Monday, May 14, 2018

She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah

The last of my company pulled away this morning and I'm pretty sure there's a nap with my name on it in the plans for today. Can pollen kill you? Because I feel like I might keel over from the pollen and am so ready for it to cease and desist.

Also it was actually hubs who pulled away with the last of my company this morning, the last being his mama. He's driving her back to Tennessee then turning around and driving back to SC because time and house guests wait for no man. The next wave rolls in this weekend so there are beds to change and groceries to buy and shenanigans to plan. FYI-the next wave will be some of my college sorority sisters and we have a royal wedding to attend. In our pjs, but still there will be scones and Pimms and maybe a tiara or two. Like I said, I need to plan.

And learn how to take a selfie. Still haven't mastered the selfie face. My eyes are half closed and I've got that puzzled expression I save for selfies. Oh well, what matters is the moment, right? Well the moment was magic.

Let's talk about Mother's Day. Mine was lovely and filled with some of my favorite women in the whole wide world. The one who birthed me and the ones I birthed. Women I'm related to by DNA, by marriage, and by my daughter's marriage.

Mamas and mothers-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and great-grands too.

How extra special it was to have this little mancub in our midst surrounded by so much love on Mother's Day.

These women are strong and gentle. Generous and creative. Smart and funny and full of opinions and wisdom and life experience. They're readers and gardeners and students and teachers and crafters and cooks and prayers and selfless givers.

They are storytellers and memory makers.

Keepers of the flame and passers of the torch.

Most of all they love so well.
I think when we're loved well we can conquer the world...

...or at least believe we can.


  1. Oh, my goodness, I do hope you got that nap. And, more company in 4 days. That tires me out just thinking of back to back company but you seem to handle it well and I know are the hostess with the mostess. Looks like a memorable Mother's Day for sure, and little Tommy is absolutely adorable!!

  2. How lovely and appropriate that you were all able to get together for Mother's Day.

  3. I agree! When we are loved well...

  4. What a wonderful day for you all! And a lovely place for everyone to gather. The baby is just adorable! And your next group coming in sounds like sooo much fun. Don’t have to say enjoy because I know you will. ��

  5. What a splendid Mother's Day with all your special ladies and that adorable grandson!

  6. Looks like a beautiful day! That boy is sooooo cute!

  7. Such a wonderful weekend with all of our blended family. Thanks for being such a "special daughter". Love you very much.

  8. Gosh I was typing my comment and something went crazy. Anyway your Mother's Day celebration looks amazing. How nice to have so many people celebrate with you. Of course your grandson is the cutest. Love all of the photos. I wish I had a Royal Wedding Party to go to. It will be a party of one here. I can't wait. I've been watching the PBS specials each night this week and Meredith Vieira showed an ornament that she bought and I was lucky enough to find a place in the US that has some on back order and I'm in line to get one.