Thursday, May 17, 2018

She Said Yes To The Dress

I think I might have mentioned Daughter2 is getting married, but in case I didn't-

...she's getting married!

And of course she has asked her big sister, the person she's loved best and longest, to be at her side on the big day. She had the most adorable box of personalized goodies made as a way of asking, including this little print-

One of the things Daughter2 has looked forward to the most was having her sister with her for dress shopping. That sounds simple enough, but with the bride in the southeastern corner of the US of A and her sister in the northwestern corner of the US of A, maybe not so simple.

It's okay. We're all used to not simple round here.

We were so excited with the way timing worked out for Daughter1's trip to the lake (note to self: in all things wedding related timing generally works out), and we happily scheduled an afternoon of dress shopping last Thursday.

Our appointment was for 5 PM, but we wanted to pop in to the reception venue just before that so Daughter1 could see it up close and in person. She worked in events and sometimes notices things about a space that I might miss. It was really fun to see the venue again and I'm excited to see it all prettied up for the big day.

Which is still many many days away, but anticipation is all part of the fun.

We dropped baby boy at his other grandparents house then headed to the very lovely bridal shop where we had the nicest afternoon I've had in a long time. This particular shop books appointments so we were the only people there, never felt rushed, and our consultant was so sweet and helpful in understanding the different bits and pieces (fabric, cut, neckline, back, sparkle, etc) Daughter2 was hoping to find in a gown.

Our plan had originally been to have a first look in this shop, then perhaps check a second shop only because Daughter2 wasn't exactly sure what she wanted.

Except she kind of was.

And y'all she's such a beauty. When I saw her in 'her' dress the word that came instantly to mind was breathtaking. As in she literally took my breath away.

She tried on several dresses, but came back to this one every time and it's absolute perfection. As soon as the consultant set the veil on her head she knew.

I knew the minute I saw her step out of the dressing room in it, but that's because I'm her momma.

And now a public service announcement for anyone who's watched too much TV-

I don't believe there's just one dress out there that's right for you. Nor do I think you need to try on  umpteen million to find 'the one'. In fact I think if you try on too many it all becomes a jumble and none feel like the one. There are many, many dresses you can look and feel beautiful in on your special day. My philosophy is choose one you love, one you feel comfortable in, and most importantly one you feel like YOU in.

Then love that dress.

Your dress.

And that's what she did.


  1. Yay! We had a great experience too and she ended up choosing the first dress she tried on. We all knew, but it was good to try on a few more and then go back to "the one". I'm so excited I will be able to go to the second fitting in June!

  2. Oh how fun!! I remember shopping for Melody’s dress as one of the best times we ever had...and we’ve had soo many. She ended up buying the first one she tried on, lol. It was fun trying on the others (and they all looked good!) but we both just knew that the very first one was just her. You got to have this experience twice with your pretty girls, and I am very sure it would never get old.

  3. She is beautiful, and that face says it all! So happy she found HER dress with her mama and sister of honor by her side. It is such a fun and exciting time, and I know you will treasure each moment leading up to, and including, their special day. Best best wishes to D2, her Mister, and the whole family!

  4. Aww, this brings back all the feels! I also just KNEW when the dress I tried on was "me"- it felt like me, looked like me, and to this day I absolutely love it! So glad you were all together to have this fun day together!

  5. Awe, I so enjoyed that special time with my daughter. What a fun time!

  6. SUCH a special time! My older daughter was married a few years ago and it truly was a precious time for our family! Enjoy this time!

  7. Both my step-daughter and daughter-in-law let me join in the fun of selecting the dress. It was so much fun for me!

  8. Now we have to wait to see it, but that's okay too. Like you said... anticipation!! I'm so happy she found the perfect dress for her perfect day!

  9. Well I can’t wait to see that beautiful daughter of yours in her just-right dress. She will be perfect!

  10. Congratulations and all the blessings of God on their marriage and all the best that life has to offer to the engaged couple! You are obviously thrilled!

  11. What an exciting time for you and your girls! I have only one daughter, and she got married in 2015, so my time as mother of the bride is past. She and I had a wonderful and very special time---just the two of us---wedding gown shopping for her. I know it was a beautiful day for the three of you as well. Can't wait to see photos after the wedding.


  12. How fun...sounds like a day to treasure. Your girls are both such beauties and I'm sure her perfect dress is stunning. Looking forward to seeing her in it!

  13. That is one adorable photo of your daughter! Well this post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy she found the one....

  14. We went to several shops and we thought she'd found "the one" and then we went to a final shop and found THE ONE and it was totally different but yes it was THE ONE. Fun to be there but also a bit tricky at times. Glad you were all able to be there for her.

  15. I can't WAIT to see her dress!!!

  16. What a fun day for you all and I'm so glad she said yes to the dress. Now to get the other hundred things done before the bog day. Congratulations!!

  17. enjoy every single moment of the planning!!

  18. How exciting! And congrats to your daughter!