2. Well I know you know I live this too. And the size of your family helps a lot when she is there. Mine is sooo big and there are soo many schedules to be considered it becomes a planning nightmare. And honestly I wish the in laws were NOT near us, lol. It's just more time away from us (sometimes we share a meal but their fam is as big as ours and it's difficult) and the whole time I am counting the days until she leaves. Wait till you add grandchildren to the equation. It makes it sweeter and harder at the same time. When she was first married (before kids) she'd come by herself and it was just like the old days. These days she has visiting schedules practically written down. Thank God they still stay here. Though some days they are up and out for the whole day! Let me say some ways it's gotten much easier. Or maybe I am just more used to it. But for the most part a daughter in another state is as horrid as I thought it might be. There are always tears when she leaves, readjustments to get through, but at the end of the day she's happy, so I am too. All is how God intends it to be. She arrives tomorrow for 7 whole days and I am giddy. I am soooo happy you got that time together. It sounds wonderful. The house is getting closer and closer and must be so exciting. Sorry for the long comment. But I sooo got this post. Have a good weekend.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful time with your daughters and such a cherished thing to have the whole family together!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about missing them more when they are right in front of you. I always feel better when I have a date to see her again (in 3 weeks - yay!) but the goodbyes are never, ever easy!

  5. Yes, and I "get" it too! And, Debbie is so right, things really do change when Grandchildren arrive. We have had few uninterrupted conversations with our children since the Grans arrived. I love my Grans bunches but I so miss our children's undivided attention. Maybe we'll live until their(the Grans) grown and we can catch up on our visiting then.:o)) Sounds like the house is getting close and I'm sure it will not be a day too soon. Enjoyed reading about all the fun you've had in recent days.

  6. So sweet and then bittersweet. Love the photos and that you all had such a great week together. It also sounds like the house is starting to really come together! Landscaping?!! Awesome.

  7. The sunset is gorgeous and I'm so glad you got some daughter time. I was so happy all weekend with everyone home but I had that knowledge of the shortness of it all you mentioned in the back of my mind. And it was short. So short, but such a happy time and I'm grateful for that. Daughter 4 continues working on her classroom. Next week will be filled with useless meetings so we are busy now. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. All I can think of to say is wow! I do get it, but your life seems blissful even with those tearful moments. Love the sunsets and the pic of your daughter from her childhood. Makes me want to sing Sunrise Sunset!

  9. Aw, you have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us. I just love hearing about your gatherings. What a blessing!

  10. When I read these posts of yours it makes me even more grateful that my son and his US wife chose to make their home in the UK. Whether that will always be the case I don't know but for now I'm grateful. Thank goodness for Facetime/Skype etc.

  11. Perfect, I love your posts like this one. The ones where you get to have time with your daughter's and the rest of the world drifts away. Loved all the photos and I couldn't be happier for you!!!

  12. I totally get the miss-them-more-when-they're-in-arm's-length sentiments. Our girl will be moving home from Kentucky next Sunday, only to be here a short week before heading to W.Va to be in a wedding, then back here to move to Baltimore City. I really need to train myself not to make plans.

    Why did your girl change grades? Admin's choice or was she ready for some youngers and it just worked out?

  13. You did a great job recapping everything. So glad to hear that you were able to have both of your girls near you for a few days! As for those sunsets...heavenly!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  14. YES! YES! David and I know exactly what you mean. You miss them more when they are here because you know they are leaving than you do when they're away...and we don't want them to be away!

    We have both daughters home for now. The baby girl that lives on the island is here for a little better than a week more and our oldest daughter is taking a semester off from school and helping me with her daddy as well as volunteering for a local thrift shop. Our Marine is getting ready to be on a ship. We haven't seen him in over a year and it will likely be a year more before we see him again. it is driving me tearfully mad. :(

    I'm glad that you have had these good times with your babies and the in-laws and your husband and so glad for you to share them with us. Have a beautiful day, Joyce. :)