Monday, April 9, 2018

More of Last Week's Life

I might be flying cross country Monday morning but I'm determined to get caught up somehow on my blog, and yes I'm still in last week here. Daughter2 got engaged on Sunday as in last Sunday not this Sunday and she was on spring break all the week after, so she hung out at the lake for a few days with her Momma and Daddy.

Or the MOB and the FOB as I like to say.

Monday was nuts. Well actually all of last week was a little bit of crazy fun as hubs left early Monday morning to drive his mama back to Tennessee in order to be back home to SC in time to greet our next set of house guests arriving that evening.

It is never dull here.

I spent the morning washing sheets and cleaning bathrooms and putting Easter away to make room for the next thing and then Daughter2 got up and we had coffee. I was not going to rush through coffee with the bride to be and we didn't. We lingered.

I always have time for wedding talk.

Is this just the cutest mug ever or what? And that bride is pretty adorable too.

Friends we've known a lifetime or at least for what feels like a lifetime arrived late day Monday to spend a couple of days on the lake with us. They live in California now but 27 years ago we birthed baby girls at the very same time and lived in one another's pockets until they moved to Singapore and we moved to Maryland. Then more time passed and they moved back to NJ but we were still in Maryland and then God in His great and infinite wisdom landed us both in the UK at the very same time. Those baby girls we birthed graduated from high school together on the other side of the pond.

Sometimes life is just amazing, isn't it?

Our friends have grown kids now like us, plus an 8-year old who was with them on this particular trip. God bless parents of 8-year olds who are super cute and ask a lot of questions. The two hubs worked together for some thirty years and never run out of things to talk about. These are the sort of friends you just pick up with right where you left off and what a gift that is.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day weather wise so we dropped the boat in the water for her maiden voyage. Such a lovely relaxing day tooling around the lake and soaking up some sun.

Wednesday we decided to explore by land a little and hiked to a nearby waterfall.

The very same waterfall as it happens where the newly engaged became newly engaged.

I hope they come back to this spot often in the years to come.

Afterward we drove into Clemson and  made a pit stop at the baseball stadium and the football stadium and even the indoor practice field which happened to be open. I'd never seen it before so that was fun.

Hubs grilled chicken that evening and we gabbed until the wee hours and then before we knew it they were packing the car to make their way to family in the Charleston area.

I had my Bible Study Thursday afternoon, then hubs and I had a dinner to attend Thursday evening and then Friday we pretty much waved the white flag and didn't do much of anything the remainder of the weekend.

Oh wait...I did pack. Did I mention I'm flying west today because this little cutie needs his Nana?

Or maybe it's that his Nana needs him? Hmmm...let's just say we need each other and call it a happy Monday!



  1. I'm so happy for you, that you get to see your little guy again. He is the cutest and this age is just precious!
    Your week sounded busy, but so good. I love friends, that even after not seeing each other for long periods of time, when you do, you click right back into each other. I have some like that in Canada.
    Have a wonderful trip! Safe travels.

  2. Your grandson is so beautiful, Joyce! Such a blessing. I go down to take care of my grandkids this weekend! Mommy and Daddy need some grown up time. That's fine Oma needs some grandchildren time! Fabulous trade off! Enjoy!

  3. Have fun with your grandson. 😀

  4. I'm sure the needing is mutual. Have a great visit with him.

  5. Have SO much FUN!! Wish I was going too ☹️
    Sounds like spring is in full force down there, we are getting a taste this weekend, can’t wait!
    Lingering is my favorite ❤️

  6. What a "hostess with the mostess" you must be! Seems your door is always open receiving company. The new bride to be just looks so happy and I can hardly wait to hear when the big day will be. Enjoy your time in PNW. Hubby's sister and her husband just moved from Tacoma last week after living there 10 years. They are now in the Atlanta area.

  7. Oh my word- what a cute little guy!!!!!!
    I'm so excited for your family for having another wedding in the works. So much family love just flowing everywhere.

  8. Busy, busy, but so much good there! Safe travels and take lots of pictures to share!! Love watching that little guy grow!!

  9. You have such a full, happy, and busy life! How blessed you are! I so enjoy reading about it. The bride to be is just adorable. That will be sooo fun. And that baby? Goodness he’s getting big and is soo cute. Enjoy your time.

  10. Busy is an understatement. How do you do it?? I'm so happy you are with your adorable grandson. Enjoy your time with him.

  11. Loved seeing all the pictures and can't wait for the next blog about the trip to see my great grandson. I am so excited that I will see him and his sweet parents in a few weeks. Also loved the picture of the bride to be--so cute.

  12. Oh boy, you have really packed in a lot of excitement. Yippee for flying west to see that little cutie!

  13. I enjoy so much reading about your life! It is what I look forward to every week. I have two beautiful daughters like you and they are and have always been my life. I started following your blog shortly after your oldest got married so it has been non-stop excitement since. I enjoy reading the Hodgepodge questions and answers every week but haven't worked up the courage to join yet. Your grandsons pictures just melt my heart. He is so photogenic like the rest of his family. Thank you so much for sharing your life and loves. You are truly blessed.