Monday, August 8, 2016

Unimportant Stuff I Forgot To Tell You

Sometimes I'll have a thought and say to myself, 'Oh that's something I might mention on my blog', and then I'll jot it down in the notes section of my phone so I don't forget about it.

Then I forget about it.

Until sometime later (much much later) when I return to my notes to jot down something important, like furniture measurements, paint colors, the boat engine serial number (yeah, that's a real thing), and then I'll say to myself, 'Shoot. I never blogged about that.'

The other scenario that happens a little too often when you're me is you jot down that thing you might mention on your blog, and you do remember it's in your notes, but when you look at your notes a quick day later you scratch your head and wonder what in the world you meant when you wrote 'Billy hero' Hmmm???

Yeah, that's also a thing in my notes.

I did eventually remember that hubs and I were having dinner with Daughter1 and she piped up with, 'Hey, they're playing Billy Don't Be A Hero', and I thought Wow! That's some fine parenting we've done there where my 20-something daughter hears a few notes of a somewhat obscure 70's song over the noisy din of a restaurant and recognizes it by name.

I guess I thought someone needed to know.

The same sort of thing happens with photos too. I recently ran across this one while scrolling through a trillion photos to find that one picture of my living room rug snapped fourteen months ago just before it was rolled up and loaded into a storage container.

It's a ginormous peach in case you're unsure. ahem.

Officially it's dubbed The Peachoid and holds a million gallons of water, but it's also a much photographed landmark around these parts. If you watch House of Cards you may have heard mention of it there. Daughter2 and I trekked to the outlets in this little town a while back, and had to stop and take a picture for my blog.

Then I forgot I took the picture, but it's no less peachy now than it would have been several weeks ago. Actual South Carolina peaches are super delish.

That same day we drove past an adorable one room school house. Daughter2 was up for hiking across a great big field beside the Interstate to get a closer look guessed it...a picture for my blog.

It was built in 1880, and is one of the few remaining one room school houses in the state. You can't be a teacher and pass by without a picture, can you? 

We'd practically planned our shopping trip around where we'd go for lunch because that's kind of how I roll, but also because every time we travel the Interstate I note the sign declaring Daddy Joe's a 'Southern Living Magazine Favorite'

In my book that makes it worthy of a stop, and we both agreed it was. We never miss a chance to have great BBQ. 

And now I think that's all the unimportant stuff I meant to tell you but forgot. I will add a link here for anyone with a substandard education in 70's music. You're welcome. 


  1. Holy 70s!
    My daughter says that water tower looks like a giant butt and now "peach butt" is all I can think of when we drive past it.

  2. Oh, my goodness, so glad I'm not the only one who forgets what my note means. I keep my blog notes in a small notebook by my computer and have, on more than one occasion, had to wrack my brain to remember what the note means. Enjoyed your unimportant stuff. Sure hope the final stage of your house is going well.

  3. That peach water tower is real? And Gaffney is a real city? Big House of Cards fan here :-)

  4. Wow, I can totally relate to that! I put notes in my phone or on my Kindle or on floaters and later wonder what on earth *that* meant! Since I have Notepad, you'd think I'd check it more often. Anyway, this was a fun post. Now I need to get busy on tomorrow's Highbridge (that's predictive texting for Hodgepodge, I guess)😃😃

  5. We have a big birthday cake water tower here in Lakeland, at the Publix headquarters. It is one of our landmarks. Not sure how much water it holds. A million gallons is a lot of water! I enjoyed this very fun post!!

  6. That 'peach' picture is so fantastic.

  7. Ooh ooh ooh I knew right where you were headed with "Billy Hero!" I learned that song in elementary school. It has always made me cry. We also learned Goofus, and we learned to play My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean on the auto-harp. I loved my elementary music class. :)

    That big "peach" has brought much laughter to our household over the years. Sure it is a peach, but it sure favors something else. haha I agree...South Carolina peaches are great. I sure do miss them.

    I've never seen that one room schoolhouse that I know of, but I would like to. I have seen the old Shiloh School in Starr (Anderson County) but only from a distance. It is a three-room school sitting out in the middle of a field. I bet it was beautiful in its day!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your "unimportant stuff" post, Joyce. Thank you for the views back home. :) Have a blessed day!

  8. Thanks for remembering to provide an entertaining post. Love the peach! :)