Friday, April 27, 2018

The Friday Five

I'm not sure The Friday Five is officially a thing, but I'm declaring it officially a thing on my blog today. I'm so out of sync with my blog and know I need to dive back in and write more often because that makes my writing better. Today you'll have to settle for this-

The Friday Five

I hope I've got Five. It might be The Friday Four. Or The Friday Fourteen.
You never know what you're going to get on This Side Of The Pond.

1. When I flip the page to May at a glance in my calendar I feel a little dizzy. There is so much happening here next month beginning with a hair appointment (that's half a day for me), the dentist, the eye doctor, a wine dinner event, cards and gifts to send for nephew and niece birthdays and a nephew's graduation, Mother's Day, lots and lots of company including college sorority sisters, a high school/camp friend, my mom, my mother-in-law, my daughters, son-in-law, and the cutest baby boy in the world.

photo credit: Sincerely Shannon

Seriously he's the cutest.

2. In preparation for his visit I've purchased a few small toys and a highchair. I've borrowed a pack and play from a friend, but bought a mattress to add to it so he'll be more comfortable. They have a full day of flying plus a couple hour car ride from the airport, plus a three hour time change so we want to do everything we can to help him sleep sweetly once he's here.

Also, it's fun to walk through my kitchen and see a highchair. This one is a Graco and was a literal snap to put together. As in you snap the parts in place. It also converts to a booster seat which is a nice feature and one we'll need down the road.

3. Do you jot notes in the Notes feature of your phone as a reminder of things you want to mention on your blog? I do that sometimes and one thing I'd written there was Big Little Lies. Did anyone watch it? What did you think? We don't get HBO here, but Daughter1 has it so we watched Season One when I was out west a couple of weeks ago.

I really enjoyed the way the show was produced and thought the acting was great, but here's my rant. I don't know why they had to use the F word as much as they did. I have a lot of women friends and nobody I know regularly drops that word a whole bunch into everyday casual conversation. It seemed unnatural and distracting.

4. Turning to the world of fashion...I don't get these tops with the super long wide bell sleeves that come down over your hands. I think some of them are so cute, but then when I imagine trying to do anything at all while wearing one the style seems completely crazy.

5. You know what they say...April showers bring May flowers.  Here's hoping! We've had so much rain this spring, three days this week it's just poured and it rained again last night. On the bright side the weekend weather and next week too all look lovely. We have a fun weekend planned with friends we haven't seen in a while and I'm excited for sunshine and warmer weather.

We did manage a boat ride on Wednesday afternoon while hubs mom was in town with some friends. Hubs was not happy about it at all. Ha!

photo credit: Sincerely Shannon

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 


  1. TOTALLY agree with Big Little Lies and their use of the F word. It's just puts me off instantly. One of my all time most disliked words. I also have many women friends who do not use it even in anger let alone in daily conversation. Sheesh. I am not a fan of the show in general. Too much drama for me. The Hubby and I watched some of season 1 since it got a lot of awards. Needless to say, that's all we watched. ha.

    Also agree on the sleeve thing. There are some cute bell sleeve tops out there and I instantly think -
    1. How will I wear a coat/sweater with that?
    2. I'll only wear it in the evening when I don't have to use my hands. much.
    Yeah, too much effort for sure.
    Fabulous pics of both of your favorite guys in your life!

  2. Big Little Lies - agree on the language. I could see it in the characterization of Jane , but it didn't really fit with Celeste and Madeline. My biggest issue was Madeline' s affair which didn't happen in the book, but Reese wanted to add it to make her character more interesting. What?

  3. I am appalled that so many prime time shows are using such inappropriate language these days. Maybe someone in the audience talks like that, but I just find it so offensive; therefore, choose not to watch it. Yes, that little boy is the cutest for sure.

  4. I agree with you! What is it about the f word? None of my friends say it. It isn't used in mixed company. Granted our 'company' is usually senior citizens, but I don't get it. It certainly isn't necessary. You do have a busy month ahead! Deep breath!

  5. Your grandson is just the cutest. I bet you had fun shopping for the high chair - baby gear has changed so much over the years. I agree about Big Little Lies and really so many of the current movies and shows. It still amazes me with the words they can say on regular network tv. I know my teens have heard all those words, but it would be nice if we could watch a show without hearing so much trash talk. Have a super weekend!

  6. Your lake photos always make me take long slow deep breaths -- they are so calming. We all need calming scenes because the world has become so very stressful. ... your evaluation of that TV show being just one example.

  7. May is going to be fabulous, fun and a lot of work for you! We have a wooden high chair up in our attic that Adam and Amber used. Of course that new high chair looks very nice and comfy. My notes are always on paper. I'm still old fashion in the way and still buy paper calendars. I watched Big Little Lies on HBO and I'm looking forward to the next season. It won awards at the shows this year. I enjoyed all of your photos. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Well you are certainly going to be busy next month. That's a fancy looking high chair. We opted for a basic IKEA model. I bet you can't wait for the little one to arrive. I'd be counting the days!

  9. Well, if you lived nearby I would have given you your choice of one of the 2 very nice pack n plays that I have. We no longer need them and I'm looking for just the right person to hand them to. They have been well used but I'm sort of glad that time has come and gone and they're all getting bigger. I never had a "real" high chair. I have two of the Fisher Price boosters with trays and they have worked great.
    I've never even heard of the show you mentioned. If you haven't watched Longmire, you and your Hubs would love it. It's on Netflix and Tommy and I enjoyed all 6 seasons.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!