Monday, May 8, 2017

Summertime's Calling Me

I've got company on the calendar pretty much every weekend from now through September, with the exception of two weekends where I'm traveling, and a block mid-July through mid-August where I've said no to company because I'm gonna be a grandma!!!

Yes, with an exclamation point or three.

Babies come when they're ready, and since mine is arriving cross country I need a wide open window on the calendar that will allow me to travel as soon as Baby Boy decides he needs his Nana.

Which I'm pretty sure will be the moment he's born.

Besides a brand new grandbaby to love, I'm realizing this summer will be chock-a-block full of so many of my favorite things. Unlike last summer which was filled with a few of my favorite things and then the house build. Remember that? Ha!

I know there are people out there who hope to sail through the summer months with nary a house guest, but we are not those people. We're looking forward to houseguests who love boating, swimming, and corn hole with plenty of 'trash talking' on the side, because that's what sporty folks do.

Is cornhole a sport?

Also, I'm not sporty.

Cheers to tall tales told and "remember whens" shared around a crowded dinner table full of familiar faces. To marshmallows roasted from the comfort of an Adirondack chair, and fireflies lighting up the night.

Summer company means appetizers on the porch with a glass of wine. It's pulling up to a dockside cabana for a lazy lunch and dinner on the BBQ with candles in a beach pail.

It's the scent of sunscreen and honeysuckle. The flick of a wrist and the toss of a line as you wait ever hopeful for a nibble.

It's a flying leap off the dock into the crystal clear waters of a Carolina summer afternoon.

We had a summer preview this past weekend when hubs brother and sister-in-law came to stay. They asked last Thursday for a date as they have a similarly full calendar, and I said how about tomorrow, and BAM they were at our front door Friday afternoon.

Sometimes spur of the moment is the very best way to make the fun happen.

Daughter2 and her boyfriend drove out to the lake for the weekend too, so officially a party. My Pacific Northwestern daughter will laugh when she reads this, but it was cold here over the weekend. Cold for South Carolina anyway.

Still we squeezed in a great Cinco de Mayo meal at a local Mexican spot on Friday evening, boat rides on Saturday with lunch al fresco at a waterside eatery, a big family dinner in the dining room  that night, a little bit of pool, and a lot of fireside chatting all wrapped up cozy in blankets out back.

Summer is most definitely on it's way...

 Are you ready?


  1. Everything you dreamed about when you were building! Plus a baby to love :-)

  2. Well, sure glad you blocked out a month for baby boy's arrival. Our summer isn't completely full as of yet but this month is full to over flowing. We have family coming every weekend this month. Thankfully I'm an advance planner and have some of the food already prepared. Happy new week!

  3. It sounds WONDERFUL!! Gives you lots to blog about and keep us posted on all the company - and of course on the arrival of that little one. Seems you have settled on Nana. Sounds perfect!

  4. I'm sure trying to get ready! We did a small building project at the lake - replaced and expanded upper deck and added a screened porch below, so we have been scrambling to get everything cleaned and furnished. Now to sit back and enjoy some of the things you so beautifully described! Come on summer!!

  5. It all sounds positively wonderful to me. Especially the baby part!

  6. You will have a wonderful summer!

  7. My grandbaby still hasn't arrived. I told my son to think of it like the Thanksgiving turkey - I am never sure exactly when it will finish cooking. I will only have a few weekends with house guests. Not sure I could handle more.

  8. Sounds like fun!! I can't wait for your grandbaby to come. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.

  9. Oh my, you are definitely going to be busy. I'm glad you enjoy entertaining. I use to love it more than I do now. Enjoy!