Monday, June 19, 2023

A Holiday Palooza

There's a weekend in June where worlds collide and our family gets to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, and Father's Day all at the same time, and ain't nobody mad about it. Let's discuss. 

First things first...

39 years y'all. 

Marriage is a lot of work and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being truthful. It's not a lot of work all the time of course, in fact much of the time it's a walk in the park on a blue sky sunshiny summer day. 

Most years though, it's a little bit of both and that's how we grow.  

After 39 years we can still say we're glad we chose each other. Glad we're still laughing a lot. Grateful for memories and shared experiences and growing up and older and grandchildren and above all God's amazing grace across the years and miles and minutes of our marriage. 

My son-in-law's grandparents just celebrated their 70th!! wedding anniversary, which let's just pause for a second to say wow...WOW! and hubs and I did the math and figure we've got a chance lol. Hey hubs! Cheers to the next 31!

Our third grandson was born on our anniversary last year so we trekked over to East Tennessee to celebrate his first birthday with thirty of his closest friends. Ha! His parents friends but they all have lots of littles so there was a crowd. 

What a wonderful day and party it was! 

A local farm brought a small petting zoo to the backyard and everyone enjoyed the animals. There were kids of varying ages so it was the perfect activity, and the farmers were so nice and the animals so clean and well cared for, and the weather absolute perfection~whoohoo! 

I'm sure my daughter will write about the day in detail so I'll just say this little guy was the star of the show and loved every minute. 

I think the small cow might have been his favorite, but he is an animal lover and the whole thing made him happy. fyi-he is very rarely unhappy. 

What joy this sweet boy has brought to our family, and we loved celebrating him. 

He smashed his smash cake like a boss. In case anyone is wondering, there was a black and white cow on top of the little cake which made for quite the cleanup afterwards. 

His other grandparents were there too, and we always have a great time together. Such a blessing. 

Post party day was also Father's Day and there were three dads in the house. The in-laws left early as they were headed out on a long vacation road trip, but we hung around until Monday so the 'kids' could have a date night Sunday. We ate leftovers and watched golf and baseball and relaxed on the porch and it was a very good day. 

A great day. 

A truly great weekend. 


  1. He is such a handsome little guy.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! What a cutie the birthday boy is... they grow so fast, don't they?

  3. Wonderful theme and party. Sweet photo captures. Nice that you could soak in the fun all weekend! Congrats on 39 years. My dear parents made it to their 70th in 2013. Our mom was dying but hung in there just because she wanted to make it to 70 and God granted her that. She went to be with Jesus on the morning of their 70th anniversary.

  4. So very sweet... all celebrations!! The birthday boy is adorable. I would love a petty zoo at my birthday party!! Looking forward to Maggie's post about the party!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a fun party for your grandson. He did a great job on the cake!

  6. Belated anniversary and birthday wishes. Looks like everyone had a great time!