Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

If you're here for this week's Hodgepodge questions, scroll on down to the previous post. 

Saturday hubs and I drove to Atlanta to pick up Daughter1 and the mancub for a week at the lake. I wasn't happy about it at all-ha!

This was Daughter1's first time flying solo with him and he was an absolute champ. Who can resist this face y'all??? Our son-in-law will be joining Daughter1 at the lake next weekend, then they're taking a little holiday, so lots of gear. LOTS! My girl who is no bigger than a minute dragged a suitcase behind her the size of herself, pushed a stroller in front of her zipped up in its carry case with a car seat perched on top and a diaper bag and tote stashed underneath, and she wore her baby. Whew! 

His aunt and soon-to-be uncle were there to greet him when we got to the house and then Daughter1's in-laws came for dinner. They'll move over to their house later in the week because we all need a turn waking up to his smiling face in our own house. The evening's entertainment consisted of everyone sitting around watching the mancub. We're grandparents. It's what we do. And you'd never know he'd gotten out of bed in the middle of the night, flown five hours cross country, then made a two hour car ride to the lake.

This little guy was the center of attention all weekend long and he just goes with the flow y'all. So sweet and easy and good tempered all the time.

And he is busy! I mean BUSY! Busy busy busy. He sleeps hard all night long, naps twice a day like it's his job, eats when it's time to eat, and the rest of the time? He is on.the.move. If he's not eating or sleeping he is crawling, climbing, pulling up on everything and everybody, and basically charming all who cross his path with those big blue eyes and sweet sweet smile.

Sunday morning started with a stroll to the dock in their pjs because Daughter1 could not get over the warm air and big yellow ball in the sky. What an absolutely beautiful day it was! Her in-laws came for breakfast and baby snuggles then had an event to get to so they left and the next wave rolled in around 2. My sister and brother-in-law drove over from a nearby town bringing my mother with them.

She's in the Palmetto State for a little visit and of course wanted to see her great grandson. And I think me too, but mostly her great grandson. It's okay. We get it. 

My niece and her boyfriend came too, because a baby boy just cannot have too many people adore him.

Also, we can talk weddings and be entertained by the mister all at the same time. Just sayin'.

I think his new uncle is gonna be a favorite. Actually he's pretty crazy about all the aunts and uncles he's met so far. Still a few more to introduce him too, but he definitely loved singing 'trot little horsey go to town...' with his great aunt P.

He's already mastered the game of cornhole.

It was such a fun day, filled with spectacular weather, food, and company. So what was the best part of this picture perfect day for me?


Always this.

 'Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...


  1. Good morning! As I was scrolling down to the Hodgepodge I viewed your photos of your man cub being held. It occurred to me that it's a wonder that they ever learn to walk with all the holding going on. Then it further occurred to me that that's why they grow so they become too heavy to carry and they have to learn to walk. Such is the wisdom of God. Love the pictures! Thanks for the Hodgepodge! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Family is so wonderful and grandsons are even better. So happy for you to get this time with him.

  3. Oh, he is adorable. I can certainly see why watching him makes for great entertainment. Really precious photos!

  4. This is going to be the best week ever!!! Babies require so many things. God bless your daughter for traveling alone with him. Of course it helps to be young. I'm so happy he is a good baby. That comes from his mother's calmness. Too much fun! I'm so happy for all of you.

  5. Well, I just smiled all the way through this, knowing, first hand, all the fun you are having. Keep on enjoying them, it's what we do!

  6. This was just the happiest post. It's wonderful that y'all are having such a fun visit!

  7. Can't wipe the smile off my face!! The love just oozes!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such nice family pictures, and your little grandson had a lot of company!
    I come back later for the Hodgepodge link.

  9. L.o.v.e.d. this post! Every word and photo. Wonderful!

  10. I just love all the happy when there's a grand in the house. When they're accompanied by all the aunties and uncles it's joy overflowing! LOVE the pictures!

  11. Aww how lovely for him to meet everyone and be fussed over.

  12. Oh these are wonderful pictures! And I know just how you feel! Being a grandparent is a whole new world of wonderfulness!