Monday, January 31, 2022

How Is It Still January?

Hi. Happy Monday. Let's catch up. On what I don't know because it's been pretty quiet round here, but I'll think of something. 

For starters...drumroll please....It's a BOY!!!

Daughter 2 and her hubs found out their baby's gender a little over a week ago, and it's all boy all the time in this household. Building our own football team one little man at a time. 

You can read her update in the link here-It's Elementary

God's design for families is completely amazing. I never imagined I'd be Nana to a houseful of boys but here we are. And I love it. LOVE it!!! I also love that these cousins will be close in age because cousins who are friends are such a blessing. I look forward to more noise, more chaos, more giggles, and lots more little boy hugs and smooches, which are my favorite thing on my list of favorite things. 

What else? 

The drive from my house to Daughter2's house is spectacular. As long as I'm the one driving I mean, because its a windy-curvy-bendy road that whips around a guardrail-less mountaintop, then hugs the Ocoee River for 20-something miles. The ride along the river is truly something special to see.  

In other news, I just finished this month's book club selection-Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan, and I really enjoyed it. The story is a fictional account (emphasis on fiction) of the love affair between C.S. Lewis and the woman who became his wife, Joy Davidman. Mostly though it was the description of Oxford and the English countryside and seeing it all for the first time that really won me over. Be still my heart. 

Quick topic change because hey, it's Monday...I know I was going to post the end result of our home improvement project, but y'all it is literally the project that never just goes on and on my that tune? If you were raising littles in the early 90's you know it as well as you know your own name, but I digress...our projects...almost there but not quite there. Closer but not closed. 

My builder's wife is a decorator and she's been an enormous help. She and her hubs are coming out this Friday to bring the brand new window treatments we had made for the office, a definite step up from the sheet that's hanging there now. And she's bringing a lamp she thinks will work in the room and maybe a small table to set the lamp on, so whew. Almost. We are almost there. 

I also need pillows for the Murphy bed and a chair for the worktable and I also need to decide if this worktable is right for the room, to which I say yes it will be fine once everything is in place and I have a chair to go with, but hubs is iffy. 

Hubs is so often right about these things, which is annoying but also helpful. We will see what the decorator thinks when she's here. And they're staying for dinner because we still like our builder, which is not something everyone who builds can say. 

The wood in the stairwell is also an 'almost done' kind of thing. Still no electrician, so while the wood is a beauty we need lights installed and the switch plate attached. Almost. Close. 

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, isn't that how the saying goes? 

I promise I will post pictures and details one day in the not too too distant future. Daughter1 and her family, along with some friends of theirs, will all be here mid-February. My aim is to have the office completely finished by then. Or at least more almost finished than it is currently. ahem. 

Christmas feels like eons ago and almost every day I speak as if it's already February, yet somehow it's still January. January is kind of forced down time for us and we need that I think. We're like bears who rest in the winter months storing up energy for a busy spring and summer. 

Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. Congratulations! As the gramma of seven, six of which are boys, yes, SIX, you are in for a lot of fun! Our boys range in age from fifteen (sixteen in March... eeeek) to three. There is one princess in the midst of all those boys and man can she hold her own! I hope your construction is over soon... I hate the chaos of remodeling but I love the results! Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on the new baby boy! I read her post about him. That does sound like a beautiful ride to her house. Glad your work is almost down. Hope the decorations all work out. They sound wonderful. Yes that is the saying about horseshoes and hand grenades. Hooray for your company in February. Time is moving too quickly.

  3. Congratulations on grandson #3! Those boy cousins will have loads of fun.

  4. OMG! another boy! Well, nothing quite like 'em for sure. Such exciting times ahead. I can't wait to see the finished projects. Projects somehow always seem to take longer than necessary. Blah! Have a great one!

  5. I am so excited for you all with another little boy coming!! You are so right about cousins! My cousins were my big brothers and sisters. Love them still. As for the renovations... it will all get done! Have a blessed week!! xo

  6. Hope the renovations get finished soon. It's so disruptive having works done. And exciting times ahead. Those boys will bring you joy but probably a few headaches too lol. When ours are all together it can be very hectic.