Thursday, August 25, 2016

Things I Miss And Things I Don't

I don't have littles (or bigs for that matter) going back to school this year, unless of course you count the little peanut on the right who is back in school but as the teacher not the student.

Still I saw this picture and it made my insides turn to mush, and I didn't know what to do about that so here I am.

A friend posted a picture making her last first-day-of-school lunch for her son beginning his senior year and I thought, 'Now there's something I don't miss'. Which led me to thinking of what else I don't miss about school aged peeps in the house, which led me to a list. Two actually...

Things I DON'T Miss-

making lunches first thing in the morning 
a child remembering at 8:30 PM they need to make a poster for tomorrow
no posterboard in the house
math mad minutes
seventh grade
sleep overs
mean girls
strep throat, fevers, barking coughs, bronchitis, mono
'babysitting' a tamagotchi
the bus stop in rain or the dead of winter
selling wrapping paper, girl scout cookies, candy bars, cookie dough, holiday wreaths
group projects

Things I DO Miss-



school supplies
the night before the first day jitters
first day photos on the porch
sisters in the same house, same state
new school clothes
after school conversations
bedtime stories and prayers
snow days
fixing little girl hair
the family dinner hour
and this-

Especially this.


  1. Well, think that likely would be my same lists. I hear my daughter and DIL talking about all the school related stuff and it brings back such memories, some so sweet and some not so sweet. Such is life!

  2. I'm not there yet, but I see it in the horizon. My oldest is going to be a junior in High School which means we will be looking at colleges. I can't fathom where the time went.

  3. Ah heck, I even teared up a bit reading this and I never had little ones to get ready for school. My boys were 16 and 20 (high school and college) when I became a 'mom'. I know I've missed something very special. What a blessing!

  4. Oh I totally get this. Sooo many sweet memories. Pictures frozen in my mind. But also times now when I listen to my kids talk about the not so fun school related stuff with their kids when I think, "been there...done that...kind glad it's somebody else's turn, lol". What I DONT miss the most? Helping them study/cram for a test, or science fair. Lol What I miss the most? After school hash sessions. Have a good day!

  5. Those two girls are too cute! Your lists makes me smile ♥

  6. So sweet! I think I will have to make my own list! Love the idea.

  7. Sweet memories from your list. I loved fixing little girl hair too. I would plop them on a stool in front of my bathroom mirror and we would curl, ponytail or place the bows and headbands that matched their uniform - I miss that!

  8. "Babysitting a Tamagotchi "😂😂😂
    Totally did that for a season. Wonder where they are now??

  9. Ahh...sweet post. I'm going to have to search out those first day of school photos. Great lists!

  10. Great list, I can relate to all! I wonder if X will let me take one last 'back to school' photo. Hmm

  11. Love your lists! I have been on a "back to school" schedule since 1974 - student then teacher then mom. So it will be an adjustment when the kids aren't at home anymore. I will definitely not miss making lunches, and I have to say I won't miss my daughter's 8th grade year. But I already miss those sweet little faces from the early years...I've been looking at lots of old photos over the past few days. Have a great weekend!

  12. Cute picture! I saw someone posting pictures of teen girls going back to school and was appalled at the shorts they were wearing. Looked more like they were going to the beach. I certainly do not miss getting three boys ready for school. That is far in my distant past.

  13. I didn't miss any of those things when my boys were finally out of the house and on their own. And then two grands arrived to live with us. Darian graduated high school last spring and is off to the military soon. And this week I sent Harley out the door for her senior year. I have looking forward to being an empty-nester again. Love that picture of your girls! So sweet!

  14. I totally understand and agree. I don't think I'll ever quit missing all the back to school excitement or the joy of our few years of homeschooling. Loved your list. One thing I won't ever miss though is Science Fair Projects!!

  15. My do and don't lists pretty much match yours. Ha!

  16. I like your lists and I agree with both of them :)

  17. Can so empathise with your lists EXCEPT the lunches - hubby asked what he could do to help one night when I was particularly frazzled. I suggested he make the lunches. I don't think he realised he was offering to make them ALL the time but as I sweetly pointed out the following night, relieving me for just one night wasn't going to make a big difference for me!