Sunday, January 2, 2022

Square One

I didn't mean to take a three week hiatus here but that's what happened and I'm not mad about it. Course we can't move forward without looking back so let's talk December. 

Christmas came. It always does thankfully. This year's holiday looked a lot different than the one I'd been imagining in my head all year long, but we are nothing if not resilient here so we adjust and adapt and carry on. The weather was fabulous so hubs and I started the day with coffee on the porch. Eventually he made us yummy bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and we opened gifts, took the pup for a nice long walk, then got the house ready for company coming later in the day. 

We were so glad to have friends also on their own this year, and together we did the traditional ham dinner with all the trimmings served on the Christmas china kind of meal. A really nice afternoon and evening spent with some of the nicest people we know. 

We missed in person time with the cutest little men on the planet, but we did FaceTime and loved hearing about all their favorite moments of the day. Little ones are extra precious this time of year, don't you think? 

We did manage an early somewhat traditional Christmas celebration with Daughter2 and her hubs a few days prior to Christmas and that was loads of fun. They arrived the Sunday before Christmas and left for the in-laws on Thursday morning. 

We declared Wednesday our Christmas with them, and woke up to stockings, breakfast casserole, gifts, and a prime rib meal which the men loved planning for, talking about, cooking and eating. Emphasis on the talking about-ha! Men and their bbq! 

We took them into tiny town one night to see the lights, played darts at the local beer station, played mini golf in a light rain, and just enjoyed being together. 

Backing up to the week before their arrival when we spent a really fun Saturday night with a big gang of friends and strangers-now-friends at a Santa pub crawl in town. We all agreed we have not laughed that much in a long time and it felt great! 

So many Santas, but 'Santa Baby' was my favorite costume.

What else? Oh Can't forget that. I mean we've only had this project on the books since May so of course the install is going to happen the week before Christmas. Still not done but well on it's way. The wood that's been in our garage for the past three months is now on the wall, waiting on the painter (mid-January), the electrician (sometime), the Murphy bed install (happening this week!) and just a few other small loose ends to tie up before we call it a day. We are loving the look of what's been done and think we might actually wrap this thing up before too long. 

'Too long' being a relative term, ahem. 

Neighbors invited hubs and I for an oyster roast one night about a week before Christmas and it was so much fun. And because there were so many oysters they invited us back two nights later for a repeat and we were happy to oblige. Another neighbor provided the oysters, fresh from their trek to the coast, and we had them raw, steamed, and Rockefeller style. 

Hubs and I had a night on the town in the nearby big city one evening, with dinner and a holiday show courtesy of the local symphony. It was fabulous and I'd definitely like to make this a regular thing going forward. 

My sister lives about an hour from us and since her birthday is the day after Christmas we made plans to celebrate both occasions at my niece's new home on the 26th. We had too many wonderful hors d'oeuvres and loved spending time with family. 

What else? Hubs gave me a new computer for Christmas (whoohoo!) so he and I trekked to the mall last Thursday to do some sort of transfer blah blah blah at the Apple Store. If anyone is wondering what everyone is doing, I can tell you...they're at the mall. Have mercy it was a zoo! I haven't been in a mall since before Covid and I guess I thought that wasn't a thing anymore (the mall, not Covid-ugh!) but it is most definitely a thing. 

We hung out at home on New Year's Eve which is our favorite place to be at year's end. It was absurdly warm and we grilled scallops and were asleep before the clock chimed 12, which is pretty much how our end of year always goes. I'm more about a champagne toast on Day 1 anyway. 

How many times can I mention the weather? My daffodils think it's time to pop up and it is definitely not time.

On the bright side, since the new year rolled in with 70-something degree temps and crazy humidity we made the little brown dog's day and let him swim. Nothing makes him happier than dock diving and we aim to please. 

Our neighbors joined us for dinner New Year's Day and we played some pool after dining on the traditional 'lucky meal' like all good citizens should. Pork tenderloin, cornbread, collard greens, and black eyed peas. I hope everyone reading here also did their part-ha! 

And I guess that catches us all the way up. 

Wait....did I tell you I'm going to be a Nana again?!?!? This is what happens when you neglect your blog. I'm going to be a Nana again!! Here's sweet daughter2, the momma-to-be, with the nightgown I gave her this year. Hedgehogs of course, because it's not Christmas in my house without a hedgehog wrapped up somewhere.

Never have the words happy new year been more appropriate. 
Happy new year!! 


  1. Congratulations on the new baby! Soo exciting! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season. I saw our mall recently too with the same reaction. Goodness! It was beyond packed. Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Well, our Cmas was early and everything was over on the 22nd and that was really fine with me. I was tired and had cooked and cooked and cooked some more. Hubby and I had our Cmas dinner at our local Waffle House. No joke!

    Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun in spite of not seeing those precious boys. I'm sooooo happy about Gran #3.

  3. Sounds like wonderful holidays for you and your family! So busy, I bet you are ow in "hunker down" mode! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. I love a good bar crawl - how fun! And another baby - how fun too !

  5. Congratulations to you and daughter #2! Wonderful news. Happy New Year!

  6. So much good stuff here!! The new baby coming is just the best!! Thanks for catching us up and sharing that picture of the little boys! They are adorable, of course! Happy new year, Joyce, to you and yours! xo

  7. Happy New Year Joyce. I'm not surprised you were asleep before 12 on New Year's Eve with all the celebrating and socialising beforehand. Big congratulations on the coming baby. Something to look forward to.

  8. Aw, congratulations! That's exciting. It sounds like you had a wonderful 3 week break filled with fun, friends, and family.

  9. Congratulations Nana!! Very exciting news <3
    We didn't make it to midnight either, and I'm ok with it! ;)
    Happy New Year!

  10. Congrats to your daughter (and to you!!). It sounds like y'all had a great December. We, too, were asleep before midnight.

  11. Breakfast sandwiches are the best! Sweet picture of the boys. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Wednesday. Glad to hear that some of your construction is being done. Wow, that is a lot of oysters! How nice that you got to celebrate your sisters birthday. We spent a quiet evening at home on New Year's Eve. We did stay up until midnight to toast in the New Year. Happy New Year!! I can't believe your daffodils. Always enjoy seeing the dog jumping into the water. (enjoyed your video) Yum on that New Year's dinner with your neighbors. That night gown is so cute. Congratulations!!!

  12. Happy New Year.. this was a fun post. Congratulations to your daughter and you and the entire family. Exciting times. :-)
    I had to chuckle at the open window in the kitchen. We had -20 degrees New Year's Night.

  13. Oh what sweet news. Congratulations on your new grandbaby on the way! Happy 2022 to you and yours!

  14. I took a long time off from blogging too; I get it! And my mom would agree that her Xmas didn't look the way she wanted it to. We saw them right before the holiday so we aren't having our actual Christmas with them until next week!