Friday, January 21, 2022

About That Snow Day

HopeWriters hosted a five day writing challenge this week, providing a one word prompt each day (slow-rest-renew-spark-possibility). I wasn't going to participate because I felt like these prompts all flowed in a very similar vein, and I wasn't sure I could muster up five separate entries to meet the challenge. 

And then it snowed. 

Snow in our neck of the woods is rare, and while I know its not popular to say here in the southland, I miss it sometimes. While I'm grateful we no longer spend six months of the year worrying about ice damming our gutters or dodging seven foot icicles dropping from the roof like daggers, there are some things about a snowfall that I really do miss. 

I miss the hush that falls over our too-noisy world whenever snow begins to fall. The quiet stillness that hangs in the air reminding us hurry up humans to slow down. There are rhythms in nature and also in life and rest is one of those rhythms.

I miss pulling on my favorite pair of boots for a ramble through a winter wonderland. Trekking across a snowy path energizes me, recharging batteries drained of power by too many Christmas cookies and not enough exercise. 

I miss watching sunlight turn dead brown leaves to diamonds that shine with a million points of light. 

The colors of a winter day against the bright blue canvas of a January sky. Allowing nature to spark creativity through the vastness of her beauty and her silence. 

I miss rosy cheeked children and pups running wild with delight at the freedom found in freshly fallen snow. 

I miss the unique sense of possibility born when a whole day's plans are cancelled...

...and in their place you discover enough white space to think and breathe and dream. 


  1. Lovely post and photos. Just popped by from FMF#21

  2. What beautiful photos! I do love how quiet it gets when the snow is falling.

  3. Very pretty! I could live with that much snow if I had to but I left that white stuff behind in 1989 and don't really care to see it ever again. Except in lovely photos on the posts of my blogging friends! Enjoy! xo

  4. In my home there is a husky
    who will wrinkle up her nose,
    and make her demeanour fussy
    every time the north wind blows,
    for she figures that the snow
    that we have most every year
    will make newfound snowbanks grow,
    so she gets herself in gear
    to refuse the offered walks,
    paws a-velcroed to the floor
    like truck wheels in nailed-down chocks
    before the ice-wind open door,
    and then thus her plaintive plea,
    "My feet get gold, Dad, carry me!"

  5. Great photos. I love the quiet a snowfall seems to create.

  6. Well that's fun! Your property looks beautiful with some snow. :)

  7. That photo of the path with the fresh snow and bright blue sky could have been one of many that I took of the path behind my Michigan home. I miss that.

  8. What a beautiful post, both the writing and the pictures. Have a joy filled new week!

  9. The photos are so beautiful! I'm glad you got to experience that again.

  10. Such amazing beauty, both visual and written.