Friday, May 18, 2018

F is For Friday And Other Favorite Stuff

I have a bunch of miscellaneous moment pictures from last week's hoopla and thought I'd post some of my favorites here today.

F is for funny faces-the mister was way too mobile for a bath in the big tub. I'd seen someone online suggest putting a laundry basket in there to contain his wiggly squiggly self so we gave that a try.

Yeah. He was way too busy to sit in a laundry tub in the big bath, so it was back to bathing in the farm sink Day 2. I love the way he and his Aunt M are making the same funny face. 

2. F is for feed the birds-every morning hubs feeds the bluebirds and fills the bird feeders. 

Last week this little guy was his right hand man and he loved it. Baby boy loved it too.

F is for first taste of a fruit pop-

Dining al fresco-

And fun PawPaws who juggle-

F is for the fab four-

Fish under your feet-

And these free and easy days on the lake-

Fantastical moments with a fabulous baby boy and the mama who loves him-

F is for fast and the way time flies when you're having fun.  


  1. F is for fantastic photos, what a beautiful little boy he is.

  2. What great photos and fun "F" moments. And your hubby juggling is a hoot. He will be able to entertain the little guy for hours.


  3. So fun! Love hearing him laugh.

  4. It all looks wonderful. So glad you're getting time to enjoy your family in such a lovely setting.

  5. I loved hearing those baby laughs in the video. What a sweet baby boy!

  6. That laugh!!! No better sound anywhere. So much fun!!

  7. I've seen that also with the laundry basket. Sorry it didn't work. These pictures are so cute and I enjoyed the video. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the wedding tomorrow.

  8. Oh he is so cute. Our Nathan has a non slip mat with an attached back and front supports that he sits on in the bath. But he's less mobile so might not work for your little man cub. Similar to this although I don't think Nathan's is heat sensitive!

  9. OH, those baby belly laughs just warm my heart!!!

  10. LOVE this... I do a fun little friday list too... It just rounds out and puts a positive focus on my week, when things might seem a little less positive... I'm glad to see the same idea with you and your sweet/fun words!