Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Tuesday

I felt that needed to be said, because when a weekend lasts three days it's easy to forget what day it is. That also explains why there are no Hodgepodge questions on my blog today. I normally write them on a Monday so they'll post on Tuesday, but I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Sunday so no Hodgepodge this week.

Let's talk about other interesting things. Like the weather! Ugh! Memorial Day weekend feels like the official start of the summer season which I guess is why we expect the weather to be lovely and summer-like. We're almost always disappointed. I keep reminding myself it's May and it's still spring so rain is the norm, but it feels like warm sunny skies should be the norm.

I remember when my girls were young we always went to a friend's parents house on Memorial Day weekend because we lived in Annapolis and the Blue Angels would fly right over her parent's pool. The water would be freezing and the skies were most often gray and cloudy but the kids would try to convince us it was perfect swimming weather and we'd let them swim because it really does feel like the kick off to summer.

In spite of the dreary weather, or maybe because of it, we had a really enjoyable, low-key, restful weekend here at the lake. Daughter2 drove out after work on Friday and made it in time for dinner. Hubs grilled chicken and made yummy margaritas, and we set up a taco bar of sorts. It was perfect.

We ate almost all our meals this weekend on the screened in porch which is my favorite thing to do. The lake is never not pretty, and honestly watching rain fall from the comfy coziness of the porch is good for the soul.

We've had a houseful of company all month long so a quiet weekend was definitely in order. Hubs likes the idea in theory, but in reality not so much. He can create a project where none exists. At one point this weekend I actually uttered these words, which I know some of you won't understand, but if you're married to a do-er like I am you'll get it..."Hon, I really need you to do less this weekend." 

Seriously, how can I stretch out for a nap with a book on the back deck when he's killing weeds, rearranging hoses, and moving rock??? Turns out I can, but 1% of me feels like I should also be 'toting that barge and lifting that bale' right along with him.

Daughter2's fiance arrived from out of town late Friday evening and the four of us had a great time lounging. I actually got the kayak out early Saturday, they're new so this was my first time in ours and it was nice. We're still waiting on the other one to get here because somehow the place we ordered from 'lost' the other one. Not sure how you lose a lime green kayak, but apparently it can happen.

Hubs took my advice mid-morning Saturday and joined us on the porch. There were a few pockets of sunshine late in the day and some neighbors popped over for cornhole on the back drive. We had steaks for dinner and taught the fiance how to play Hearts which was fun. Daughter2 and I both LOVE to play games, the fiance likes to play games, and hubs (once he's talked into the fun) tolerates playing games.

He did grill some awesome ribs on Sunday which is basically an all day kind of process, so while he did that Daughter2 and I played dress up. We pulled out my wedding gown, circa 1984, and I took pictures of her and marveled at my once tiny waistline. I was so in love with those Cinderella sleeves and seeing them again makes me secretly happy.

There's nothing quite like seeing your baby girl in a wedding gown, yours or the very elegant and beautiful gown she'll wear on her actual day. I'm so looking forward to that!

Sunday evening the weather perked up long enough for a boat ride which we all enjoyed. The clouds were impressive!

Monday the monsoon rains were back again. Daughter2 and I spent the morning looking at all things wedding related while the fiance took care of some work stuff on his computer, and hubs...wait for it... napped! in the porch rocker.

Porches make life sweeter y'all.

Before 'the kids' headed back to the small big city Monday we had an afternoon of bowling and burgers at a nearby place. I'm a terrible bowler but it was really fun and we will definitely do that again before summer's end.

Which isn't for a long long while because summer hasn't even started yet.


  1. I love your home - oh my goodness, it is beautiful!! Sounds like we have similar husbands . . .I, too, spent much time on the porch and he needs to work. He finally sat down yesterday and actually put the garage TV outside on the porch!!

  2. Your home is HGTV gorgeous! I'm glad you had a quieter family-only weekend and D2 looks so pretty in your wedding gown. Wow.

  3. You tickle me talking about your husband always having something going on. I'm thinking you generally have a lot going on as well. Our neighbor has a kayak and uses it on our pond. He loves it! Enjoy your week and I look forward to hearing about all the wedding happenings.

  4. I love the "backyard"!! I'd kill for a screened in porch...I really like sitting on the porch in the mornings and the evenings- except for the bugs.

  5. We get May Gray and June Gloom so the mornings are overcast until about 2 pm. Thankfully Memorial Day was filled with sunshine from the start. Sounds like a fun weekend despite the weather. The food sounds awesome too and of course your house is gorgeous.

  6. You need to have a quiet weekend sometimes, good for the soul! Your place looks great!!

  7. I need to get out on my screen porch and clean up after the winter. But, well, maybe next week. Off to Savannah's family party today.

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

  9. Your Memorial Day weekend sounded fabulous! What a beautiful place to live your life!

  10. It does sound like a perfect weekend and your home is just lovely. My hubby usually has a project going on as well, but he doesn't usually create them; they're just things that need to be done. He will never catch up with all that needs doing until he retires.

    He does have a kayak and finds it so relaxing. Last summer and fall he was able to take it out quite a bit (he has to drive to a lake or river to do so) and is hoping to this year as well.

    We had a nice Memorial Day and it was so nice to read about yours.

  11. Sounds like a perfect long weekend. I'm late to comment, but I still enjoyed reading it. When you wrote "hubs (once he's talked into the fun) tolerates playing games"....that could have been my hubs you were talking about, haha. Unfortunately my son in laws are the same, so the men support each other and we can almost never get them to play with us girls.

  12. Sounds like a great weekend. My hubby has no trouble napping. Getting him to do anything remotely DIY or gardening requires a good kick up the backside. But in his defence he does like to cook and I guess you can't have everything! lol

  13. Reading about your family and your beautiful lake house just makes me happy!!!
    Your tales remind me so much of our life in our lakehouse!!