Monday, April 23, 2018

It's Her Turn

I had every intention of blogging on this rainy Monday morning but instead spent hours (readpainful hours) on the phone with the very helpful gentleman at ATT trying to figure out why our smart TV is no longer smart. I had to reconfigure the settings on the TV while this patient soul walked me through all the screens and boxes and dealt with all my 'wait wait wait I hit the wrong box' and 'wait wait the screen is gone! Where did it go???" and 'wait I hit the wrong box again'. I think you get the idea.

Also Jason deserves a medal.

I'm not intuitive about these sorts of things which is why I like hubs to handle anything technology related. And he was except as luck? would have it a plumbing thing was happening at the very same minute, so he was forced to hand me the phone while he dealt with the plumber. Can't we just hang up and call back when you're finished???

Y'all I reconfigured that TV like a boss. I think I need to use my brain more. It feels good.

Let's talk about something more fun-

This little peanut is getting married.

I don't care if you've married off one daughter or six, each time is like the only time and your heart feels a little tug at the letting go. It's a happy mushy tug, but a tug all the same.

It's been a little over three years since we were knee deep in wedding planning here, and while I know we moms have no real say in the timing, I'm grateful for the space between our two events. Daughter2 and her fiance (how fun it is to write that word!) are planning a spring wedding so we're busy pinning down the date and venues now.

When Daughter1 got married I wrote about it. A lot. I wrote ten posts after the event and several leading up to the day so like I said-a lot. Besides sharing all the nuts and bolts of the best day ever I also wrote quite a bit about how it feels to see your first born baby girl get married. To watch your daughter become a wife, leave home for real, and join her heart and soul to the boy who has stolen her heart.

And now it's Daughter2's turn. And it's the same only different. My girls are like two peas in a pod in the sense they've been best buds since the day Daughter2 was born. They have loved one another well all their lives, and as grown women now it's even more lovely to see. Daughter1 worked in design and had a very clear picture as to how her wedding day would look. She could drill down on some graphics y'all. Whew! But in the end it was perfectly perfect and a wonderful reflection of her personal style and taste.

Daughter2 has her own sense of style and her day will reflect that too. She's always loved sparkle and I suspect there will be more bling in her day than her gypsy souled sister had and I'm good with that. If anyone could wear a tiara on their wedding day it's this girl. She's not having it, but I like to keep throwing that option out there anyway. As we visit reception venues and think about a color palatte and peruse menu options I'm very much aware of my Daughter2's desire to make her day her own.

As every bride should.

In the age of the Internet, social media, and wedding marketing hype there's almost too much out there for brides. It's easy to get caught up in a million little things and lose sight of who you are and what's important to you on your day.

Here's what I tell my girls about a wedding. The most important thing is to pick the right groom.  If at the end of your wedding day you are married to the right groom then I will truthfully declare it the best day ever. Because your wedding is one very important beautiful day in your life and marriage is all the days after, forever and ever amen.

When Daughter1 was planning her wedding I was living in NJ. She was living in D.C., the groom was already on the west coast, and the wedding was in SC sooooo....yeah. A few crazy logistics, but we made it happen. Daughter2 lives in the town where she'll get married and that town is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the lake so whoohoo! I look forward to a more leisurely planning process this time around although I think every wedding comes with a little bit of crazy. Sorry hubs, it really can't be helped.

And I'm going to share all the nuts and bolts here because it's my blog and she's my girl. And she's so much like me only better in all the ways that count, and I want her to know that her best day ever is going to be her best day ever.


  1. I hear ya about your smart TV. Today has been, try to get the comment section of my blog working correctly. I was on the phone for over an hour and I am not sure it is fixed! Ugh!

  2. It is all so exciting. Wedding are so awesome! Glad you got your smart TV worked out with the help of Jason.

  3. I'm excited for you both to have another best day ever. I hope to continue to stay out of your way. Looking forward to all the blog posts. Love my Three Girls!! Hubs

  4. Looking forward to watching her special day unfold. I have one more to plans yet.

  5. Joyce, you write your heart so well. Lovely. I loved the wedding journey for D#1 and look forward to D#2's wedding journey! Thanks for making us part of it all!!

  6. Well, I can hardly wait to hear all the nuts and bolts and know it will be a most special day for sure. Just love how you put the wedding and the marriage, how TRUE!!! Happy new week!

  7. You describe the process so well. I'm starting to feel now like we're on a runaway train that is picking up speed. Everything is done that can be now , but so much to do when we get closer. Our logistics are crazy too - bride and groom in Pittsburgh, I'm in Florida and the wedding is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been trying to write a blog post, without giving away any details and it's hard!

  8. I am soooo happy for Daughter2!!! Can't wait to hear all about the planning! :)

  9. And I can hardly wait for you to start sharing.

  10. Yes, watching our beloved daughters join their lives to that of their grooms, is indeed an emotional rollercoaster. My daughter got married in October 2015, and the 4 months between engagement and wedding were very difficult for me. I wanted to let go gracefully, but at the same time, I felt like I was losing my best friend. I feared she would no longer need me. Alas, I have found that our relationship is as close as ever and that she still needs me...just in a different way than before.

    I only have one daughter, so I will never have the chance to be mother of the bride again. I wish I had enjoyed it more and worried less.

    Have fun with the planning!


  11. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  12. Looking forward to all the wedding-related blog posts to come! I enjoyed the last one very much!

    You're so right -- every wedding does come with a little bit of crazy. I like how you phrased that.

  13. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey. Well done on the TV.