Monday, May 1, 2017

Rolling Into May

Hello whoever is reading here today. Is anyone still reading here? Is anyone still writing here? Ha! It's not that interesting, but I'm glad you've stuck around.

We had a nice weekend. Hubs was traveling last week so Friday night was a wash. He didn't get home from the airport until almost 9 PM which is practically my bedtime so, like I said, 'not that interesting'.

Saturday morning we made our first spring trip to the local plant nursery. Raise your hand if your eyes are bigger than your gardening skills. I just love all the pretty things, including two pillows and three botanical prints which I know are technically not plants. They do add beauty to a space though, and now they're mine.

I've been looking for cute pillows for my covered deck and I love the color and the pattern on these.

This wall in my kitchen has been waiting for the exact right something and I feel like these prints are that something. Never mind how many holes went into my freshly painted walls to get these where I thought they needed to be. Hubs was not a happy camper, but the prints cover all the tries so calling it a win.

Daughter2 and her boyfriend and our favorite greyhound came over after lunch and we took a boat ride. Wonderful while you're moving, but we stopped by a friend's dock for a quick hello and the humidity about killed me. I won't even mention what it does to my hair! Plan on seeing me in a ponytail and ball cap from now until October.

Isn't she just the cutest? I can hardly stand it.

The boys had just enough time for a quick game of corn hole while I got dinner on the table. I'd fixed BBQ in the crock pot with all the fixin's (that's baked beans and cole slaw for those not in the know) and it was yummy. Note to self-use the crock pot this summer so you're not a slave to the kitchen while everyone else is out having fun.

I took this pic from our screened porch. Our lower level driveway makes the perfect court.

You've heard of a pool shark? Well Daughter2's boyfriend is the equivalent in corn hole, but I'm going to beat him before summer's end. Gauntlet thrown.

After church on Sunday hubs and I made a run to Home Depot to pick up a screen and also odds and ends we forgot to buy at the nursery on Saturday, namely new garden gloves for me and fertilizer for our freshly potted plants.

This is so not interesting, but let's carry on.

Raise your hand if you spend a bajillion dollars at the nursery every single weekend from May -October? I love all the patios, decks, porches, and assorted outdoor spaces we have here, but it's gonna take a lot more pots than we've currently got on hand to make it look lush.

Question-does it need to look lush when all you really care about is the lake right in front of you?

Some friends invited us to drop by Sunday afternoon and we decided it was an MG kind of day. I haven't ridden in the MG since we left NJ, and I'd kind of forgotten how much I love it. Perfect convertible weather too-

FYI-convertible hair and lake hair have much in common.

We spent a fun few hours on their deck beside the water, and more friends dropped by, and then more friends dropped by, and before you knew it the clock read 7 PM and I was re-thinking my dinner menu. Re-thinking is code for, 'Do I really have to cook dinner???' Hubs read my mind, so we had ham and cheese sandwiches on the deck and turns out that was the perfect way to wrap up an end of April weekend.

So what interesting or not so interesting things did you do as the calendar rolled towards May   


  1. I have wondered the same things - does anyone read or write a blog much any more? Kudos to those of us who are undaunted and plug on in this "who gives a flip what I did or think" cyber world. Your weekend sounds enjoyable and exactly the fun way we retired folks are supposed to spend our time. I think! At least we are all about doing whatever feels good at the time and having as much time with family and friends and the highway as possible. FYI - I wore a ball cap all one day last week. First time ever for me, but liberating in a weird sort of way.

  2. Sounds like a very fun weekend, if you're the gardening and outdoorsy type which I see you are!

  3. Oh, those pillows and prints are fabulous!!!! Good choices! And, yes, it does take a whole lot of pots as we have also found out. We had some last year, added more this year and thinking enough is enough. All the plants in these pots have to be cared for.

    I love using a crockpot and do so quite often. I'm doing pulled pork in ours Wed. for company that coming in and doing the baked beans and potato salad and french bread. Very easy and very good.

    Looks like it was a perfect weekend!

  4. Your post is not boring! I love reading about your new home, your new friends, your new lake and boat rides and even cornhole with the kids! I mentioned that I made a turkey breast in the crock pot over the weekend. It was delicious and will be dinner tonight too! Yum.

  5. Well I'm still writing and reading! I enjoy hearing all your news and seeing how your house is coming along.

  6. I was not only raising my hand but waving it furiously. My eyes are always bigger than my gardening skills. The latter being non-existent so... I see you hang pictures the same way I do. That's good to know because I was sure I was in that boat all by myself. The humidity is awful. Tucker and I opened the door one morning last week to feed the birds and the humidity smacked me in the face like a brick wall. So I'll be inside in the AC until December. Or January. :) Isn't it great having at least one daughter close enough see often?

  7. I'm still reading - love your blog!!! We, too, bought plants this weekend . . .and more pine straw . . .and more . . .

  8. I'm reading here....
    I love the pillows. Your prints look lovely on the wall. Yes, daughter #1 along with daughter #2 are the cutest! Sounds like you had a great weekend.