Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hodgepodge Hoarding

Thanks for stopping by today, and welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge! If you've answered this week's questions, add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the person linking before you. It's the neighborly thing to do here on a Wednesday. Let's dive in-
1. May 17th is National Pack Rat Day. Sidebar-should we be celebrating this? Hmmm...

Are you a pack rat? Even if you're not a full fledged pack rat, most people have one thing or another they struggle to part with. Tell us what's yours.

I'm not a pack rat, but there are things I have trouble parting with. I probably could be more of a rat, but hubs likes everything pared down and clutter free, so he keeps me in check. What do I hang on to? Books, photographs, text messages, cards and notes I've been sent that mean something to me...not a lot really. At the moment hubs would say furniture because our extra garage bay is full of it, but in my defense some of that will be going to my daughter, just not immediately. It's not pack-ratting, it's storage.  

2. What are two things you know you should know how to do, but you don't?

Tie the knot hubs has shown me seventeen times and pull a water skier. I don't know if I really want to learn the latter, but hubs wants me to learn so I can pull him behind the boat. I think I'm better suited to being that person on the boat who frantically shouts when the skier falls and then wears an anxious look on her face until the downed skier is collected. Every boat needs one. 

Also, I'm going to tell you that I probably will learn to confidently drive the boat with a water skiier in tow because hubs will teach me, and encourage me, and challenge me and I will accept the challenge. And in all likliehood I will end up loving it because that's kinda how I roll when it comes to trying something new.  Resist, then embrace. It's my superpower. 

3. Do you crave sugar? Do you add sugar to your coffee and/or tea? Do you use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes? When dining out is dessert a given? Are you someone who has slain the sugar dragon, and if so tell us how you did it.

Do I crave sugar? I don't think so, my cravings lean more towards the salty side of life. I have not eliminated sugar from my diet, but I don't think I go overboard either. I don't drink soda, and never put sugar in my coffee or hot tea. Occasionally I'll drink a sweet tea, but I don't like it overly sweet and so many of the restaurant varieties are so sweet they make my teeth ache. I don't use artificial sweeteners, but I have been known to check the dessert side of a menu before deciding on an entree when we're dining out. 

I don't snack on sweets at home, and I don't make dessert unless we have company, but I do love a good dessert. If we're in a restaurant that makes a good dessert I'm going to order something to share with hubs. 

4. What's a trend it took a while for you to come round to, but now you can't imagine living without?

Pretty much anything technology related.  I LOVE texting, but I remember being reluctant early on. Did you read my answer to #2? 

5. What's a song that reminds you of a specific incident in your life? Please elaborate.

This is hard, because when I thought about how to answer I felt like songs remind me more of a time in my life as opposed to a specific incident. There's probably many, but I'll go with Little Darlin' by Poco. I listened to that song while I was in labor with my first born, and when I hear it I think of those first few hours and weeks with her. 

I feel certain some of you need educating, and you can listen here

I don't really know why that became THE song, but I do know we loved the whole album (Legend) and wore it out. Remember how exciting it was to get an album and love every single song on it? Well this was one of those.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Do you feed the hummingbirds where you live? We've always had a feeder, and love watching these amazing little creatures up close. We put a feeder on the kitchen window and waited a few days, but no birds. I knew we needed something bright to attract them, so on Saturday hubs and I bought a gorgeous bright red mandevilla. 

You can't see the feeder, but you can see the plant.
And my sweet girl. 

Anyway, we set it on the deck near the feeder, and about five minutes later there came the hummingbirds. Talk about something that craves sugar-ha! We make our own sugar water and don't add any red food coloring to it, as we read that wasn't good for the birds. The feeder itself has a red base, so that helps. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 


  1. Believe it or not, we have resisted the texting craze, so far.
    Yes, we do feed the hummingbirds, and we love watching them! We sat and watched them all afternoon, one day last week :) We have two feeders, and we also make our own food for them--without red food coloring. So far we only have about two or three little visitors, but one of the birds is a bit of a bully :(
    Have a great rest of the week!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  2. You did educate me - I was not familiar with Poco thus neither the song. But, I have now listened to Little Darlin' and feel more learned for having done so. I did select a song that fit more a time period than a particular incident. Sorry! And, I also keep all the cards I've received from Hubby and the kids through the years, and old pictures of course, but they are organized and not pack ratishy. Have a great rest of your week on the water.

  3. I used to feed the hummingbirds but I was bad about cleaning the feeder so I stopped. I feed every other bird by putting fresh water and food out on the deck railing every morning. The birds love it, so do the squirrels. I know all about that storage situation except it's the stuff they leave behind for me to deal with. The Kidney Foundation is coming to get some of it this morning. Ha! I do have some of that furniture that will be going here and there soon. It will be so nice to get it out of my tiny house. Baby M has just arrived! Have a great day!

  4. What a lovely photo of you and your girl. Yes, we do feed hummingbirds. Need to think about getting that feeder out ... or wait, I think maybe we need a new one.

    Thanks for hosting and coming up with all of these fascinating questions. Love the new and improved shorter version of the hodgepodge!

  5. Sounds like you guys are enjoying lake life! Your new plant (and daughter) are beautiful. I'll need to plant some salvia and hang up a feeder for the hummingbirds. There are always some around. And we have tree frogs that I love hearing in the evening. Thanks for another good Hodgepodge, Joyce.

  6. What a beautiful plant to attract hummingbirds! The skills that your husband will likely encourage you to learn sound like fun ones. Great photo of you and your daughter!

  7. Hi Joyce! I'm reluctant to learn new things too. I love hummingbirds and plan on getting a feeder soon. I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  8. I didn't even think about texting! I remember when you had to pay for a certain number of texts per month. I never hit my limit, but my daughter sure did and often owed me money that she had to work off by doing extra chores around the house! Thank heavens for unlimited plans these days!

  9. My mother loved to waterski. I was the one wearing the anxious face if she went down, which was very rare. My father lost interest in driving the boat so her waterskiing days ended all too soon. Hope that your husband gets his chance on the skis!

    Joyce, I am always in awe of the questions you provide. Very thought provoking ones...not difficult, just ones that make a gal think. Sometimes I wimp out. Ha!

  10. My dad has always been a huge hummingbird guy. Heck, birds in general. I don't see them that often here but in the farthest reaches of west Florida, they're everywhere.

  11. Hubby is quite the hummingbird addict and he lovingly fixes their sugar water and they come running. But, they have been missing the past few days and not sure what's going on. Perhaps a better feast elsewhere. :o)) Good luck on the boat driving. It has always just sort of scared me but I'm not a very adventuresome soul anyway and we no longer have a big boat, just our little boat for the pond and I can sure manage it. Happy rest of the week!

  12. Oh I've no doubt I'd be the one in the boat wearing the anxious face and pointing frantically, lol. We have not put our feeders out yet for some reason, but we do every year and love it. I had not heard that about the red water being bad, so thanks for the info! Enjoy your day!

  13. Thanks for another fun Hodgepodge, Joyce. I enjoyed reading your answers as much as I enjoyed answering the questions on my blog! By the way, we are both salt cravers! LOL I don't feed any birds but do love seeing the hummers.

  14. I could never consider books and photographs as objects hoarded unless they are stored in boxes and cluttering the rooms. I have pulled skiers since I was 19. I know you can do it because you will learn the same way I did. And by the way, that reminds me of another thing I can't do well. Back the boat trailer down the ramp. I have to be the one who drives the boat on the trailer. I've only ever backed the trailer down the ramp once perfectly. It was a major accomplishment on that particular ramp. Love your song choice. That one was hard for me, too.

  15. I'm loving your HodgePodge. Gets me thinking.

  16. Thanks for the questions. I enjoyed reading your answers. I'm the anxious one if I'm ever in a boat that is pulling a skier. It's been well over 30 years since I've been in a ski boat, though! Yikes. I could have added texting to my smart phone answer for sure! Lovely photo with your daughter. Have a great rest of the week.

  17. I've fed the hummingbirds in the past, but have not put a feeder up yet this summer. However, I am enjoying my new regular bird feeder. Hubby and I are planning to buy new hanging baskets this year and he wants red flowers, so I'll probably put the hummingbird feeder out with them.

  18. Enjoyed the fun questions and your answers. You have a lovely blog! I am visiting from P.S. Annie.
    Faith: #TheWordonWords at Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  19. On our lake we have to raise a flag when the skier/tuber goes down in the water. I am also the frantic one making sure the driver knows that it has happened. In fact, I now find it easier to stay behind on the dock and worry/pray them back safely. Much less stressful! I am confident you will master the knot tying and driving like a champ. ;)

  20. We use to feed hummingbirds in our last house. Just haven't had a place here at this house to put one. We do have a large variety of plants that they love to get nectar from.

  21. Thanks for the questions today - great job! I've loved reading lots of answers from different folks. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. I was so excited this morning when I was the #2 entry . . .I'm the one who has been late before :-)

  22. My Mom always enjoys watching the hummingbirds. They recently moved to a new home and my little boy helped her fix the water for them. He says "sugar" so cute when I asked him what they put in it.

  23. Honey is a big fan of the hummingbirds and keeps his 4 feeders cleaned and filled.
    Your description of yourself as the frantic watcher for when the water skier goes down made me laugh!
    I agree, it's storage!

  24. Yes, I most definitely remember the days of loving an entire album. That's how it was with my Elvis albums. :)

    I don't have a hummingbird feeder yet. I am trying to find the perfect place to put one. On the window would be a good place, except that I don't want to cook the feed or the birds. Most of our windows get harsh sun for at least part of the day. I need to find a shady spot with a shrub or low tree nearby so that they have a place to hide if necessary. I think that your deck is great. :)

    Sweet tea...girl, you're in Sweet Tea Central living in the area you live. I was raised on the stuff. Some ladies I knew back home made the tea so sweet you could stand a spoon in it...pretty much like my gravy. haha

    I enjoyed your post. Have a blessed day. :)

  25. Imagine I have never seen a hummingbird in real ! Only on pictures !
    I am not participating for the moment, but I like to read what my blogfriends write !

  26. Having had cats in the past I've never actively encourage birds in the garden. I hope you master the water skiing necessities but it wouldn't be on my priority list. But maybe it would if I lived somewhere as lovely as you do. Have a good week Joyce.

  27. One person's storage is another person's "pack rat." I have kept virtually every card that SWMBO has given me over our married life. Pack Rat or Storage? You choose. As far as pulling a skier, if the skier falls simply turn the boat around and look for the human shaped bobber. This presumes the skier was wearing a PFD. If not, that skier is stupid IMHO. Thanks for another interesting Wednesday Hodgepodge.